Monday, October 4, 2010

Have a GREAT Breakfast!

Set a beautiful table & you are sure to enjoy meals just a little more.

Using 1 Breakfast at Tiffany’s charm pack plus 1 extra 5” square, the On the Dot table runner is a fun & beautiful addition to your table. 

Since Fig Tree & Co designs in such a beautiful palate I was able to add in a Pear Mosaic square from Fig & Plum to this beautiful collection.  I bound the runner with the same mosaic.


See that beautiful basket of XL yo-yo’s?  One of my customers has let me borrow them for a little while.  Now that I look at the yo-yo’s with  the table runner, wouldn’t those look awesome as the dots?

I free motion quilted the runner with Prencia 100% cotton thread and used monofilament to quilt the circles. 

The circles were (of course) cut with the GO! cutter.  I decided on a smaller circle than called for in the pattern.


Fiber Babble said...

LOVE it! Congrats on a successful finish!!

Jennifer Gail said...

Shannon was that a hint? Use em if you want too I dont care. Looks good

bairdmtn said...

Good idea to cut the circles with the Go cutter! I'm really liking that table runner!

WoolenSails said...

I love that runner and all of the things on it, lol.


Unknown said...

Beautiful runner, the yo-yo's would be a great alternative to the dots! So nice of your customer to let you borrow them. :-)

Love the Decor! said...

Beautiful just beautiful : )