Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where have I been?

I know there is "blogging without obligation", but I feel bad that I have not had many new posts lately!

I have been preparing for the "world's longest yardsale", as seen on HGTV for the past several years. This great sale goes right past my door. Check out last year's blog post for a glimpse of the crowd
This week has been spent cleaning the lot, moving farm equipment out of the lot, ensuring everything has a price tag and implementing our sale pricing. Next week will start with the outside setup, getting vendors into their right spaces & set up, and then on Thursday, the fun begins!
This is our biggest week of the year in the brick & mortar, so forgive me for neglecting you all during this process. I will be back with a vengence in another couple weeks!

Monday, July 27, 2009

What's on my wall

I have been busy working on quilts for our local Children's Center the past couple months. I have 4 rag quilts done, 2 in progress and 1 on the wall, also in progress.

This quilt is a strip/sting quilt and is done quilt as you go.
You lay out the backing fabric face down, place your batting on the wrong side of the backing fabric then lay your first strip of your quilt top fabric across the diagonal, right side up. Next, lay your 2nd strip right side down, on top of the first strip (right sides together). As you sew your 1/4" seam to piece the strips, you actually sew through all the layers & quilt the block as you piece.
To attach the blocks, add a sashing strip to one side of the block, front & back, using a 1/4" seam. Then zig zag the blocks together, once from the front & once from the back just to make sure they are nice & tight. You turn the sashing like binding to hide the zigs.
I am using a narrower strip on the quilt top than on the back, so that I can finish off the edge on the top with a machine stitch. I will secure other side of the back sashing like you would when turning binding. When I get to this step, I will take pics & post again on that part :)
Once all the sashing is turned & secure for each row, you sash each row together in the same way.
I am using 5" squares, trimmed to 4.75" and have 6 rows done & will need maybe 3 more for a nice child's quilt. The prints in the blocks vary, but include lots of scraps from the recent pig purses, so that makes it fun. I hope to finish this quilt this week, along with the 2 rag quilts. Once they are all done, I will be back with a show N tell!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2009 Projects ~ #50 (wow) Log Cabin Denim Rag Quilt

I can't believe that I have logged 50 projects for the year! That almost makes it possible to conceive that I could finish 100 by year end, if I got in high gear! It's a goal now anyway!

So, here it is, a product of my Sit N Sew days in the brick & mortar. A month or so ago, I taught log cabins, so I made some as my demo & those turned into this lap quilt. On a side note, these Sit N Sew's are creating many UFO's in my house! Starting a new project every other week is not good!

But I digress...

The denim is reclaimed from new, but irregular jeans. The blocks are batted with a golden flannel that you can see in the seams. It is a good match to the calico in the light side of the block. I quilted the blocks in the ditch around the squares of logs. Hopefully you can pick that up in the closeup. Sorry about the fuzzies still on the quilt in the pic...I wanted to get pics outside before the rains came.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Today's a Finishing Day

Yesterday, I seemed to flitter between several little projects, but it did make the day go by pretty fast.

Today, I am going to focus on finishing the last 5 log cabin blocks so I can finish this in-progress lap rag quilt. I think this will look really good after the washing. I have this section shown already clipped. It is backed with black denim and batted with golden flannel. Should be a pretty look when washed.

Monday, July 20, 2009

So many ideas, so little time...what to do today

I have been debating all morning on what to tackle today. Its a gorgeous day outside, and should really focus my energy there.

But, I have much to do inside too.

  • Investigate selling on my own site
  • More fabric listings, or notions
  • finish cutting out a quilt
  • work on my I-Spy quilt kits
  • work on my rag quilt donation quilt (2 down 1 to go)
  • work on my new string quilt blocks (the scraps are going to have to start paying rent if I can't get them under control!)
  • clean (ya, right)
  • do a price tag once over (price tags are my nemesis! they refuse to stay put)
  • start marking items for our annual sale in conjunction with the "World's Longest Yard Sale"
  • Cut the remaining straps for a purse that is 90% completed
  • deseam some of the gozillion pair of denim pants to save storage room and be one step closer to cutting quilt squares

Oh, that's just too much to think about...think I will go outside & enjoy the cool temps & sunshine!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Fabrics Abound in the Etsy Store

I am having a listing day! That's where I chain myself to the computer and list all the goodies for you! I am woefully behind listing all my new fabrics (and even some I have had for quite some time). So, this day has been a long time coming.

Most of the new additions are in the Cotton Fabric by the Yard section. You will find extra wide (54") marble prints for $5.25 a yard and licensed prints for $4.50 a yard.

I am determined to get my collection completely listed, so don't wander too far off!

