Saturday, January 30, 2010

What I like most about snow in the South

When you live in a place where it snows very little, you come to appreciate some of the little things snow brings:

(in no particular order)
*no traffic (this is for the best, believe me)
*finding your inner child
*teenagers learning that you can do 360's in snow & not just mud
*cameras snapping pics of the beauty we take for granted every day, our homes & yards blanketed in a clean white canvas of snow
*kids having snowball fights
*the cold doesn't matter as much as when there is no snow
*Sew Days!
*Sew Days!
*Sew Days!

(did I mention Sew Days?!)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Block of the Month Club ~ 1930's Sampler

Love the look of those scrappy sampler quilts from the depression but have never found the time to make one?

Join our BOM Club & let us help!

Shown here is our first block, a spool. We have chosen vintage blocks to match the look of our 1930's reproduction fabrics.

The blocks will all have the white tone on tone fabric used in this block to give your finished quilt cohesivness. Pieces for the block are all die cut with the Go Cutter, so you can be assured to receive the accuracy you have grown to expect from Fabrics N Quilts!

Club is only $11 for 3 months (plus shipping). This includes the precut block and full color instructions.

Monday, January 25, 2010

2010 Projects ~ Apple Core Lap Quilt & Kits

Romantic florals were my inspiration for this lap quilt. Then as I started to quilt, I thought how a bee must never fly a straight line. So my quilting was inspired by my "thread-bee" curving & looping all over the quilt to check out each flower.

My mind always just wanders when I quilt & garden. I think that is why I enjoy them so much. Give my mind license to just "go". Sometimes it takes me to funny places. Like yesterday while quilting my bee pattern I must be tough to be a teenager bee. Never a straight line home (like my quilting) and to have to make curfew with all the flower distractions...well kind of like people teenagers with all the distractions of friends and fun. (yeah, I know...I let my mind wander just a little tooooo far this time.)

This quilt is one of our classes in the store in February. Check out our Class Calendar to see what else we are up to this month!
I really grew to love making this quilt & thought you might like to give it a try too! Shapes are die cut & I have done the coordinating for you! These are available on Etsy & in the store now!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tips for Tuesday ~ Triangles on a Roll

Working with a new pattern last week, the directions gave only the parameters for the 1/2 square triangles to be made with Triangles on a Roll.

So, wanting to always do something new on each project, I ordered some. First thing you need to know is that this roll will make 800 (800!) 1/2 square 2" finished triangle blocks. My project required 32.

Guess I will need to find another project that requires this very common block!

These are the EASIEST way to make these blocks, and a time saver too.

Just layer your fabrics, right sides together & then pin the paper on top.

When you unroll the paper, you see :

Sew, following the arrows, on the dashed line. I was sewing with black thread, but hopefully you can see that the dashed lines are no longer shown (covered by my black thread).

Then cut on the solid lines:

Tear the paper away. Press, Ta da! When I tore my paper, I did not pull right from the edge, I tore down the center from the point to the stitch line & the tore out to the edges, this way you are not pulling against those unsecured edges. Once you tear away the large section of the triangle, the strip of paper on the seam allowance pops right out with a little tug.

You can pick these up in our Etsy store.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What a Great Day!

Pictures of the store interior continue to challenge my photographic superpowers, but hey, I am a quilter!

So, here is a Before...remember the bar story?

buh-bye, Dead Rat

Looky-loo! It's gone!
Add some new classroom tables, snacks & drinks, ballons, door prizes, and wah~lah, IT'S A PARTY!
Here is a pic looking across the store from the sales tables.
I am going to try to get a copy of the ribbon cutting pics to share with you too, so stay tuned for those pics (with people in them).
Knowing I would be busy, I snapped all these pics before I opened the door.
We have had a great opening weekend & are just thrilled with all the local support & online cheers too. Thanks to you all!

Friday, January 15, 2010

And the Winner is....

We had 23 entries on the blog post & 6 entries on facebook

and our winner is Monique!

Congrats Monique!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 Projects ~ Summer in the City Wall Hanging

I love this fresh wallhanging from the Urban Chicks collection, Summer in the City. This is 16" square and went together in a snap. The size made it easy to free motion quilt too. I backed & bound with a print from the al fresco collection designed by Michelle Amore for Marcus.

I quilted the piece with Superior Threads, King Tut. This varigated thread adds great additional interest.

This is our class project on Saturday, January 23rd in our brick & mortar. So if you love it too, pop over & register! The class will provide you with all the fabric you need, batting, binding, backing & all! You will even have a bunch of these fresh charms left over to take home!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A first for me to see...Snow drifts in TN

The wind is really whipping around outside right now & the snow has actually drifted up against the buildings & such. Not unusual for us to have strong winds, just have never seen the snow drift here.
It's pretty though :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 Projects ~ Wine Bottle Cozy

Snowy days make for bad pictures, but I had to share this super cute Wine Bottle Cozy.
This is our in store class on Thursday, January 21st from 5-6pm.
This cozy uses the Large size of the Clover YoYo maker. I alternated prints & marbles, but would look awesome using a scrappy approach. You can also use your lining to add additional flare.
What about for your Valentine?!
Give us a call or come by to sign up for the class!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our New Banner is up!

With temps in the 20's it is obviously too cold to repaint our sign outside. So, my solution..a nice vinyl banner!

It's not perfect, but I will definitely work until the spring thaw!

2010 Projects ~ Little Princess Rag Quilted Totes

What little princess wouldn't love one of these cute totes. Perfect for the little girls, since they are about 8" square with just a 4" gusset. Sturdy demin used for the liner so they stay looking great!

These sisters, 2 & 4, will have great fun taking these to church & around town.

The Last of the Dead Rat

What...Dead Rat!?

Yes, my business is located in a locally famous old bar, The Dead Rat. This was not a place to take the wife for a nice evening of dance &, it was just what you imagine it to have been, rowdy, raucus, wild.

So, needless to say it has been fun to be in such a local landmark.

"Where is your business located?" to which I would answer "In the old Dead Rat"...and everyone knew exactly where I was. This came in handy when I had to report a shop lifter once. I gave directions, landmarks, the address, everything to the dispatcher. To which she said, "Hon, I just don't know where that is." To which I replied, "I'm in the old Dead Rat".

You get the point.

So, this is the last of the landmark that remains. The Bar. It will meet its demise later this week. as I can come up with no way to utilize it in my new setup. I will place the classroom tables in this spot.

Soon, folks will know us as "the quilt shop" or fabric shop in town, and as with most things, the Dead Rat memories will fade with the generation that darkened it's doors. It is a little sad to remove that last part of the bar, even though I was never here. But, time marches on!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Giveaway for the New Year!

I am so stoked it is a new year! I am not one to get all hung up on the resolutions, new beginnings and all that, since I believe everyday is a new chance to change the world you last saw at bedtime.

BUT, since we are venturing down a dedicated Quilt Shop path here in our Brick & Mortar, I am surrounded by a feeling of rejuvenation. New paint, new floor, new workspace, new checkout area, new classroom area, oh and of course NEW FABRIC!

So, share my joy! Just sign up to receive my newsletter here, and leave a comment on this post...Tada! you are entered! If you already subscribe, just leave a comment here & tell me so! If you have trouble leaving a comment here, fan me on FB & leave a comment there!

Oh, you want to know the prize?! hmmm...(looks around at all the goodies she can offer)...

How about this awesome fat quarter bundle of Moda's London Lawns II! 7 FQ's in the most romantic florals! Of course this collection is available in any quantity you need on Etsy!
Almost forgot! I will draw on the 15th of January :) The day of our Grand Opening!