Saturday, September 27, 2014

Changes to Quilts of Valor

I have blogged a couple times this summer about donating your Challenge quilts to QOV, and have just learned of a change to the way they operate.  In the interest of providing full information, I decided to do a follow up blog post on those changes.

I attempted to find the changes on the website, but wasn’t successful.  So I dropped them an email.

In an email response to an email I sent, I received this reply from Julia Schroeder:

thank you for coming to the website to find answers. Yes, QOVF is moving toward a minimal membership fee base. But this will not take away from the veteran, it will make more funds available to cover more veterans. The $5.00 individual membership fee will help cover foundation expenses, which in turn will allow QOVF to give funds/special deals back to our membership. This is a simple explanation and I would like you to contact TN State Coordinator Dennis Taylor, at Or you may contact Judie Yates, our Director of Membership at, for a more details.

So, the skinny is that if you make a quilt with your own supplies, it will cost you $5.00 to donate it to QOVF.  I am not clear if the membership dues are annual or by each quilt submission (Update:  Per the Colorado State Coordinator, the fee is not per quilt-see her comments in the Comments below).  Personally, this does not sit well with me.  For all our Veterans have done for us, as volunteers, I personally think that the volunteer spirit should be able to thrive in an organization dedicated to paying them pack.

As you make your personal decision on supporting our military and thanking them for their sacrifices, know there are other quilting avenues to explore.  Donate directly!  Go to your VFW or American Legion & talk to the Post Commander.  Go to the VA hospital.  There is also Quilted in Honor

There are so many ways you can give back.  Research your options & go with your heart.


Kate said...

What a shame. I do understand that there are central costs to big initiatives, but gee, we buy fabric, batting, and then time... does seem to me like it will be discouraging to some. I hate to say it, but perhaps the initiative needs a sponsor... corporate or foundation... to cover those costs.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I think they just bit the hand that feeds them.

Alycia said...

No - this is NOT true - your interpretation in Incorrect. QOV is suggesting that we have local groups. Each group is $30 to register, and each member is $5. This way the groups can do fundraising in the name of QOV and have a QOV account. If you want to make your own QOV and send it to be presented it DOES NOT COST you a thing. This $5 is for group registration as I said before. Please - please correct your blog post. YOu can email me or any other head of QOV and get more details - we will be glad to help you interpret the new guidelines. That are just that - guidelines ;-) thanks

Sarah Craig said...

Alycia, in Shannon's defense, the reply from Julia Schroeder was rather ambiguous! It does seem a shame that they can't get corporate sponsorship to meet their administrative needs, since quilters are donating their time and energy….

Alycia said...

Oh I am not mad - I was just highlighting the points - I always want to help ;-) Sorry about the ambiguity ;-) and the quilters that donate their time and energy are so amazing - I have never met such big hearted people!

ElaineandLes Page said...

A lot of this will get cleared up when the Policies and Procedures have been published and distributed to those that choose to become members. Membership is two categories. Individual $20 and Group, $30 for the Group and $5 for each participant of that group; annually. If one chooses not to become a member they will have to rely on getting the P&P information from a member or if QOVF puts them on the website via the website. It is crucial to understand that if one chooses not to become a member they can still sew and award Quilts of Valor. They will not be entitled to any benefits that may become available and they can not raise funds under the now Registered Trademarks, Quilts of Valor, Quilt of Valor or QOV. To do so the group will have to have authorization from the Foundation to raise funds. It will be required that all monies raised be forwarded to QOVF and once deposited they will become available for reimbursement to that group by submitting original receipts for specific purchases relating to the crafting of Quilts of Valor.
More information will be coming and as much as we would like it to be simple and brief these are big changes for QOVF and simplicity and brevity are normally not associated with changes and modifications to long term past practices.
Les Page
QOVF Volunteer Longarmer