Sunday, August 30, 2009

2009 Projects~Texture Magic Wallhangings

Beware...lots of pics on this one!

I have found the coolest notion of 2009 (yes, my humble opinion)! This is Texture Magic!
It is the easiest cool gizmo to use & the coolest thing to watch work.

There are just 2 steps. Sew Texture Magic to the wrong side of your fabric. Steam the fabric

and Wah~lah (in my best game show voice), the fabric scrunches up 30% in every direction AND gives a nice flat backing to the newly scrunched fabric.

Here are 2 wall hangings I made to showcase this coolest of cool products.

First, I used the Texture Magic to create the full basket of flowers with this awesome floral fabric.

Here is the TM sewn to the back of the fabric in a 1" grid

Here is the scrunched up fabric, from the front & back

And the Great Unveiling! But I find it hard to really see & appreciate the scrunchy in these pics.

Now, most who know me would tell you....I am not an applique master...heck, I am not even an apprentice. BUT when I saw this product, that's what I thought about. How it could easily add depth to applique.

So, I tried my hand at the only applique technique I know, and being under a little bit of a time crunch to be able to show these wallhangings at the Quilt Show of the Little Mountains this weekend...well, it is what it is...and I STILL like it :)

I used my flower Go! Cutter die and cut some flowers before scrunching & some flowers after scrunching. So I have a few flowers that are 30% smaller than the rest, but the exact same shape. So, for the bigger flowers, I sewed the TM in place, then steamed it, THEN cut it. To get a smaller flower (2 peach & 1 blue-green), I sewed the TM, cut it, THEN steamed it. For the bigger flowers, I used paper backed fusible web to help me keep them in place while I zig zagged them in place.
The other cool thing about Texture Magic, is that the more densly you sew the TM to the back of your fabric, the scrunchier it gets. I played around with this and did each flower a little different.

Not sure, you may be able to see the depth better in the lighter pic.

For more Texture Magic inspiration, check out Superior Thread's Blog each Tuesday for TM Tuesdays!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

2009 Projects ~ Scrappy Child's Tag A Long Strip Quilt

Tada! I finished this up on Sunday & got some great pics today, thanks to my new oak bench (isn't it gorgeous)! The fabrics in this quilt are fun & bright & hopefully cheerful. Batted with Warm & Natural 80/20, it is so soft. The backing and sashing is Moda. So soft & snuggly, fresh out of the dryer.

I will use this quilt along with the "coffee quilt" as demo's at the September Quilt shows where I will vend (see for more info). They are both quilt as you go, one with jelly rolls & layer cakes & the other with scraps & a kit or just a pattern.

I will demo the Charm Pack Cutie at those shows too & then put those 2 quilts in my Etsy store.
This quilt will, at the end of September, find its way to the Children's Center of the Upper Cumberland, thus the label.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2009 Projects ~ Vintage Hankie Inspired 12 Pocket Purse

This custom order purse was inspired by the last purse made from Moda's Hannah fabric.

My customer loved the pattern but wanted to incorporate this beautiful vintage hankerchief into her purse. I was able to use the whole linen by dividing it between the 2 sides.

After I quilted the bag panels, I attached the hankie using monofilament for the top stitching so it that the stitching would not be a focal point. I wanted the hankie to do the talking.

Being vintage, the hankie was thin, so I used a fusible interfacting to give it a little body, then used paper backed fusible web to get the hankie in place on the purse panel. In addition to the monofilament, the hankie is stitched under the handles, across the top of the purse, and where it rolls over the top to the inside, I have hand stitched the hankie in place.

Note how the hankie had a cool taper on one corner.

So, there she is. I am very happy with the result of mixing the textiles. I may be on to something new!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Off the wall & on the table~ahh, progress!

I am rounding the corner on this cute scrappy Quilt As You Go project. It is intended for the Children's Center of the Upper Cumberlands, but will have to make rounds with me to quilt shows first as a demo in my vendor booth.

