Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sewing Saturday & Sunday~Finishing & Organizing

Check out this great website & video on how to fold your fabric so you can find it in your stash! It is a great tip making a simple thing, even simpler!

You will also find other great links on that site to free patterns (another fave of mine) I collect em like great quotes, do you?

Sunday WILL see a completion to a twin flannel rag quilt in the trip around the world pattern. This will be a warm & colorful quilt.

Once that one is complete, I am going to quilt a few blocks on this (tossed aside of late) layer cake quilt. I really want to get this one finished too, as I really like the Civil War Collection's tones for this season.

I may not get more done than that, given the football game, but if I do, it will be working on the layout of the black & white quilt.

Today...ah, yes, today is a day of cutting more 3" plaid squares.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Fiber Friday~Destashing

The dictionary according to ME

Destashing (v) finding a way to part with the goodies you have collected for your particular craft

So, for me, it is of course, fabric.

I have much fabric that has been given to me. Those that know I quilt, just bring me boxes of abric for me to use. I can't say "no thanks", that's just not polite, when someone has shown such thought for me to drive goodies TO me.

However, much of what is brought to me is not cotton. AND, since it is just not in my will or nature to throw away a perfectly usable 'anything', I have boxes of polyester and blended fabric in my stash. I have tried to pass it along to someone else who could put it to use by sale or by gifting, but, alas, no luck. (I am begging for ideas-up to this point, my only idea is charity quilts.)

The rest of my fabric I just want to USE. I know it will take forever, but I have been very quilting motivated the past several months. I have my day broken into different sections of quiltmaking. During the day, at work, I can cut all my pieces, trim and press pieced components, and plan projects. In the early evening (until dinner) I can sit & sew at the machine. In late evening, as I relax in front of the TV, I like to do handwork. On my day off, I machine sew all day, if I choose to.

My DH is very giving in regards to the look of my studio. He knows it gives me joy to have the outlet of quilting, and, it does have a door :)

So, how do you control, organize, stash & when needed, destash?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

2009 Projects~#5 Bistro Strip Quilt~The Coffee Lover's Lap Quilt

I know I shouldn't, but I have a giddiness each time I finish a project. Well, wait...why shouldn't I!? I couldn't sleep last night & was up an hour & a half earlier than normal today so I could get this quilt washed & dryed before I came to the store.

Here's my "in progress" blog post to refer to for more details.
I ended up needing a little more fabric to finish the binding, so I would add 1.25 yards to the 2 Jelly Rolls & 1 Layer Cake to the supply list to cover all the sashing & binding needs.

Quiltsy Team Rocks Etsy Treasuries

Yesterday, the Quiltsy team snatched up several treasuries, so here's a great place to browse for your Valentine's present!

(or for the quilter's among us, maybe even some inspiration)

Here's the one I made:
Here's one I am featured in:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

20% off All Fabric & Notions in my Etsy Store

It's my Etsy-versary!

Thanks to twitterer picclodonna, I was able to put my *party* on

Be sure you check out the moda precuts. I already sell those at a huge discount, so this discount is just about my cost! Snatch em up while you can!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's my Etsy-versary~Let's Celebrate Together!

It *was* another great sewing weekend!

I was so stitch happy last weekend, I forgot to post my Sewing Sunday!

I have my quilt as you go nearly done. I am binding it now. Ran short of fabric by just a couple strips, so a trip to the next county had to be made to get what I needed.

I also took time Sunday to clean & rearrange my studio. Oh the fabric I found! I am reenergized to smash the stash! I have great plans!
  • I decided I had enough flannel to put together a twin rag quilt, trip around the world style, so I jumped right into that. It is coming along nicely. I need to motivate myself to cut those last 50 denim squares! This will be a recycled beauty!
  • I found some various 6 1/2" squares & several 2.5" squares. This got me to thinking about a scrappy 9 patch quilt...those are now in a stack for the future.
  • I also ordered "Mad About Plaid" to get inspired on what to do with my huge collection of plaid cottons. I can't wait for it to arrive later this week.
  • I also found a box of cotton blends that will soon become some great charity quilts for the local Red Cross. We have so many house fires in the winter here in our county, I guess due to heating choices. I can't wait to get started on those too.

Sew many things swimming in my head to do after just a few hours of rearranging. So, I encourage you all! Pick a shelf, cabinet, or cubby to take everything out. Play, imagine, and then put it's so exhilarating!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Quilt As You Go progress

I am nearly 1/2 done getting my quilt-as-you-go project together. This quilt is using moda's fabric line Bistro by Deb Strain. I used 2 jelly rolls, 1 layer cake & and 1 additional yard of fabric (for sashing & binding). Not sure of finished size yet, but definitely a generous throw/lap quilt.

