Monday, April 26, 2010

I could get hooked on this

Final pics of the chemically dyed fabrics from Sunday’s play day!


I wanted to do at least one fabric that was a single color.  I hope you can see the awesome marbeling in the darkest part of the fabric

DSCN3424 DSCN3423

these 2 are done the exact same way, but the first fabric was dry when I started & the bottom one was wet.  The 3 dyes were applied 1 at a time as the fabric was mushed into a cup.  See how the dye is more mottled on the dry.  Love them both, but the bottom is my fave.


This was a 2 step dye.  First I loosely rolled the fabric & applied the blue.  I rinsed it lightly & let it dry until just damp.  Then I re folded in a different direction & applied the yellow.  The fabric caught in the fold remained blue, while the rest was turned a great shade of green.  Yes, this will become my Green Bay Packers…something!

DSCN3429 DSCN3430

This one (1/2 yard) I think is still a work in process.  I played with different direct dye applications.  The orange was splattered with a brush at the same consistency as if I was dunking the fabric.  The red rectangle things (hope you find them in the 2nd pic) were done with a sponge that has raised edges.  All the various colors were applied & then put to soak in a pale yellow for this temporary-final look.

Last, the dye resist.  What a work in process this is.  First, I had 3 different  methods I wanted to try; Pentel Fabric Dye Sticks, Resist gel, adhesive letters.  on the first try, only the dye sticks worked.  HOWEVER, I will tell you to be careful, though it dyed over, I scorched the fabric when heat setting the letters.


I applied the dye on this one with a spray bottle.  Gave a nice even coat, since it was hanging on the line when I sprayed.  I could see this making a nice marble if sprayed on the grass where the dye could pool.

Since I was too stingy applying the gel, I reapplied on top of the blue…but this time WAY too thick.  The FUN was the adhesive letters.  I think that I didn’t mush on them hard enough to get a really good seal so the letters are not crisp.

So I decided to play a little more & after reapplying the gel, I went with a black spray bottle.  The black was pretty diluted, so is really a deep violet, especially on top of this blue.


since you know where to look for FUN, you can see I used the gel on the F and the U N are kinda voilet.  Above the Pentel pack is where I gooped the resist gel…see it does work!

Tomorrow I will try to come back with my notes on the natural dyeing, since this is something everyone can do in the backyard without spending any money!

If you like this & want to try it, our class is on May 22nd.  Work it into your schedule & book your spot now!

Until next time…

(leave us your comments…we all learn that way!)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A day in dye

This day has been too long in the making, but I am totally stoked with the results so far!

So, here are a few pics of my day as it progressed…

First I set out with the natural dyes, tea, coffee & dandelions.  We had red zinger & Orange (something or other) tea, so I made 3 separate teas.  This fabric is still soaking, so more on it later.

I dyed mostly fat quarters of Bella Solids in white by Moda.  I used the fabric that was PFD (prepared for dyeing) so that I didn’t have to prewash…one less thing.

I am still soaking the coffee dyed fabric too, since I did this one in stages.  The first soak looked like this when done & ironed

DSCN3406When I put it in to soak, I folded it (versus scrunch) that’s why is has the linear marks.  I also put a few grounds in the fabric folds which added nice marbling.  After it was pressed, I spritzed some black dye and then put more grounds on the fabric & put it back in the soak.  I think this one is going to look awesome.

I liked the dandelion effect too, on the first run, but wanted more, so it is back in the soak too.

All this talk & only 1 pic so far!  not fair…get to the point!

Ok, so now on to the chemical dye.  This was easier than I thought it would be, but requires lots of little containers for all the different colors & shades of those colors.  Hey, who expected this to look organized?

DSCN3399 DSCN3400there is a little cleaned off area there :)

So, like I said, mostly I did fat quarters, but I did do one example of over-dyeing (you will have to wait for this too) and 1 half yard.

Here it is at step, I dunno, let’s just say 1

DSCN3401But then I folded it & put it in a pale yellow soak…see it in the last pic with all my other goodies


The pastel on the far right was my wipe up cloth, aka, a new tshirt.  I might just like it best!

