Monday, December 30, 2013

Welcome to your new home, my mint green sweetheart

We have a new member of the family.  In all her minty green goodness, meet my new sweetheart:


She is a model 285J, and came with 2 manuals.  Kinda funny to me that one of the manuals is for model 285K, which seems like it would be later than the 285J.  She sews like a dream & came with a box full of what-knots & doo-dads from the prior owner’s sewing room.  Not sure how useable those things will be, but it will be fun to go through that box!

Ever wonder about your old machine?  If it’s a Singer, check out the Model # locator & you can also date your machine using the serial #

Minty here was made in Canada in 1963.

I believe we shall ring in the new year together.


Design Originals by KC said...

What an awesome looking machine! Are you gonna name her??? Does she run yet??? OOOH so excited for you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both! Kathi

teachpany said...

Nifty!! I love the matching case! Have fun playing!

Jennifer Gail said...

She's a beaut!! What's her name??

Pickles Quilting said...

Mint green....absolutely stunning!:) You should call her Minty, that's a cute name.

Connie said...

Beautiful and congrats on the new addition to the family!!

Tami C said...

What a cute little machine! I have never seen that particular model before. Love the mint green! I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with her. Happy New Year!

harleywife57 said...

where did you find her ? she looks awesome !