Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Little lambs for a new arrival

Aliana Lamb Quilt-001


This is the second top I have made in this pattern for this wonderful lady.  A gift to each of her grandchildren upon their arrival. 

The first top was is much more subdued tones (here) and was hand quilted for her by a family friend. 

I was able to finish this one all the way through and had such a good time mixing piecing, applique, machine and hand embroidery. 

Aliana Lamb Quilt

This nursery is decorated in a ladybug motif, thus the background & cornerstones in the borders.  There are also a few small lady bugs visiting some of the flowers.  The machine embroidered lady bugs all have a loopy trail, so that was my inspiration for the quilting design.  The lambs were quilted in a tight scroll to hopefully give the impression of the wool.

Aliana Lamb Quilt-002


harleywife57 said...

Oh Shannon ! this is so adorable ! you did a wonderful job ! I love them BOTH !! lucky lucky grandbabies !

Anonymous said...

Adorable! NICE work and abundant creativity!