Tuesday, September 30, 2008

October 3rd is National Denim Day for Breast Cancer Research

In support for breast cancer research, I would like everyone to checkout http://www.denimday.com/

I wear it everyday, but those that don't, maybe you can convince your employer to form a team & make a donation!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Etsy Artist Feature~RagamuffinQuilts

My first feature! Wish me luck!

I have known ragamuffin for over a year now (time flies), so I was thrilled when she volunteered to be my first artist feature.

What is the story behind your etsy store name and how does it relate to what you sell?
My etsy store name derived from the combination of my love for cats and quilting; most recently, rag quilts. Ragamuffin cats are very fluffy cats, sort of like my rag quilts with the fluffy raggie seams. So, Ragamuffin Quilts was born (with the help of my hubby and boys).

Of the items you create, do you have a favorite? For example, medium, color, item, customer?
My favorite item is my own design for a car seat rag quilt.

It has a "hole" for the car seat/stroller straps to help prevent your little one from kicking it off and losing it or getting dirty on the ground. I especially love these in all flannel, they are super soft and warm. I only wish I had thought of this while my boys were little.

How did you learn your craft?
I am pretty much a self-taught crafter. My grandmother introduced me to sewing and I fell in love with it. My mother introduced me to yarn crafting; knitting, crochet, needlepoint, etc. I started dabbling into the yarn crafts again recently as they are very portable for me to carry around with me.

Do you belong to etsy teams?
I belong to the Quiltsy Team. They are great group of quilters! Very supportive and inspirational.

Do you have a favorite etsy seller?
Hmmm, favorite etsy seller. It is so hard to pick just one, there are so many talented crafters on etsy!

Do you have a favorite blog?
Favorite blog - well I do follow two blogs daily; FabricsNQuilts (you're already here) and Fiber Deviant; two very talented crafters.

Anything else to share?
I would just like to thank my husband, children and close friends for their support in my efforts to start crafting again. Despite deadlines and hectic schedules, they never complain, they just jump right in and help me out. I honestly couldn't do it without them.
Check out Ragamuffin's blog too!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Quilt Top finished

I finished this quilt top today from more of the Moda Civil War Crossing layer cake I used in the purses (posted yesterday). A simple pattern, but I will be doing some detailed quilting to make it pop!

It's Georgia/Alabama Day in our house

Yes, it's true...DH FNQ & I see eye to eye on most teams, players and sports. But this day of the year, we have divided the house by shades of red. BUT today we do both cry War Eagle (tee hee)

All I can say, in the loudest voice I can muster is...


right over them dogs!

Friday, September 26, 2008

New Purses to show & tell

I have finished a couple purse orders that I have to show.

First is a great purse using the pinks from the Civil War Crossing collection that is JUST RELEASED by moda. I broke into (tee hee) one of the layer cakes to make this purse. I paired those pinks with rich dark corduroy. Perfect for fall & winter!

Next are 2 small purses for a couple sisters. Allie & Zoie are probably 3& 4 years old & are geting these cute little bags from Gramma for Christmas.

Another Pinwheel in Progress

I made this pinwheel block to see how different the blocks would look with a blender instead of a print in the corners & sash. It definitely makes the pinwheels stand out more.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Options from Moda ... Coming Soon!

Moda will be offering new pre cut fabric options after the first of the year!

Turnovers (1/2 square triangles from a 6" square)
Sweet Rolls (1 1/2" strips- like a jelly roll but thinner)


They will change the layer cakes to 42 squares for each cake from 40 to make it easier to make a simple 6x7 square lap quilt.

New Quilt in Progress

I am creating a lap quilt for a customer in California and have been playing with Pinwheels in My Garden.

I hope to get more completed on this today, but wanted to show a sneak peek.

WOW, Can you believe it?!

It's almost October. I know that more folks are shopping wisely & more folks are shopping for the holidays earlier this year too.

Here's a great Christmas quilt treasury on Etsy to get you in the Christmas frame of mind!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Virtual Trunk Show in the Treehouse

The Quiltsy team will be hosting a trunk show (showing off their wares) in the Virtual labs on Etsy tomorrow night!


Join the team, see the coolest quilted items on Etsy & join in the fun of free giveaways.

starts at 7PM eastern/etsy time.

set your reminder NOW!!

Algood Quilt Show was ALL GOOD!

All rested up this morning & reflecting on the Algood Quilt Show that just wrapped up. I have made my notes for next year, so I don't repeat the same mistakes & am better prepared, but all in all it was fantastic!

I do the shows to network with the other shops AND to spread the word about our brick & mortar business. It was great to meet a ton of folks & share tips about quilting & tips about the shop side too.

If you missed the show, it is the same weekend each year! Check out their website http://www.algoodquiltfestival.com/ . The whole town is involved with walking & driving tours.

See you there!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm in LOVE!

with this new charm pack! I have listed on both etsy & eBay...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

Looking for artists to feature!

If I have enough interest, I will be adding artist features to my blog. If you are interested, just reply to this post with a little about your art, your etsy store/website link & a sentence or 2 about yourself!

Excited to learn about YOU!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Trunk Show in the Treehouse!

The Quiltsy Street team will be having a virtual trunk show (showing off their wares) in the treehouse in the etsy virtual labs on 9/22 @ 7pm EST.

Members will be offering prizes as well to our customers during the show.

Mark your calendar!

Thanks to my customers!

I received news today that my sales on eBay have picked up enough that my Powerseller status has been reinstated. This is a big deal for me because the benefits from the Powerseller program help me keep my prices reasonable for my customers.

Thanks to all of you!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Honored to be featured

Kimbuktu has graciously spotlighted me and the other co-leaders of our Quiltsy team on her blog.

This is a great & very talented group of artists that at once embrace and support each other & check all the rest at the virtual door. It is a pleasure to associate with them and to work with them as we all promote our businesses.

Thanks Kym!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

School Pride

I have begun a line of school color rag quilted items. So far, the reception has been very good and it has only been a week. I think my showcase item will be my handwarmer muffs.

I have put a display in the storefront windows downtown and that always helps to drive some business our way. Sorry for the dark pic :(

I am starting to work on the school colors of the other schools in our area now and should have more colors for selection available soon. Of course, I am talking about pre-made. I can always make custom order items in any color scheme.