Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Disappearing 4 Patch Lap Quilt


Another UFO bites the dust!  I made this top last October with Enchanted Garden charms.  I don’t tend to gravitate toward those romanticy florals, but this one worked for me.  It had great tonals and a Monet feel to the floral prints.

I completely quilted this top as my 2nd practice quilt on the long arm.  Then I unquilted it, folded it up, and left it in a lump on my project table.

This past week, I was made another run at the quilting, and am so much happier with the results.  The first quilting was a stipple meander & I requilted with scrolls & loops.


I even did bias cut binding on this one.  I never do that if there is no curve.  The Ruby sherbet stripe was a great match & the design on bias is much more interesting.

So this quilt feels like a real achievement.  It’s just a simple pattern, but for all it went through to be finished, it makes me happy.

The pattern is called a Disappearing Four Patch.  I’ve uploaded a quick down & dirty pattern to our website.  You can use this pattern with any size square.  I gave dimensions for what I made only.  If videos help you, click here to go to youtube.  I find having the pattern while I sew is easier.  Since my computer is not in my sewing space, I get frustrated having to run between rooms when using a video only.  Enjoy!

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harleywife57 said...

I didn't see the 1st quilting but this looks lovely! so ; when are you going to start doing longarm qulting for customers ?????/