Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Orange Slice–Self sashing string quilt block tutorial

She’s quilted!  I loved making this quilt.  Big block quilts that use scraps…what’s not to love?

orange slice-001Orange Slice Quilt


(usual disclaimer…I’m not a photographer…some of my pics are blurry.  If you need additional help because the pics aren’t the best, I totally understand & am happy to help.  Just drop me an email.  Thanks for understanding!)

My blocks are 10” and foundation pieced.  I used Sheer Delight, but you can use anything you like, fabric, newspaper, phone books, etc.  Sheer Delight is 30” wide, so 10” blocks was a good no-waste number.  With 10” blocks, I needed 80 blocks for a queen (8 across/10 down)

Once the foundation squares are cut, mark each :

Orange Slice Quilt Tute

Diagonal center & 1.25” on each side of diagonal center

The cream strip in my block is 2.5” wide, so I will lay that strip, face UP, inside my reference lines. 

I cut 10” squares from the brown, then cut on the diagonal for my triangles.  This gives you a nice extra overhang which can be handy when squaring up the block when you are done.  Lay brown rectangle right sides together (RST)on the cream strip. Orange Slice Quilt Tute-001

Sew 1/4” seam through fabrics & foundation.  Press.Orange Slice Quilt Tute-002



I went with one color family, but this would be fun with any mixture of scraps.  I did not use any scrap wider than 2” and think those 2” strips are a little distracting now.  Of course, you can also use a Jelly Roll for this part.  You can also use odd shapes & not trimmed rectangles.  See my last string quilt for ideas.

You will need some long strips for the first 2 strings, so if you scraps are all short, be prepared to dive into those fat quarters.  Cut your strips from fat quarters from the longer side.

Pick your first “string” and place RST on the other side of your cream center strip (opposite the brown).  Be sure your strings over hang the foundation at each end.  Sew 1/4'” seam as with brown. 

Orange Slice Quilt Tute-003


Orange Slice Quilt Tute-004

Keep adding strings until the foundation is completely covered. 

Orange Slice Quilt Tute-005


I’ve never been taught how to square up, so this is how I do it.  You may do it differently, so go with what feels good Smile 

I place the 12.5” ruler so the diagonal ruler line is right on my drawn center marks.  I make sure that the 0 (versus the 12.5”) is in the top corner.  Now I check to make sure the bottom corner (other marked corner of the foundation) is covered in fabric to at least the 10” mark on the ruler.  If it’s not, I won’t get a centered 10” square.

Orange Slice Quilt Tute-006Orange Slice Quilt Tute-007

Trim the right AND top excess.

Orange Slice Quilt Tute-008

Turn the block over.  line up the 10” corner with the freshly cut corner .  Now the 0” point of the ruler is in the lower right corner.  Trim the right & bottom off.

Orange Slice Quilt Tute-009

The foundation may have “taken up” into your seams some as you pieced.  It may not cover the entire back side of your block after squaring up.  This is not a problem; don’t sweat it.

Orange Slice Quilt Tute-010

I finished up Orange Slice with a mixture of loops & swirls with variegated Signature thread.  The recipient loved it, but then they love orange Winking smile

orange slice-003

I’m linking up with Sarah!  Go see her Orange beauty this week!


Mary Caldwell said...

That is brilliant~! I never thought I'd make a string quilt, but this is definitely going on my to-do list. Thank you for sharing, your quilt is beautiful.

Mimi said...

My next string quilt will definitely have the sashing... looks fantastic!! I'm not fond of orange but absolutely love your Orange Slice quilt,it is beautiful!!

Stasa Lynn said...

Thanks for all the tips! I am going to put this on my list of "must try!"

Teri Stout said...

Thanks for sharing your tute! Beautiful quilt!

beaquilter said...

what do you use as foundation? did you mention that?

LynCC said...

This is just marvelous. Thank you so much for taking the time to work up a tutorial for us! Love the self-sashing.

Sarah Craig said...

That's gorgeous, Shannon! If my orange quit is summer, yours is fall - and you know we need an orange quilt for every season!! Whoop whoop!!