Friday, October 1, 2010

Meet the new District Manager

If you are a pet owner, you know who is in charge!

Here is our new arrival, Maggie.


Maggie joined the FNQ team a week ago & is favoring days at home lounging on the sofa to working at the shop.


I may have to write her up! 


Mishka said...

Maggie is adorable. She looks very spunky!

I have to ask, what's with the newspapers on the floor?

Grandma Barbara said...

She is just too cute!!!

sewfunquilts said...

She's adorable! Maybe she needs her own special quilted District Manager bed/pillow...and she'll stick around to do her "inspections". Enjoy!

quiltsbylee said...

She cleaned up so nice. Glad you have some company in the store.

FABRICFROG said... are tempting fate....newspaper on the on the floor = TROUBLE !!! I'd like to see the floor with the maps...pretty please???

Retrogirl said...

Maggie must really have connections! New to the company and she's already made her way to the Distric Manager title! She's adorable!