Monday, June 1, 2015

Let's talk Scrap

The 5th Annual Scrap Quilt Challenge will kick off in just one month, so now's a good time to make a plan & take a serious look at your scrap situation.  (What's the SQC, you ask?  check out last year here.)

I will try to make you feel better about your scrap organization, and maybe give you some ideas, by showing you a bit of mine.

I keep this basket under my sewing table.  I houses all the little scraps I can't bear to part with.  Binding trimmings, leftover strips smaller than 2.5", extra bits & bobbles.  When I need a leader or ender to get whatever is under my needle out, I reach in & grab a couple pieces.  Find a straight edge on each & stitch.  Eventually we have a crumb block!

 Or those trim off triangles from binding...that's what's in the red container.  Those get willy-nilly matched up & turned into squares for some yet unknown scrappy project.

I have built-ins in my classroom.  Behind this not so convincing camouflage of hanging quilts resides the biggest jumbled mess of fabric hunks and other scraps.

Some of the wire baskets each house a particular size & shape, like 2.5" squares or strips for string blocks. There also resides magazines, books, UFO's, and a whole cubby of batting scraps. (TIP:  cut them to the size of your Swiffer!) Like the rest of my scraps, and I dare say you may feel the same way, they are just waiting for my attention.

I have some great Pinterest boards to help with the inspiration.  Tons of free patterns & tutorials.  If you'd like to also post to the Scrap Quilt Challenge Inspiration board, just email me & I will add you! It's our community board.  Share what you love!

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Missy Shay said...

Thank you for sharing, I have a lot of scraps! LOL