Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Flats Dolls-so fun

Angela Yosten’s first collection for Moda is just so fun!  Flats are panels of dolls & clothing that finish up…FLAT!  You’ll use fusible fleece instead of stuffing the dolls.

Flats Clothing Panel Butterscotch 3401-12Flats Clothing Panel Grass 3401-11Flats Doll Panel Butterscotch 3400-12Flats Doll Panel Sky 3400-11

I had to play with these myself – as soon as they came in!

First I rough cut the shapes from the panel.  No  need to waste the fusible fleece in all that white space that will end up in the trash.  It’s a good idea to trace any faces now.  Once you fuse the fleece on it’s really hard to see through the thick layer to trace.  I just used a permanent fine line pen, but you could definitely embroider.  If you are free-handing, you can do it anytime.

Then, using an Applique Pressing sheet, I fused the shapes to the Pellon 987F fusible fleece.  I used a total of 1.5 yards for all 4 panels.


THEN, I cut precisely on the lines…well as precisely as my fingers could work.

One last pressing (no pressing sheet needed, as no glue is exposed at this point) & we’re ready to stitch!


As you can see above, the velcro spots on the clothing & on the dolls is clearly marked, so this step is a piece of cake.  Once the velcro is in place, just stitch the front & back of each shape together.  You could blanket, zigzag, or decorative stitch.  I went with a straight stitch, about 1/8” from the edge with a short stitch length.

Also, the hair options are not marked for velcro, but I did mine so they could be swapped out too.

flat girl

Depending on if you ironed or pressed you pieces to the fleece, you may have to do some trimming after you sew.  Gee, I wonder how I know that Winking smile

Click on over & check out the panels at www.fabricsnquilts.com.  In each item description, you’ll find a link to download a free pattern for this cute little travel house/case.


I am planning on using these cuties in a secondary project, so you’ll want to be sure you are subscribed to the blog so you don’t miss that post!

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Wendi Kendrick said...

You said you did the hair with velcro also, How did you do it? I want to do mine with interchangeable hair too.