Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New Deal of the Day Program

deal.bmpYou asked, we listened!

Though we love the fun of picking a deal of the day every day, we’ve heard that it’s hard for you to make it to the site before the day ends and the deal changes.  We get that…life moves too fast sometimes!

(Ferris Beuller flashback)

So, for 2013, we are going to offer a selection of fabric, versus just one item AND we are going to leave those fabrics on special from Monday-Sunday.  Discounts will still be great, 20-50% off!  We know this really makes the deal of the day a weekly special, but we like the ring of Deal of the Day, so we are going to keep it.  Sounds super-hero-esq.

For our inaugural week, Check out the Sugar Pop fabrics in Chartreuse, all 25% off until January 6th.


Remember…our Deal of the Day has no quantity limits, other than stock on hand.  Buy one, buy them all…save a bunch!

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teachpany said...

LOVE this idea!! Thanks!