Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bobbins and Bits Beatle Bag

…say that 5 times fast…whew!

BnB Beatle Bag

I love that customers bring me to awesome patterns.  The Beatle Bag was one of those patterns.  I turned Alicia onto Instagram during a Quilt Market week a couple years ago so she could see all the pics.  Now I think she is Insta-hooked.  She found this awesome bag there & we decided we each had to make one.

{sigh} Fast forward 6 months….life gets busy sometimes & the fun stuff always suffers.  Isn’t that the way it?

I took a few days this week to get some samples finished for the shop.  Samples for kits I had already made…yeah, kinda backwards.  The Beatle Bag was on the top of that list.

There are 8 removable zippy pouches for all your necessary things like glue sticks, extra blades, mints, pens, tissues, bandaids (if you pack them, you’ll never need them), extra needles, etc.  Plus there are 2 generous pockets that easily fit your scissors and rotary cutter. 

BnB Beatle Bag-003

The shown ruler is 2.5” wide, to give you perspective.  The pin cushion is also removable-so handy.

BnB Beatle Bag-001

The bag is fabric friendly, just 2 fat quarters plus 5/8 yard for the accent (our orange).  Our kits include the pattern, zippy inserts, front ring, velcro & Soft and Stable.  Some of those notions can be hard to find, so we made it easy.  We offer the kit with Black or White options to better match your project.

We are sure you have the fabric in your stash to make your Beatle Bag!  We used fabrics from Pat Sloan’s Bobbins & Bits line.  We loved using the selvage print for the front…our quilting lines were already marked!  We just stitched every other line that was printed.  When you pick your fabric, this is a GREAT project for those linear prints.

If you have your stash of notions, you can absolutely just buy the pattern with zippy pouches, or if you are ready to make your second Beatle Bag, we have the pouches without the pattern also available!

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