Friday, August 7, 2015

Was playing around with my HST's and this happened

I have been doing a good job with my leader & ender HST's from backing.  Squared up a bunch a couple weeks ago.

{yes, I really wanted to throw that thready confetti}
Since the pile is growing, I am getting more of an itch to figure out what to actually do with them.

I've thought about chains and bows, but got to thinking about contrast.  Light versus dark sides of the HST.
All the scraps above are from my Dreaming in Fabric QAL blocks, so they have this contrast.  But,since I rarely bind quilts in a light color, my "trash triangles" from binding are mostly dark fabrics.

So I decided to try something.  I am sure I can perfect the flow of it as I do it more often, but here it is.

Kids, DO try this at home!

I had a scrap of Bonnie & Camille's Sherbert from Miss Kate (Hello Darling is HERE and shipping free in the US, by the way).
With RST, I put the trash triangles on top and stitched zig zag from one triangle to the next.  (I changed bobbin thread so you could more easily see my second pass when I did the opposite side.  (click pic to enlarge)

I didn't care if they were straight or evenly spaced.  I am just going to cut them up anyway.  I can usually get a 1.5" cut HST from my trash triangles.

This may be a way of not only using up small 2.5" strip scraps, but also stitching those trash triangles in less time.  See, I'd do 4 as my leader/ender this way instead of just 1.

You may already do this & this may have been around for generations.  I am usually fashionably late.  If you are like me, I hope it gives you ideas & a smidge of inspiration.

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Stitchin At Home said...

What fun I have been playing with some of my bonus HST's lately.