Monday, March 2, 2015

so, here’s my sneak peek

Our classroom is getting a facelift! 

We got bored during the recent power outage, so we pulled 98.732% (rough estimate) of the furniture out of the room & are giving the floor a pretty new look.

The foam/rubber mats were nice on the back & knees, but they didn’t stay flat.  Over the 2 years they were down, I had to cut out the puzzle piece sections to get them to lay flat.  I guess I mushed them down & stretched them out.  Whatever the reason, they are OUT! 

This is the only pic of the mats.  My little dog LOVES to be hot (note, she is wearing a coat!).  We have to put the heaters on tables to keep her from cuddling them.

maggie heater.04

Last year, while thumbing magazines in a doctor’s waiting room, I saw this cute little DIY ad from Dutch Boy.  I did what most folks would do…whipped out my cell phone camera…

paint b-a.43paint.27

Fast forward to now, I did a search & found this tute which is pretty similar, but also encompassing a base coat of paint (which the ad didn’t do). 

It looked like her tile was ceramic, mine was not, but had been primed before, so I knew the paint would work.

I decided to opt against the Epoxy style of product due to the potential smell and that it’s freezing cold outside. I am not opening the doors this time of year (unless the power goes out again).  I am using Glidden’s Porch & Floor (like the Dutch Boy product) mainly because it is easier to find here in my neck of the woods.

So, I cleaned the floor like a mad woman.  Bleach, hands & knees, scrub brush…I felt like Cinderella before the ball.

Then I primed- 2 coats with this:


and now we have the first coat of this suede-ish brown.  It will be a nice dark chocolate when all the coats are on. 

first coat.47

But you know me…I’m not going with just a brown floor. Oh NO! I’ll be putting some awesome stripes on this bad boy before it’s done!


Pam O'Brien said...

Looking awesome,Shannon, Can't wait till spring to get back there. Exciting changes, and Sometimes Changes ARE good!

harleywife57/ Mickey White said...

WOW ! this is going to be awesome ! Can't wait to see what colors you use on the stripes !!!

Sandra David said...

It's going to look great!