Thursday, September 30, 2010

And the GO! Winners are….

Tomorrow Accuquilt will be announcing their new arrival.  The fans of the GO! and Studio cutters are awash in anticipation. 


But our 2 lucky winners will be “expecting new arrivals” of their own!

We had 377 entries for the GO! Cutter

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Jennwith4 said...

I'm already a fan on FB!

September 20, 2010 1:37 PM


We had 233 comments to win 3 new GO! dies

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Jean said...

I am a fan of Accuquilt on FB!

September 21, 2010 4:31 AM



streamersWatch your email!

AccuQuilt Blog Hop~Day 4~Peace Tutorial

Well the week of Accuquilt Blog hopping is nearing an end!  I hope you have enjoyed all the tutorials & giveaways this week!

Today I have a little tute on how to use the Double Wedding Ring Die in a little different pattern!


For this project we are going to use the pieces die from this 2 die set & only the 3 small geometric shapes.





  1. 1 charm pack or various scraps  We used this one
  2. 1 FQ for strips We used this one
  3. 1 FQ for backing
  4. 1 yard Fusible Web (wonder under) or scraps
  5. 1 roll Fusible Bias Tape
  6. Basic Sewing Kit

Dies we will need:

  1. 55017 2.5” strip cutter
  2. 55078 Double Wedding Ring
  3. 55019 4.75” square (optional, but very cool)

We will need to cut the following shapes:

  1. 4 squares
  2. 4 one notch squares with notch pointing left
  3. 4 one notch squares with notch pointing right
  4. 12 two notch squares
  5. 2 strips, 2.5” x WOFQ (width of fat quarter…new term, do you like it? WOFQ)

First, if you wish to use scraps of fusible web, you will have wing the fusible web step but if you are saving fusible web scraps, you already know how to use them!

So, let’s get to it!

Pick out 24 charms for your circle

Use the 4.75” square cutter to cut 24 squares

Fuse the square, paper side UP to the back of your charm square.


DO NOT remove the paper

Time to cut shapes!

I like to fussy cut/miser my fabric usage, so I cut my charms to a little larger than the shape I cut.

We need 4 squares.  Layer up 4 layers of fabric over the square shape (note I have outlined the die shapes with a sharpie)


We need 4 one notch shapes facing left, so we will place the fabric face up


and then face down to get the notch to face right


Also cut 12 of the double notch shapes (lost my pic)

Lay out your shapes to make 1/4 circles (four of them, imagine that)


Ignore that last blue square.

line up the shapes in the following order:

Square, right facing 1 notch, 3 two notch, left facing 1 notch

Start sewing the pieces together, match up the notches to keep your circle, um, circlular.  Using a short stitch length will make tearing the paper later much easier.

 DSCN3933 DSCN3931

I press my seams open.  See, there was a reason not to tear that paper off the back!

Once pressed…look how awesome


make all 4 of these strips, then attach the loose ends to make a big circle!  Once you have the circle finished & seams pressed, now it’s time to remove the paper.  Be cautious & don’t pull out your stitches. 

Now, press your fat quarters.  Pressed fabric will always cut more accurately than wrinkly stuff.

you only need 2 strips  from your FQ, but I cut 3 …one for the strip quilt bin.


Press the strips in half lengthwise to make a crease down the 



Then fold both raw edges to the center & press


It’s time to lay it all out!


I had to work a while at getting my pie slices at the bottom just like I wanted it.  Use a 60 degree triangle to help.  When you measure the distance between the strips at the point where the strip intersects the circle, the 2 measurements should equal. (see the dotted line)

Make sure the raw edges of the strips are long enough to hide underneath the circle, so you don’t have to finish them off.  Once the strips are just like you want, pin in place & remove the circle.  Sew the strips in place 1/8” from edge on all edges.


Lay circle back on & press block to fuse circle to background fabric


Use 1/4” clover fusible bias tape  or make your own to  finish the raw edges of the circle.  I measured by simply rolling off the spool & holding it in place until I worked all the way around the circle.  A better tutorial writer would have then measured the piece, but alas, you have me.  You will want a length for the inner & outside edges.


Fuse in place then reinforce with 1/8” seam on both sides of bias tape. (4 seams)


And tada!  Quilt & bind as desired….or make a bunch & make a whole quilt!

I have to finish mine, but got it all fused & ready to topstitch.  I will be sure to show the final wall hanging once it’s all finished.

Be sure to head over to Quilted Inspirations to check out her AccuQuilt post!

Now, if you have made it THIS far and are still reading, we would love to shower you with the chance to win a Favorites Charm Pack.  Just leave us a comment!  I’ll pick a winner on Friday morning, so you better not dally!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The AccuQuilt Blog Hop ~ Day 3

Love Bug Studios has a great video on using the Studio Cutter’s GIft Card die & a giveaway anyone would love to win!

Then hop over to Spun Sugar Quilts who has used her Drunkard’s Path die and Layer Cakes in a very inventive way.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

AccuQuilt Blog Hop-Day 2

Yesterday we saw an awesome fall tablerunner, today takes us to the Christmas holidays

AccuQuilt Theme Blog Hop – Christmas is Coming – and a Giveaway

and Cotton Cocktails gives a ton of ideas for the flower die

Go! Round Flower Die

BOTH are offering a giveaway!

