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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Scrappy Trip Around the World

The Sew Sweet Quilters had a very productive sewing day earlier this summer and made scrappy trip around the world blocks.

I had the honor of adding borders & finishing it off from there.


TAW label

I believe this quilt will be donated this fall to our local nursing home for use as a fundraiser for resident activities.

Since I was not able to make the block sew-in, I am not sure the pattern they used, BUT I can hook you up with a free pattern!  Go over to Bonnie Hunter’s site, www.quiltville.com & check out all her free patterns.  You’ll find a scrappy trip around the world there.

On a side note, our group’s Quilt Show is October 11-12.  Hop over to www.sewsweetquilters.com for all the details!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Just One Star Envelope is on it's Way

just one star blocksWhat a great turnout!

Our local guild added 15 to our in-store service workshop blocks & today I mailed off 32 Stars!


What an easy way to give back…just one star at a time!

Thank you Moda/United Notions for coordinating this project & more importantly, thank you for doing the hard part!

I hope you receive enough blocks to make 200 quilts!

Friday, July 10, 2009

But wait, there's more! Monet's Watercolor Cotton Quilt Fabric

This fabric is beyond pretty. It is also extremely versatile.
I sold out of this fabric & left a message with my supplier that when they did inventory, if they found a bolt, to let me know. Yippee for my persistence; they found 3 bolts!

It's a great quality fabric. For inspiration, here's a sampler quilt made by my quilt guild using it:

Monday, June 15, 2009

What a Sweet Quilt show it was!

I think this will end up being a long post, so you have been forewarned :)

The Sew Sweet Quilter's, my local guild, wrapped up our quilt show Saturday afternoon after 2 fun filled quilt show days! Without further ado....our show!

Quilts submitted for display only (not judged) were either hung in the show room, or if without sleeves, draped on the pews in the sanctuary.

Our guild has 3 founding members. One of those ladies was our featured quilter for the show, Eileen Powell. She is the most generous and wonderful woman, and OH MY, what a quilter! We each did a block for this quilt & presented it to her the Monday of show week. We each signed our block, and the lattice block has also been signed by everyone.

Here it is: Best in show!!! This bright reverse applique was made by Claudine Pinkley (shown) and long arm quilted by Becky Stowers. Claudine has a great eye for eye popping color. She has only been quilting a few years. The quilt is phenomenal!

Patsy Littrell won her blue ribbon for the hand quilting category. The crazy quilt was also made by Patsy & both were a labor of love. It is such fun to have Patsy walk you through the crazy quilt, as there is a story behind each piece.

Debbie Hart, made all three of these quilts! I love the versatility in her quilting. She truly enjoys every part of quilting and is not tied down to any one favorite style, method, or "look". Debbie won Best in Show last year.

The quilts below were just some I snapped pics of. I didn't talk to the quilters to get persmission to name them/call them out, so I will post them for your veiwing pleasure!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Where's Waldo?

It sure must seem like a hunt to find me these days!

Had a great time at the Knights of Columbus (Crossville, TN) craft fair this past weekend. The show was pretty slow for many of those selling, but I met some wonderful folks & made a few sales too. All in all it was a great investment of my time & resources.

Today our guild had a pre-quilt show luncheon and presented one of our founding members with a quilt. I didn't bring my camera, but she will display at the show, so I will get a pic then. Each of the guild members did a block using the same fabrics, then it was sashed & quilted. Very pretty & it was so warmly received.

Our quilt show is this weekend and I am busily thinking about my booth & what else I can do to help the guild make it a go. Since I have a booth, I am of very little assistance during the show, so I try to do my helping up front. Those of you in East TN/Southeastern KY, come see us! I learned today that our show will go to every other year after this year, so it will be a while before we can see you at our show if you miss this one!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quilting on the Plateau Quilt Show

Whew! Just finished all the online promo'ing I can think to do for our guild's quilt show. I don't know how many online calendars I found...5 or 6 maybe.

Plus I used www.ontheradio.net to find websites for stations within 100 miles of us and either emailed or filled in online forms on as many as I could to be added to community calendars.

I am so glad to have that off my to do list!

Come to the show if you can! It's sure to please! I will be set up & we run a big sale in our Brick & Mortar that weekend too!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Piecing & Quilting away!

Not much to show & tell this week, unless we get another snow day, which is highly unlikely. I am playing with the plaids today. At night I have been handquilting the sampler. That is just about all that is going on with me this week. just one project or another...

In other news, my local guild has announced some of the details for our June quilt show.
Check it out here: www.sewsweetquilters.com

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sew Sweet Quilters Quilt Show a HUGE Success

Oh what a weekend!

Our local guild's show was a great success. With over 140 quilts on display 9 vendors, a featured quilter and door prizes, there was something for everyone!

Our Best In Show quilter is probably the best quilter I personally know. Debbie Hart has recently moved to our area from Michigan and is so giving of her talents and tips that we are blessed to have her in our guild. Her hand appliqued and hand quilted bed quilt is a beauty. Quilted with varigated thread and using a mixture of vivid colors, this quilt was admired by all.

Also on display was a quilt made in 1939 by our local baptist church. Church members paid 10 cents to have their name embroidered on the quilt and then the quilt was auctioned off, raising an additional $10. The quilt is still in the family of the winning bidder. This is the black background quilt in the slideshow. This quilt along with other antique and some judged quilts were displayed in the church sanctuary.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sew Sweet Quilters 1st Quilt Show THIS WEEKEND

Living in a small town is great! I highly recommend the slower pace & the ability to actually love and care about your neighbors to anyone looking for a simpler life. The other great thing about life in my small town is that there is a rich history. This is an area of hard working rural people. This shows in the culture in many ways.

It shows in the work of the men & women who have passed. To a crafter, it shows in the work of the women whose textile work out of necessity is also beautiful. Quilts here have been made to be used, to keep the family warm and dry. So it is a blessing that so many of the antique quilts from this area have survived that test of time and will be on display at our local quilt show this weekend.

Of course, we will also have judged competition of new quilts in several categories. We hope this event grows each year and that we can continue to give back to the community that has richly blessed us!

I will post pictures next week of the awesome displays! I hope that if you are in the area, you will make it a stop on your vacation!