Friday, July 17, 2009

2009 Projects ~ #42-49 These Little Piggies are going to market

Oh Boy, did I have fun with these fabrics!
A local customer is a H-U-G-E pig fan & though she doesn't sew, she picks up piggy print fabric whenevery she sees it. And buttons too...check out these buttons! One of these fabrics was marked 1997 on the selvedge...and it was my fave print.

So here they are!

3 small rag purses

3 large rag purses

2 Twelve Pocket Purses

Monday, July 13, 2009

Truly Christmas in July!

Look at what all the awesome girlies in my eBay group sent me today! When I saw the postman coming with one of those big totes full of envelopes & boxes, KNOWING that I hadn't ordered anything, I thought "what in the world is all of that!?"

You see I recently organized a Secret Sister Swap where I was the only one who knew who the sisters were. Well, apparently they decided I should play too! Li'l sneakers!

So, maybe you can tell, we discuss candy & chocolates as well as quilting in Quilter's Corner. Well, come on, we're in the CORNER! I have to admit I had to break into the Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip flavored candy first....YUMMO!, let me tell ya!

DH-FnQ thought the scissor cozy was awesome too. I think he took it as a hint *wink*

There is so many cool things here, that I could not possibly list them all, but one came with a cute note. It was a kleenex cozy & a roll of life savers...the note said, cuz having tissues when you need them is a life saver. LOL

So, thanks girls! Blushing Smiley

I am honored to be associated with all of you, my quilting sisters!

We are a small, personal group, but open to new chatty members with generous souls & quilting stories to share.

Katie Cupcake Quilt Kit Giveaway

You could WIN this quilt kit; pattern & fabric!


Check it out in depth here:

Friday, July 10, 2009

But wait, there's more! Monet's Watercolor Cotton Quilt Fabric

This fabric is beyond pretty. It is also extremely versatile.
I sold out of this fabric & left a message with my supplier that when they did inventory, if they found a bolt, to let me know. Yippee for my persistence; they found 3 bolts!

It's a great quality fabric. For inspiration, here's a sampler quilt made by my quilt guild using it:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Remember the free mulch?

The end of April, I woke up to find this gift in my side yard.

Yesterday, I decided it had sat (cooked, composted) long enough for me to get started using it.

So I mulched the flower bed on the South Side of the building:

And also the bed on the North side of the building. One day I hope the evergreen is big enough to hide those pretty electric meters (back/left side of pic). The peonies do a good job in the warm months to hide the gas meter (front/right side of pic). And look at that pretty corn in the backyard. I can't wait!

And alas, I was WORN out and just couldn't go on. I did make a dent in the pile, but it sure doesn't look like it in this picture!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Blog Surfing Monday

I have been surfing all morning, finding all kinds of great new blogs that are must reads!

Check out all the free patterns on the DIY Bag Lover . I found this blog from Up the Rainbow Creek who has been published there. If you have ever wanted a great rag quilt purse pattern, check her's out! It's great & IT'S FREE!

My bud over at SewFunQuilts is having a MONDO giveaway this month. Be sure you pop over there and enter!

Then, I found a great post by Diane at BeeSquareFabrics (so sorry to see her closing) who is giving a postmortem, as she calls it, to her time as a fabric retailer. Today's post is about Fall Quilt Market. In that post is a link up to True Up and an article they did on one of Diane's appointments at Market. Very insightful!

I also found a new online quilt club by Charming Chatter that sounds like a great amount of fun and motivation for finishing UFO's.
I don't keep many UFO's as they make me lose sleep...not sure the name of that mental disorder, but I like to finish & the need/want to start the next project is the reward for finishing, for me.
But check out this blog & the club, as I think it will be very fun & motivating....and for me, it can be a help to finish projects quicker!?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Another great weekend coming to a close

First, God Bless our miliary! I owe a debt I can never pay to those who are and have served our country to protect our freedom.

Imagine the life you would have, without those that have sacrificed on your behalf. Immediatly you think of those people you know, right? Your parents, spouse, children. You would gladly sacrifice anything for them as well. Now imagine the willingness to make the same sacrifice for someone you never met, or even knew existed. This is what the military does for us. Everyday. Without fail. God Bless you and those whose lives you touch. You touch mine.

Living in a rural area, our big 4th of July past time starts around 6pm. It is the annual demolition derby & fireworks show. Many of you may remember the demolition derby from Happy's about the same thing, but louder. It is the epidome of a wholesome, country good time. I saw infants and the elderly and every age in between.

The grandstand was full and so were the bleachers they lined the arena with for the event opposite the grandstand. The derby takes place in the horse arena, about the size of a 1/4 mile running track. They run in the mud, so that decreases the speed at which they can gather up to slam into each other. You can get pretty close to the derby in action, standing around the fence. I would say 30 feet or so to the action, within mud slinging/tire spinning distance. Definitely standing room only.