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Monday, September 27, 2010

The AccuQuilt Blog Hop has begun!

It’s Monday & that means it’s time to check out today’s AccuQuilt Blog Hop entries!

Sew Cal Gal is discussing the Tumbler Block.  She is having a giveaway too!

AccuQuilt Theme Blog Hop - Tips, Tutorials, Videos and Giveaway(s)

Spring Water Designs is featuring the Fall Medley block in her post.  I love her fabric choices!  Be sure to read the ENTIRE post (hint * hint)

Accuquilt Go! Autumn Penny Runner

So get hopping!

Friday, September 24, 2010

It’s an Accuquilt Blog Hop!

Next week be sure to visit all these awesome blogs for insight into Accuquilt, the studio cutter, and the Go! cutter.  I would almost bet you will see a tutorial or 2!
You will want to make sure you follow or RSS feed all these blogs NOW(!) so that you don’t miss out on all the goodies next week!
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The blog hop line up:
Monday, September 27th
SewCalGal     (
Spring Water Designs (
Tuesday, September 28th
Marjorie's Quilting Bee  ( )
Cotton Cocktails  (
Wed., September 29th
Love Bug Studios   (
Spun Sugar Quilts   (
Thur., September 30th
Quilted Inspirations   (
Fabrics N Quilts         (
Friday., October lst
Beautiful Seams      (
Sew Fun Quilts        (

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No, I didn’t hire a window washer…

My new windows are HERE!DSCN3911

On the Dot Table Runner

What a great charm pack pattern!


I am using Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Fig Tree & Co. and my GO! cutter for the dots.


I decided to make my circles just a little smaller than the pattern called for (middle size circle on the die).  I used Wonder Under to fuse them down & then did a blanket stitch around each.  I used a variegated thread from the YLI Fusions line.

Now to decide on quilting!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It’s Almost Talkin’ Tuesday Time #talknt

Join the chat on twitter at 8pm MST (that’s 10 for the East coast…and so on)
talkin tuesday2
Set up a saved search on twitter for #talknt.  Every  time we post, we make sure this is in the tweet, this way we can actually have a group chat in a public forum.  It’s pretty cool!  More info on the Talkin’ Tuesday blog.  While you are on the blog, be sure to link up for tonight’s chat
I am sponsoring tonight’s chat giving away bundles of 4FQ's (S is the important letter there) from the oh so scrumptious Sophisticate collection

Yo-Yo makers 20% off today!

Bubbles is hanging out at the cash register stand today. 
He’s telling folks in the store today that all yo-yo makers are 20% off.  He’s bummed he can’t tell you (no fingers you see), so I told him I would take care of it!
It’s the Deal of the Day…don’t miss out; Bubbles & I will be hunting up tomorrow’s deal soon!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Win 3 Accuquilt GO! Cutter Dies

This contest is now closed

Ok, so now you know WHY you need a GO! cutter, and you are entered to win our GO! cutter giveaway, but what fun is a GO!cutter without all the yummy dies?
Let me help!
Actually, let Accuquilt help!
Accuquilt is giving you a chance to WIN 3 GO! CUTTER dies, right here on the FNQ blog.
One lucky winner will win 3 new dies from Accuquilt.  You get to chose from any of the dies available (which is the hardest part…choosing).  This contest is open to all…those with a GO! cutter and those without who are trying to win one
5 chances to enter.  Leave 1 comment for each; I count comments when I name the winner, so if you put it all in 1 comment, you have 1 entry.
  1. Visit and take a look.  While you are there, click the “like” button on our home page
  2. Sign up for our email newsletter here (or let me know you already do)
  3. Like our Facebook Fan page here (or let me know you already do)
  4. Like the Accuquilt Fan page here (or let me know you already do)
  5. Join Talkin’ Tuesday on Twitter 9/21 from 8pm-10pm.  More info here
Drawing will be September 30th.  We use to select the winner.
If you don’t yet have a GO! cutter, be sure to check out our companion giveaway for a new one!

Win an Accuquilt GO! Cutter

This contest is now closed

Ok, so now you know WHY you need a GO! cutter, and you are figuring out how to get one worked into your budget or onto your Christmas wish list.
Let me help!
Actually, let Accuquilt help!
Accuquilt is giving you a chance to WIN A GO! CUTTER, right here on the FNQ blog.
One lucky winner will win the GO! cutter which includes a value die (3 shapes in 1 die) and 10” x 10” cutting mat. I ask that if you already have a cutter that you do not enter this giveaway so that we can share the ease/fun/joy of GO! cutting with a new quilter.
5 chances to enter.  Leave 1 comment for each; I count comments when I name the winner, so if you put it all in 1 comment, you have 1 entry.
  1. Visit and take a look.  While you are there, click the “like” button on our home page
  2. Sign up for our email newsletter here
  3. Like our Facebook Fan page here
  4. Like the Accuquilt Fan page here
  5. Join Talkin’ Tuesday on Twitter 9/21 from 8pm-10pm.  More info here
Drawing will be September 30th.  We use to select the winner.
Be sure to check out our companion giveaway for dies to go with your new GO! cutter!

