Friday, May 1, 2015

Aurifil Love

When I first got my Long Arm, Brutus, we had a long love-hate relationship.  At the very beginning, I loved him, he didn’t act like he even liked me.  During these first months (yeah, months) I tried so many thread combinations, tension settings and the like, that when he FINALLY found something he liked, I just accepted his choice.  For 2 years we have been brand loyal to Signature 40 weight in the top & Aurifil 50 in the bobbin.

Thinking Brutus and I were ready to take our relationship to the next level, I bought cones of Superior threads Omni and Glide.  Both poly threads.  I have had moderate success with Omni, but Brutus just does not like Glide.  Either he messes with the tension, or he shreds that thread like the monster we both know him to be.

My original plan for this quilt was to use Glide in a dark gray on top and Aurifil 50wt #2605 in the bobbin.  Since Brutus decided to spit up the Glide, again, I decided to give the Aurifil 40wt another shot in the top.  I tried this once early on, and had issues, but back then Brutus had issues with everything.  I just so happened to have #2605 in 40wt too, so with skepticism, I threaded it up.

I was stoked to see that he has warmed to Aurifil 40 in the top.  I have quite a collection of 40 wt Aurifil, so this opens some great options for me this summer! 

Lynn strings

This is a customer’s quilt.  She used a Missouri Star video tute, but I couldn’t find it at first glance.  You can look for it on their youtube channel.  I quilted this quilt with Quilter’s Dream Black Poly.  It added great dimension to the quilting I think.

Lynn strings-001


One day I will get Brutus to love Glide.  Until then, it’s nice to know he has a new friend in Aurifil 40wt!

{Did you know we sell the large spools (1300m @50wt and 1000m@40wt) of Aurifil for just $12.00?-check out the website for your favorite colors & share the news!}

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Samantha Glorioso said...

WOW! Fantastic black, white and gray quilt! And beautiful quilting too! Do you know what pattern she used to make the quilt? Would love to make one like it.