They have so many entrants that they run heats. If you car will start and you can drive it out of the arena at the end of the heat, you can live to ride again. The final round is around 7 or 8 cars. They run in 2 "classes" v-8's and 4 cylinders. Obviously the V-8's are the fun ones to watch. The drivers get sponsors, which they spray paint the name & phone number of the sponsor on the nascar, but with spray paint. They also usually put up a car name or funny, like Grim Reaper, or HIT ME.

If you have never been to a demolition derby, seek one out. The kids love 'em. I remember going to one as a kid...maybe 10 years old. How fun to see people actually TRYING to hit each other.

The fireworks was pretty good, but there were several misfires that "boomed" about 5 feet above the ground over the unfired cartridges. I was actually pretty shocked we didn't have a fire or loss of life, or spontaneous combustion. Good thing was that 1/2 the county's fire & rescue squads were already on location.

It started to rain after the V-8 finals (which was right after the fireworks) so we didn't hang around for the last round. It was fun, a great way to end the day.

And to think, we owe it to a soldier!

2009 Projects~#41 Woodland Blooms Handbag

This cute little gem somehow missed it's big blog reveal when completed! Thankfully I had snapped this quick pic when I finished it, because it sold last weekend at the craft show! I just love this design & the fabrics are so playful! The bag is roomier than it looks and I hope it's new owner enjoys carrying it around!

Blog Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to all that entered my blog giveaway of my new pattern, Charm Pack Cutie!

We had 12 entries & using, our winner is:

n.hom said...
I love summer because the days are full of sunshine. Summer is great because I can bake with the freshest fruits and vegetables; I can sew in my bare feet and not get cold; I can sleep under one quilt and still be warm; I can ride my bike in daylight at 8pm; and summer just makes me happy.
June 29, 2009 1:07 PM

Thursday, July 2, 2009

2009 Projects ~ #40 Fig & Plum Sofa Quilt

I have to say that I love (really I LOVE) this quilt! I know, you are thinking, she always says that when she finishes a project...ah well, that is true too.

This pattern came to me by searching blogs one day. I came across this great post for an easy peasy pattern, the disappearing 9 patch.
For my quilt, I took it one more step & I didn't put the 4 patches back together with their original mates. It gave this a much more scrappy look, I think.
Here is another variation of the pattern I like too. It has hearts in the squares. You could piece that, or even applique for extra fun!
I quilted this quilt in the teeny stipple that I hope you can see in the closeup. I LOVE this fabric line, Fig & Plum by Joanna Figeroa for Moda; actually the color palate of Fig Tree & Co is usually right up my alley. The outside border & backing (same paisley print) is from an older Fig Tree & Co collection, Folklorique. I quilted it with a varigated pastel thread, top & bottom.
These pics are pre-wash, because I just couldn't wait to show you :)
Off to the laundry room!

Thursday Tips ~ More about color

I dug around a little this morning to help a customer with identifying a color. Maroon & Burgandy are always a bugger!

Check out these 2 wikipedia links.
This one lists Crayola colors. That's nice since everyone has a point of reference with the old box of 64 crayons with the sharpener in the back. These are colors we have known our whole life.
This list is much bigger. It will help you determine slight differences in shade, but is sorted by name. This is very helpful like with today's question I had to help with burgandy or maroon), but if you are looking for a color, the name may not matter so much.
The solution is very simple. On the Wikipedia list, the column right after the picture of the color is the color's "code". You can imput that code here: Name that Color and see where on the color wheel you are. This will help you find complimentary and contrasting colors...another challenge we sometimes face.
Now, go have fun playing with color...virtually, or in your stash!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What Next Wednesday

I have the binding 1/2 way completed on the disappearing 9 patch throw quilt (and it's a big throw quilt) and hope to finish that tonight. So with 2 finished projects, it's time to decide what is next!

I want to start a block of the month here at the store, so I need to make a demo to hang to get folks interested. I have decided to do mine in batiks which have all been washed and I have started cutting. So I could finish cutting that quilt out.

I received an order for 8 purses yesterday for a local customer, so I could start cutting those out.

I started log cabin blocks last week for my Sit N Sew demo, so I could work on those.

The road construction is stopping traffic again in front of the store, so traffic is nearly non-existent. I will be glad when we can celebrate the end of this project with completion of the water lines & repaving. I think, what, next year...? I could dust the store again, an ongoing construction by product (ya right, we can cross that off the options already).

ooooh I just had an idea! I have wanted to make another denim rag quilt; I get the itch every now & then to make raggies. I think I will combine the log cabin blocks with black denim! Hope I haven't made the squares bigger than what I can get from my soon-to-be-recycled jeans!

ok, that brain storm, helped me decide! Log Cabin blocks it is!