Saturday, February 15, 2014

Soft Edge Applique with Kansas Troubles and Loose Change

Kansas Troubles has added some pizazz to it’s already popular Five & Dime ruler with the release of the new book, Loose Change.


Utilizing precut 10”, 5”, and 2.5” squares, the ruler makes placement & cutting a breeze!  You may have seen the video MSQC made for the Five & Dime Quilt, if not, it’s a good watch.  The rulers come with the instructions shown in the video to make the soft edge applique quilt.

We used Tapestry and the Spare Change ruler to make this table runner.

Spare Change Table Runner-Tapestry-Fabrics N Quilts

The book includes 17 additional patterns utilizing the Five & Dime ruler

& also the new

 Spare Change ruler.

We also tried out a new batting that is 50% cotton & 50% bamboo.  We wanted to test the shrinkage which turned out to be 6-7%.  It’s a super soft batting.  I would recommend tossing it in the dryer with a damp towel before using it in a project to get that 7% closer to 3%. 

Do you test new products before jumping in with both feet? 

(little secret: the table runner was made from a trim off of a queen size quilt I quilted first.  My test doesn’t sound so proactive now, huh?  That’s how I roll.)

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