Monday, July 14, 2014

a needed upgrade and a sassy one too

I was sharing a snap shot of something in the store with a friend via email last week & in the foreground of the shot, not part of what I was trying to picture, was this chair.

ugly chair

I never realized what an eyesore it was!  It’s like that I guess.  You see something every day & it becomes your normal.

Well, it couldn’t stay.  It had to go.

…and off the the back room it went.

after some spa time, check her out now!

beautiful chair

I grabbed a charm pack of Keep it Sassy & made up the cute new cover

beautiful chair-001

Still trying to decide if I want to accent paint over the detail applique on the legs.

beautiful chair-002

Trash to treasure, for sure!


Jan D. said...

Love this! Such a brilliant idea.

Scrapatches said...

Beautiful makeover! Thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

KatieQ said...

Very sweet makeover.