The strip quilt will be on point and I am pleased with the results so far. First pic is kinda wonky the way I snapped it, but you get the gist :)

Stay tuned!

Changed my mind

I decided that I needed to make another block for the Virtual Guild block swap. I originally made this with a white pinwheel in the center, but decided to make another to be more in line with the challenge. I also decided I liked this block so much, that I will use the black & white original block as a jumping off point to make a black & white quilt. I have 5 blocks done so far & tons of pieces ready to be stitched up.
Happy Stitchin'!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another Snow Day...what a week!

Well, yesterday was another closed snow/sew day & here is why: (Yes, I live in Tennessee)

I have shoveled off the parking area this morning in hopes that today's sun will melt off enough so I can open the store this afternoon. Traffic sounds good outside, but I dont want to take any chances on anyone slipping.

I spent a good bit of the day yesterday pressing & trimming pieces for my new black & white quilt. I also added 2 purses to my Etsy store. Any NBA fans out there?

Then I went through my Etsy notions listings & started listing things that I have in stock, that are not yet in the Etsy store. There is MUCH work to be done there, so keep checking back and convo me if you need anything you just can't seem to find!

I am working on my online portfolio today to update it with all my recent projects. Happy Stitchin'!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Snow Day, I mean SEW day

Well, snow is falling at a pretty good clip, so I get to sew again all day! I got a ton of progress make on the quilt as you go quilt yesterday, but not as much as I had expected, so I can see what another day will bring me.

I also started piecing some blocks for the next project. Sew at home, then take to the store to press & trim during the day. Like a little assembly line. Soon I hope to be able to get another small, inexpensive machine for piecing at the store. My last one has given up the ghost.

It's good that I have a sewing project to keep me away from the tv today & tomorrow anyway. (but, i refuse to discuss politics here on the sew happy blog!)

so, off to the other machine! Have a great day!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sewing Saturday & Sunday

This weekend, back pain permitting, I will see if I can get my quilt as you go quilt all together. My goal is to have it ready for binding by Monday.

One of the girls in my local guild is doing a tutorial on binding & I thought it would be good to take along one to practice on. If I'm not ready with the quilt, I will take a set of candlemats that are almost ready to bind. I figure that since I don't like binding & so many other quilters I know LOVE to bind, I must be doing something wrong :) I will know on Monday!

I hope for show & tell soon!

Friday, January 16, 2009

2009 Projects~#4~The Yo Yo Puff Quilt~Round n Round We go

I am excited about this quilt. It speaks to me! It is like being wrapped in pillows!

Here is a previous blog post on the project
I have listed this on Etsy & hope it will give someone the same warm feeling it gives me!

Quiltsy Team Swap Blocks are ready to mail!

I have finished my dozen scrappy string swap blocks & am getting them ready to mail now. Just wanted to toss out a sneak peek!

I used batiks for my foundation, leaving the middle strip of the block as the exposed batik. I also varied the width of that middle exposed strip to give the finished blocks added character.

Like I said last week, I hope the other girls are going

S-C-R-A-P-P-Y too!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Where oh where did the week go?

Oh my, this week has flown by with just taking care of one thing then another!

I have finished the yoyo quilt, but wanted a nice sunny day to get its picture. Today it's snowing, so I will shoot for tomorrow. I do have to say that I love that quilt. It has a coziness about it.

I also stopped by Hancock Fabrics with my 40% off notion coupon to treat myself to something on Tuesday & picked up this neat ironing board cover. I think I should carry these in my store!

I have been trimming up another bag of scraps to make more strip blocks as well as working on my quilt as you go quilts from Moda's Bistro collection. It is coming along nicely & quickly, even with the handwork required for the sashing.

My other activities this week revolve around compiling a distribution list for marketing our local quilt show which will be in June. I also got all my sites set up on google analytics and did more tweeking on Much more to do on the new website, but it is progressing nicely I think.

I hope to post show & tell tomorrow with the yoyo quilt. How have you spent your week?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sewing Saturday & Sunday

I have spent today working on both my quilt as you go block and my strip blocks for our Etsy team block swap. I hope the other girls are really going scrappy! Mine sure are!

Tonight or tomorrow, I will get my quilt as you go blocks on the design wall to get the placement settled.

