Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh, the humanity!

My poor neglected blog!

It's been a busy month here in my little world! Skip is turning into a great shop dog & is on the "new word a day" plan. He's a fast study!

I went to the AQS quilt show in Nashville last week. WOW what a difference between Nashville & Paducah! It was like the difference between SEC football & Pop Warner. I was impressed by the class list and the guest speakers there. I would, however, liked to have seen more quilts.

I have also developed a school color-themed line of items for my local schools that includes purses, book bags, scarves, handmuffs, stadium blankets, can & bottle wraps & more. All these items are offered with embroidery personalization, as well as size & color (fabric) customization!

Now I am preparing for my booth set up at the Algood Quilt Show. Check me out in space #3 while you are there!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Addition

We have been adopted by the cutest lil pup. Poor thing has been abused & is very timid. He's getting a little better & happier every day. I sit & have my morning coffee with him in the backyard. Then after I get all settled in the shop, I have a little pillow set up for him to sleep on (of course, upcycled from an old denim dress).

There's Skip!

He showed up on the same day we heard of the passing of Atlanta Braves announcer Skip Caray (son of Chicago Cubs announcer Harry Caray) & we knew that he was here for a reason. Skip Caray was a huge supporter of stray animal causes. So, his mission lives on with us. One pup at a time.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The World's Longest Yardsale has come to an end

We have survived another year of "the sale"! The Hwy 127 Corridor sale is "in the books" and it was a great year! We met folks from all over the country & some from Canada too.

The weather also cooperated late in the week with mid-80's and lower humidity.

"the 127 sale" starts the first Thursday of each August & runs from Gasden, Alabama to Defiance, Ohio...600+ miles.

Check out for more info. It's always a good idea to book your hotel rooms as far in advance as possible & plan ahead. See YOU next year!