Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow and wind are the order of the day

or so it seems

2015-02-18 09.05.32

The snow is powdery & easily drifting, so even though I did shovel, it may not look like it in an hour.

The sun has come out, so we are hoping that the ice will melt a bit.  Seems funny to hope for melting, since our low tonight is –10.  It’ll just be a new sheet of ice again soon.

We are blessed to have continual power & no frozen water lines, food in the house and a little dog to act as foot warmer.  Hope your blessings abound this week too!

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Sarah Craig said...

I am so over this weather! I'm getting a lot done, but miss my granddaughters and REALLY want to go get a cheeseburger! Stay warm!