Also tonight, I hope to get the last of the rows into strips for the yoyo quilt and can hopefully get those rows all attached tomorrow or at least early in the week. I really like this project! I think my next project may be to find a use for the cut out of the 11" square. They are almost triangles, but I am not sure of the angle...that kinda defines "the next project" :)

So, those are my sewing goals for the weekend. I hope to put the wraps on at least one to-do!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Took the plunge!

Well, the week-long drama over my website is now far as I am concerned.

I have begun to build my own NEW website & hope you will check it out often, as I will spend time on it each day!

Its like starting over in some ways, well, in many ways, but it is a fresh start for me & I feel like I have control now over my online destiny.

not sure if that should be followed by a prayer, but it sure sounds like it should...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

History of a quilt and a quilter

I got a new follower on twitter today. QuiltLady posted this great link to an 1840's masterpiece. I am amazed at the condition!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Quilt Block Challenge January

Originally uploaded by fabricsnquilts

Quiltn4U started a virtual guild and did a block challenge for January. Here's mine!

It is called Pieced Star. Pattern from Quilter's Cache

New moda collection listed on Etsy!

Gorgeous new fabric collection designed by Barbara Brackman for moda just listed on Etsy.

Check out my listings for
Charm Packs $6.00 each (5" squares),
Jelly Rolls (2.5" strips) $25.00 each, and
Honey Buns (1.5" strips) $20.00 each

Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 Projects #2 and #3-Machine Needles Pincushions

I have finished up 2 new pincushions that for me are a great way to keep organized.

I just listed these pincushions on Etsy. I can never read those engraved marks on machine needles & never remember the color codes for the sizes. Out of the pack & into the pincusion...No more straining my eyes!

Sewing Sunday~YoYo Quilt Progress

Here it is, my much discussed square yoyo quilt in progress. The throw is about 1/2 done. I started this quilt in late summer and didn't start working on it in earnest until fall. This pattern is from Georgia Bonesteel's Easy Does It Quilts. She calls the pattern McAllistair McPuff...that is a goofy name, so I came up with square yoyo, which is just as goofy, since who has ever seen a square yoyo?

Using a template, each 11" square was scissor cut and stitched into the puff pockets by machine. I decided that having varying amount of stuffing in each little pillow would give the quilt more interest, so that is what I did!
After stuffing each with polyfill & even some poly batting scraps (YAY! Stashbusting!) I cinched up each puff by hand & took a couple stitches though the back to quilt each puff with a little dimple on the back (my pattern variation).

The pattern of the lights & darks will make a swirl from the center out when the quilt is finished.

I would love to say this was a scrap-buster project for me, but alas, not many of my scraps are 11" square.

I was able to get 4 squares from each 11" wide strip of fabric, so even though it is not a charm-style quilt with no fabric repeats, I was able to get that effect with strategic placement of the puffs.

My design wall was invaluable in this process of placement and in making sure I sewed the puffs in the right order. Since the puffs were attached to each other by hand, I did this infront of the TV in the evenings. I pinned numbers in order to the blocks as I took down one or two rows at a time, so as to get them sewn together right the first time.

Well, there she is, a little more than 1/2 way done, but I really enjoy working this project, so I think it will be done sooner rather later!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 Projects~ Project #1 Twin Falling Stars Quilt

I think I have figured out how to pull together all the info on my projects here on the blog. YAY!

Here it is, my first completed project of the new year! This quilt was part of my fall scrap bin busting project. I made 3 quilts, including this one, as a result of that commitment to use what I had. I think that I will try to alternate quilt projects this year between new & scrap bin fabrics.

I really enjoyed how quickly this quilt went together & the effect of the extremely simple block. As a new machine quilter, I have been trying out various quilt-as-you-go methods to see what works for me. On this project I used the Divide & Conquer method #3 that reduced the batting bulk while machine quilting with my regular sewing machine. It was also another opportunity to practice free motion quilting on the borders (another chance to thank Kimbuktu for her great tutorial!)

Here are links to my other blog posts about this project:

Friday, January 2, 2009

Fiber Friday, 2009 Project List & Details

I have been busy today binding a quilt, and nearly forgot it was Friday. Holidays always seem to mess up my mental clockwork.

This week's feature will be more about me than ideas, unless you want to run with my idea...

I am adding, not quite sure how yet, a section to the blog to document my projects for 2009. I thought it would be fun in 12 months to look back at a year of projects finished.

Hopefully this will also keep me motivated during the year & maybe even give some of you ideas for future projects.

If you do something similar, let me know & I will add a link on my blog to help you stay motivated!