The Accuquilt GO! Cutter…why you need one.

Innovation.  Quilting is so much more enjoyable for this generation of quilters, thanks to the innovations we get to enjoy.  Just think of the awesome gadgets & ideas we have that were not around when we first learned to quilt.
We have moved from scissors & templates cut from cereal boxes to rotary cutters to the die cutter.  Quilt shops have used die cutters for quite a while, but the machines were big, bulky, heavy & expensive.

Accuquilt is the leader in the quilting die cutting systems and has transformed die cutting machines with it's GO! cutter.  Just 15 pounds, portable with built in handle and affordable, every avid quilter needs to add the GO! cutter to their quilting arsenal.
So, yeah, I’m a fan.  Check out other fans by clicking the “bloggers that love their Accuquilt” button on the right side of the blog.

Some tips for the GO! cutter. 
  • 4 layers of fabric…don’t push it & do 6 or more.  It’s just not worth it.  The fabric will shift as it tries to go through the rollers AND the machine is taking on more than it was designed to handle.  If you drove your car @ 90mph every day as you start & stop in traffic, it would not give you the same performance as if you drove it correctly.  So, treat your GO! right & it will be like the energizer bunny & keep GOing & GOing & GOing.
  • Use a sharpie marker to outline the shapes on the foam.  Make sure it’s dry before you start to cut to avoid transferring the marker to your fabric.  This makes lining up your fabric 1 jillion times easier.
  • Don’t loose the little pick that comes with the machine.  Use it to keep your dies free of stray & built up threads.
  • Read each die’s directions!  Some dies cut better on the warp than on the weft of the fabric.
  • Share the love.  If you love your GO!  share your story.  Not for fame or glory, but because that’s what quilting is all about.  There is no innovation if we have to keep recreating the same thing over & over because no one shared information.  Tell a friend, tell a guild, tell accuquilt, tell me, just tell someone.

Why you need a GO! cutter
  1. Accuracy-no guessing, no slipping rulers
  2. Easy-almost any adult can do this.  Children should be supervised, as die blades are SHARP
  3. Dies, unlike your rotary cutter, never need to be sharpened
  4. FAST-cut your cutting time in half or more and get to sewing!
  5. Portable-cut anywhere you can find a table
  6. Affordable-Use up all those scraps.  One of the most daunting reasons not be use scraps is the time to cut them to shape.
  7. Applique Awesomness- circles, curves, sunbonnets...all those things that used to be traced & cut by hand-no more!

I could go on, but I think you get it :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Meeting quilters always makes for a fun weekend!

The Upper Cumberland Quilt Festival has come & gone again, but what a good time we had!

See, even Bubbles looks like he’s enjoying himself!


Sittin’ on the wall like a silly monkey!

The UCQuilt Festival is a walking or driving festival with events set up all over the city of Algood, TN.  Unfortunately (for me anyway), the quilt show is in a different church than the vendor mall, and open the same hours.  So, I am afraid I have no pictures to share with you of the stunning masterpieces made by this community of quilters.

Just pics of Bubbles & the setup.

DSCN3901 DSCN3899 

Today is a unpacking & restocking day.  And of course catching up on all the online goodies I missed over the last few days.

Oh, I nearly forgot Pumpkin Man!

About 10 miles from my place is a really beautiful dairy farm.  They also grow a wide variety of pumpkins every year & sell them.  Pumpkin Man, as I have aptly named him is made from round hay rolls (bales).  He is painted on both sides.

DSCN3897 DSCN3898 

To help with scale, note the pickup truck passing on the road in the 2nd picture.  I want one in my yard, seriously want one.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

GO! Round-about Table Runner

I just HAD to have the circle die!  It has so many applications that I couldn’t decide which project to make first.

I decided on one project, but then mid stream, changed my mind and finished this rag quilted table runner.


Using the 5” circle die and the 3.5” square die, I quilted a square of warm & natural (from scraps, awesome) to one circle so that the points of the square matched the sides of the circle as close as possible. 

This created a nice sewing line for attaching the blocks together (the straight side of the batting will be the seam line for attaching).


Then, since I like a fluffy rag seam, I cut flannel 5” circles, which I used as a second batting layer.  Then put a top cotton layer on top to make my quilt sandwich.

I like the scalloped edge look.  What do you think about this GO! project?  Before you answer, ponder this:

  • there are 39 blocks in my quilt
  • each block uses 3 circles
  • that’s 117 circles

How long would it take you to trace & cut 117 circles by hand?

It took me 30 minutes TOPS to cut mine.  The GO! cutter shapes rock.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Dr. is IN!

Dr. Seuss never looked so good!


Not until YOU get his characters sewn up in a quilt anyway!

We will get those 3 matching Kona Cotton Solids (on the far right side in the pic) up on the website in a jiffy so you can have your solid coordinates!