I made a couple boo boos, that would have haunted me, had I been making for resale, but they are only evident on the back in the alignment of the sashing. I don't think that the recipient will mind, or notice. ~no, I'm not going to show you :) ~
The backing fabric is the same as used in the front & back sashing, a 30's reproduction asterisk in a pale purple by Barbara Brackman for Moda.
You will see several scraps from the recent "pig purse-fest" and from the I Spy quilts. These made the quilt very bright & fun.
I'll be back with a final pic of this one in a week or so :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

2009 Projects ~ A little catching up to do!

It's been a busy couple months here, as I guess summer is everywhere. I have been creating, but remiss in doing show & tell :) I think this will catch me up .

Here is a 12 pocket purse I made from Moda's Hannah soft & pretty. Spurred on a custom order during the 127 Sale too, so I will have a similar purse to show soon!

Here is a purse vibrant with color from Moda's Woodland Blooms collection. Loaded with pockets in the inside, but I added a coordinating cell pocket on the outside just for fun.

I contacted our local Children's Center 2 months ago about making quilts for the children that pass through their door. I wanted to be sure that once a quilt was given to a child (most children lose everything on the days they find the Center), that it would stay with the child. I proposed putting a square or label on each quilt that the Center could just add the name to. So I embroidered "This Quilt Belongs To " for each of the quilts. I think I ended up sending 8 quilts and 3 bibs this go round. I didn't get snapshots of everything, but did get these :)

Including 3 Hannah Montana flannel rag quilts

3 I-Spy Charm quilts with an embroidered center block. These are batted & backed in flannel. The border is flannel too.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cute Vintage Apron

Here it is, the TOO CUTE vintage apron that lived with me for about 5 hours. I didn't even get to wash & press it...

Bummer that the last pic is blurry & that none of the pics caught the whole apron, but I think you can get the gist.
Each "finger" was trimmed with the cording & that was used to hide the seams that attached the little panels together.
It was as close as I could get to saving a sorry 3 pics ...enjoy!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

IBOL~ Iraqi Bundles of Love~Fabric Needed

@solsisters tweeted this to me. It's very cool & who doesn't have fabric laying around that was given to them that they will probably never use?

Check it out!

Be sure to read the How To, FAQ & What to send pages (links at top right)

Please pass this on via your blog, facebook, twitter, email, etc.

Last day to mail your package is Sept. 7th!

The World's Longest Yard Sale is coming to a close

Compare these pics to my last post :-)
It's Sunday in the South & most vendors packed up last night or are doing so this morning. Good tip for those planning to come to the in the future...vendors in rural areas in the deep south will be fewer in number on Sunday...don't take it out on those you find :- ). Every year I have an angry customer or 2 (had 2 couples read me the riot act last night at 6pm because our Chamber of Commerce was closed...yes, at 6 on a Saturday night).
It's been a fun and tiring week of 12 hour store days & nights of canning veggies from the garden. The garden always seems to go gang-busters this week every year. We were able to get most of the corn in by Monday, so we could really concentrate on squash, beans & tomatoes (only).
So that's about it for this year's sale blogging. I only bought a couple things and resold one the same day I bought it....on the condition I could take pics of it first...the cutest apron. I will blog that later...I already turned the camera off. I know...oh, the suspense!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

127 Sale Snapshots

Woo Hoo! First (official) day of the "World's Longest Yardsale" and I have been hopping since 6am!

Customers are loving having a fabric stop snuck in (Dh's are rolling their eyes).

Here are a few snapshots...of course I can only break away in a lull to get pics...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nothing like a quick burst of rain

Thunder was rumbling & we started to get things covered up...then the winds came (gusts up to 60 MPH) made that a challenge, i.e., how a tarp can quickly become a kite.

We finally decided that's good enough & came inside. Just in time before the bottom fell out...

First Film Crew seen on this year's 127 Sale

This is just another annual occurance during the fun-filled week at the 127 sale, camera guys. Those that know me know that me & cameras...well, let's call it camera shy...but, honestly, shy has nothing to do with it.

One of the fellas that sets up his wares in the parking lot at our B&M during the sale ( has agreed to let this camera crew follow him for his packing, setting up & shopping experiences this week. I had to tell the camera guy that I'm not a camera person, then follow that up with a "seriously", but it all worked out.

So my pic here is a little grainy because I took it from quite a distance.

Now if the road construction company would just park their equipment & open the road, we would be off to a great start for this year's "world's longest yardsale!"