Friday, January 3, 2014

The Pizza Box Swap Quilt

Our guild is doing something pretty fun this year that I thought some of you may want to do where you live.

We call it The Pizza Box Swap.

  • Each participant will chose fabrics for their own quilt.  No one can add fabrics to your box (quilt), so get everything in your box.  Write your name on the outside of your box
  • Include 2 yards of your focus fabric & 2 yards of your background fabric.  From there, add whatever you like: scraps, fat quarters, etc.  4-8 fabrics at least.  Know your group…are there folks that only piece or only applique?  Make sure you have options for them in your selections.
  • Tape a swatch of your 2 main fabrics to the inside lid of the pizza box & label
  • Write any special requests on the inside lid of your box.   For example, “Please pin your name to your block so I know which you made.”
  • You make the first block for your own box.  We chose 12.5” blocks
  • Any technique goes for block making.  The only 2 rules the Quilt Police enforce is ONLY FABRIC FROM THE BOX & BLOCK MUST BE 12.5”

Get everyone together with their boxes & swap.  You won’t see your box again until the swapping (each month/week/whatever) is done & everyone has made a block for each other  (12 participants=12 months).

Let me know if you decide to do this swap in your guild.  I’d love to follow along virtually!

I am using the Garden of Enchantment fabrics

Garden of Enchantment

and here is my block for my box


It’s a free pattern from Quilter’s Cache, Mosaic 4


Teri Stout said...

Very neat idea! Can't wait to see finished blocks.

Sarah Craig said...

That sounds like so much fun! I may see if the quilt ministry ladies are interested in something like this!

Abbigail said...

That sounds like fun! You have chosen some beautiful fabrics and I love your first block!