Monday, March 25, 2013

Broken Lone Star Quilt Top

This may be one of those quilter-bucket list items, saying you’ve made a lone star quilt.

Lone Star Top

This quilt had it’s challenges,  first of all fetching my time!  I began this quilt in late October.  It kept getting pushed aside for other projects, but finally this past week, it made it’s way to the top of the pile of UFO’s again. 

I used the QuiltSmart fusible interfacing Bitty Broken Star kit to make this quilt.  So when you look at those lovely points, I can tell you, it was the interfacing, not my skill, that made those work out. 

Lone Star Top-001

I will tell you why QuiltSmart is the only type of lone star I would attempt…all those star points are made with rectangles.  No diamonds to cut, no bias to stretch.  JOY!

I’ve blogged about the great products QuiltSmart makes before.  They really do provide a superior result on patterns too scary to try on their own.  This is the 5th different pattern/kit I‘ve made from the vast array of patterns they offer.  It was indeed the most challenging, but those points are worth it to me.  Check out my posts on the Mondo & Midi bags, Hunter’s Star.  It appears I never blogged my Tumbling Blocks table runner (so here’s a pic), and  I still have a Carolina Lily quilt in that same UFO pile, so more on that one later.  We carry a big assortment of QuiltSmart products & I hope to find time to try them all!  We have customers who have made the Mariner’s Compass and the Double Wedding Ring with great success!

TUmbling blocks

I knew when I saw the 3 Sisters/Moda fabric line Double Chocolat, that it was a perfect line for the Lone Star of my dreams.  It did not disappoint!

Lone Star Top-002

Now, to gaze at it & let it tell me how it would like to be quilted.  Yeah, it gets to decide that part Winking smile  (What, your quilts don’t talk to you?  You need to listen more carefully!)


Mountain Home Quilts said...

Lone Star quilts are certainly bucket list worthy!! Yours looks great. One day I will make day.

Nanna said...

fantastic job! I have 2 quilts that are in the UFO pile & yet I started another one lol!

Sharon B said...

I too just finished a quilt using Quilt Smart. I made the small Exploded Lone Star for my hubby, in Blue, Red and Gold with a lovely stone with eagles. We met in the Navy so the colors are special to us! Love this product!

Rosa said...

Awesome!!I have seven tops waiting to be quilted and another projects on the go.