Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Crumb Quilt-you gotta love scrappy

I love mindless scrappy quilts as much as the planned scrappy ones.  What’s a mindless scrappy quilt?  That’s where you can put anything with anything.  String quilts are another good example.

Fabrics N Quilts String Quilt

This is the culmination of the crumb blocks I showed you earlier.  I have made these blocks for years…even before I knew they had a name.  I thought I had come up with a unique way to use my scraps when I learned from a friend that they had a name and Bonnie Hunter had a tutorial on her website.  I’d like to say “great minds think alike,” but I’m not in the same universe of scrappy as Bonnie.  She’s beyond awesome when it comes to using your scraps (and organizing them too).  I’ll be seeing her in London KY in March…maybe I should bring my quilt?!

Fabrics N Quilts Crumb Scrap Quilt

Fabrics N Quilts Crumb Scrap Quilt-001

Fabrics N Quilts Crumb Scrap Quilt-002

The only new fabric is the the gray (Moda-Bungle Jungle) and the backing (also gray). It finished at 58x70”.  I quilted it with the brightest variegated thread I had in loopy’s that emulate the loopy’s in the gray fabric.  I also tried to make sure I quilted each piece of fabric, which was challenging, given the size of some of the scraps.  I got better than 95%.  I have washed this quilt and that gave it even more dimension.

As you’ve seen earlier this week, I am on a UFO mission.  This one snuck in & just cried out for finishing.  It is so nice to just sew as the wind blows.  No real plan AND use up the scraps!

I already have my plan for the next crumb block project.  It will be a while, as I will be making the crumb blocks just as leaders & enders until my UFO mission is complete, er, further along.

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FiberAntics said...

Oh, you are just as fabulous as Bonnie Hunter!