It’s still all on the line, so you’ll get better pics later in the week.  If you have questions or tips about dyeing…I’m all ears and so are the followers of this blog!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Can't Make it to Paducah? Stay home & save 15%

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Yes, you are bummed that you can't go, but at the same time, glad that you have such a full life that you are needed and loved right at home.

Those warm fuzzies can only take a quilter so far, when they go into thier studio and find themselves uninspired though (am I right?)

So we can't give you Paducah, but we can help you find inspiration this weekend and save 15% to boot! Use code AQS at checkout for your immediate savings on Sale ends April 30th (so even you lucky dogs at Paducah this weekend can get in on the savings).

But wait, that's not all! Every customer using the AQS code will be entered into a giveaway for this awesome Pampered Pooch Jelly Roll. Pampered Pooch is designed by Chloe's Closet and is inspired not just by love for the pups, but also the classic style of the 1930's.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Apronista Club Day

Sometimes a pattern was just not made to be followed.

That’s “my story & I’m sticking with it.”

But I love the way the Apron is coming out, nonetheless.

I am going to add some trim to the pocket to jazz that up a bit, I think.


Don’t you just love these fabrics?!  I know I “love those fat quarters!”


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My NO SEW Basket

Huge kudos to Rachel Griffith at p.s., I quilt for her awesome Fabric Candy Bowl “recipe” on the moda bake shop blog.

That inspired me to make this basket. I used an older collection from moda, London Lawns II for the basket liner & handles and a Michael Miller Print “Paris” for the basket exterior. (So maybe this is my euro-no sew basket?)


Of course, I had to wander off the straight path Rachel set for us in her directions, but I like the result and with a little more tweaking, I think I will get the handle just like I want it.

My variations:

Since I wanted to make a basket that could be used to hold a little weight, I added a layer of stiff stabilizer between the strip & solid fabric layer. You can beat this thing like a drum now.

Second, of course I added the handle. I just knotted the 3 strands of the braid with strips from the bowl.


Last, I turned the edge under. This required a second glue day & I used clothes pins to keep the edge turned while the sun did the hard work.


Thanks for the inspiration, Rachel! My customers can now shop & be inspired all at the same time!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Redbud Quilting Festival

What a great weekend!

Classes were awesome & well attended at the Redbud Festival.  Since this was my first trip to Barbourville, KY, I was immediately wowed by these awesome murals commemorating the rich Civil War history of the town.

  DSCN3323DSCN3327  DSCN3324 DSCN3325 DSCN3326

Then to be wowed again by the quilts in the quilt show: 


This Dear Jane by Paula Philpot of London KY was best in show.  Sorry I couldn’t get a better pic, but the quilts were on the second story and I would have fallen off a railing to get a full pic of the quilt (s)


This blue ribbon winning wall hanging was adapted by the quilter from a coloring book picture (WOW)


For you Elm Creek fans, there were 2 Sarah Samplers

DSCN3331 DSCN3332

I loved this quilt too…so much movement & color!


This quilt was the best hand quilting blue ribbon winner.  The quilt maker’s notes indicated that this quilt was a memorial to her parents’ marriage throughout all the years.


This last quilt stole my heart.  This is the quilting I remember my paternal grandmother making. 

DSCN3337  DSCN3339 DSCN3338DSCN3340

Hope you enjoyed the trip to Barbourville with me, though it was virtual!  Maybe next year you can come take a class!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another day of sign work comes to an end...

and we have flying geese…

(not done with the border, but my body says it’s time to quit)


Friday, April 2, 2010

One Day’s Progress


More Sunny Days, More Sign Painting

Well, painting has not started yet, but I started to do the outlining of the sign that is attached to our building.

You must use your imagination here….


Neither pic is really easy to see, but that’s the point of an outline, right?! DSCN3315

So now to get paintbrush in hand.

Also, I am trying to decide on the quilt block to put on this sign.  Should I put a smaller version of our trail block (which is hanging about 15 feet away on the other side of the door),

DSCN2887  or go with something different, or go with the Tennessee Puzzle blocks like on the other sign? 


Oh the decisions!

What do you think?