Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Quilting on the reward system

Remember when we were kids & mom would cajole good behavior by offering a reward? 

“We’ll go get ice cream after your shots?”   “If you’ll just behave through this trip to the grocery store, we’ll go to the park.”

Ok, maybe it was just my mom, but I find that the reward system still works on me.

I have a huge list of things I need to work on for others this week.


Maybe I can finish them all, maybe not.  It’s still a toss up.  The only push on finishing this week is me.  I want to get these finished & reward myself!

Then I have to decide on my reward:

Log Cabin quilt I have already cut out

chevron log cabin

Finish the Dresden UFO

coquette dresden

Maybe treat myself to a completely NEW project with some of the yummy new fabrics

Maybe put some fabric on the long arm & just play/practice

Decisions.  Decisions

So, do you work on the reward system in your quilting & crafting?


teachpany said...

I work on the reward system, too. It's good to know there is something I want after I finish something I need to do.

Sarah Craig said...

Of course! I usually reward myself with working on a project for me or mine, after I finish up working on ministry projects.

Bren said...

I reward myself with fabric....for every 5 pounds I lose I get a yard. I've gotten almost 10 yards so far....I have several more yards to go. :/