Friday, September 5, 2014

It’s a complicated world, but the Scrap Quilt Challenge is easy

I have been getting several comments lately about the challenge.  I think that it is JUST TOO SIMPLE!

It’s your quilt.  They are your scraps.  You make whatever you want.

Here are the rules again:

  • an obviously scrappy quilt of 45” x 60” (minimum size)
  • Entries must be completed quilts (patchwork, applique, rag quilt are all fine.  It just must be a completed project)
  • Entries should have been completed in the last year (since last year’s challenge ended on October 15, 2013)
  • Entries must be uploaded to the flickr group by end of day on October 15, 2014


Yes, that’s it.

Your quilt, your design, your scraps.

Then rewards!  Be sure you pop over to the kickoff post & see all the great prizes we will be awarding.  Plus we are featuring our sponsors every week and you’ll find extra giveaways on the blog from now through the end of the Challenge. (Psst…today’s the last day to enter for the Quilters Dream giveaway!)


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Sweetie - I think you are doing a lovely job. Some people just aren't scrap quilers - really. They like order and direction and fabric/color choices already made and a pattern. That's just how it is with some. And then there are those that think a pile of scraps is like being a kid playing in a pile of colorful, glorious leaves!

KatieQ said...

A challenge is meant to do just that. Thank you for hosting and inspiring everyone to pull out their scraps and have some fun using them.

Havplenty said...

I am working on my scrap quilts. Hopefully I will get one of them done before the end of this challenge.

I had sewing machine techno stress lately but pulled out Jo-Jo (15-91) and she is purring away.


Theresa Litz said...

I think the way you have done this is awesome! Thanks for all you are doing and have done!!!!!