Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another finish!

I really love this one block scrappy quilt.  I think I love the quilting as much as the pattern, though.

This was quilted by Helen-Marie Kulis of Cookeville, TN.  Check out & friend her on Facebook!

As with 99% of my quilts, I have laundered this quilt before showing it off.


I didn’t straighten that pic up too well, did I?


Close-up of awesome quilting & Helen Marie’s card


For the backing I used a print from the Nostalgia Collection designed by April Cornell.  It’s so pretty!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Last day of our After Thanksgiving sale!

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

It’s a "Finally Finished"

Last fall, during my personal scrap challenge, I pieced 195 6” strip blocks and eventually set them together last spring (so my blog tells me {a mind is a terrible thing to lose})

I have had the top hanging in the store since then…unfinished.

Spurred on by the upcoming Quilt Trail bus tour this week, I decided it was time to finish off some of my quilt tops (enter the professional long arm quilters of my community).

I sent this big-un’ to Maggie Porter in Clarkrange, TN.


I love the rolling loopy random look and the use of the red white & blue variegated thread is great. 


In the same scrappy vain, I also pieced the back with an off center black lotus print between the mirror image tan/maroon print.  The lotus on the back is a little larger scale than the lotus used in the sashing on the front.


I love the look of the crinkle of warm & natural batting after the wash.  So soft!

I have 2 other quilts being quilted by other quilters so we will have more sew & tell this week!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Little peek at my hand quilting

A couple *years* ago we did a block swap in my eBay group.  As the swap coordinator, I had a jump start on everyone else & got my top done within a week or so of sending the swap blocks off to everyone else.

Then she sat for a while, all folded up & lonely.  I figured since the swapping ladies meant so much to me, that I would hand quilt it.  And the process began…..

I only quilt in the evenings in front of the tv, so I am not devoting a ton of time to the quilt, even IF I quilt it every day.  and that’s a big if, or rather a laughing if.  Truth is, I quilt on this sporadically, at best.  I’ll quilt on it every day for a week or 2 and then it will sit for a month or 6.

Now that the weather is/should be turning colder, I have picked it back up.  You can see 3 quilted rows.  There are 2 unquilted rows tucked under.  I have a beautiful cable & fan border design already picked out.


Maybe now that I have aired my shame in the “month or 6” I will be more motivated to keep working on this quilt & finish it this winter….maybe…

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A couple ornies for me

I don’t play with my embroidery machine nearly enough.DSCN4085

so today I decided to try some applique & and this cute round ornament.

I think I will make more!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

It’s hand quilting weather!

And I am ready for it!

Just marked the border of our community project & hope to sting together some stitching time tomorrow.


The marking was a challenge, with the calico blue & white.  I opted for pink & gave the new-ish Sewline graphite pencil a whirl.  Oh my, like a hot knife through butter!  It marks with such ease.  Not sure how easy it will be to see here in the pic, but should be good enough to see to quilt.



Our “Tennessee Puzzle” is going to be fabulous!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Free Christmas Ornament Patterns

I want to add more handmade goodies to the store’s Christmas décor this season, so I went browsing online for free ornie patterns.
Found a few worth sharing!
ok, this first one is a wall hanging, but I love it:
Not just Christmas here:
and here:
Cute ornaments for the tree:
Great link list to other sites to check out here:
Oh boy…
Retro Mama’s Partridge (swoon)

Enjoy browsing!  Sorry for no pics…there was just too much goodness to pick from!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Beautiful rag quilt auction to benefit Susan G Komen

This beautiful rag quilt is being auctioned on ebay by a group of quilters, Quilter's Corner.
i have known these ladies for over 5 years and the love they have for each other is an unbreakable bond.
Would you take a look at the quilt & share the link with folks you think may enjoy this quilt? The quilt combines embroidered and pieced ribbon blocks in beautiful shades of pink.
Every year, the group combines talents and auctions a hospital bed sized quilt for the Susan G Komen Foundation. We hope this year's quilt will exceed last year's donation & you can help!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Last week I had so much to say, I was making 3 or 4 posts a day!  This week, nada…

Life just ebbs & flows that way sometimes.

My to-do list is ebbing & flowing too.  knock off 2 things & think of 5 more things to add.  At least the new ones go to the bottom of the list!


The blog abesenteeism is most due to working on round robins.  Since they are a secret to the quilter that started each quilt, I can’t rightly go posting pics here of what I am doing.  They’d look, lil buggers.

So maybe we can have something for Sew & Tell by Friday.

What are you working on?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Arrivals & New collections to pre-order!

A new season of new releases in the fabric world is upon us & there are some yummy the new fabrics to fawn over!
We have added 4 collections to the website today for you to ponder.  Remember that our Pre-Order & Save section allows you to save 10% and your fabric is shipped the same day I receive it in the quilt shop!

Moda yummies:

Charlevoix from Minick & Simpson

Fresh Flowers from Deb Strain


Chrysalis from Sanae

Ballerina Fairies from Ingrid Slyder

Yesterday we received the precuts for Sugar Pop & are too excited to get the yardage in a couple weeks.  You still have time to save on this one!

And we also stocked our Civil War Shirtings yesterday, so the plan for the 2011 Block of the Month is now officially underway!
shirt tales

Friday, November 5, 2010

RSS Feeds Now available @ www.fabricsnquilts.com

How great!  You can get an update anytime I add new goodies to the store!

Look for the RSS logo at the bottom of every page of our website to add our pages to your RSS reader. 



Love Moda?  Add it!  Love the Deal of the Day?  Add it!

Help for finding elusive fabric has arrived!

We all need help to find an extra little bit of fabric to finish a project from time to time.  Well, now you have a personal shopper to help you right at your fingertips!

It’s www.FindMyFabric.com Fullscreen capture 1152010 123519 PM.bmp

Just take a picture or scan your fabric and upload it!  Hit Enter & in a jif, you have several options from several different stores right at your fingertips! 

You can also search by name, like Aunt Grace, or Cherish Nature.

Now each result won’t be a match, because color recognition is what the search is based on, but the matches are pretty good!

Fabric Search Engine

Play with it a little and it can be addicting.  I bet you find some new stores to check out!  It’s ok, I know you still love me Smile

GO! Be Dazzled Wins First Place at International Quilt Festival—Houston

Sarah Vedeler’s GO! Be Dazzled quilt has won the Computer-Aided Machine Embroidery category of the 2010 “A World of Beauty” annual fall Judged Show of the International Quilt Association. This was the first time Sarah has entered a quilt in the IQA show.


Steve Nabity, AccuQuilt CEO said, “Sarah cut out all of the appliqué shapes on the quilt top with the AccuQuilt GO!® Fabric Cutter proving that better cuts truly do make better quilts.” GO! Be Dazzled was created with popular GO! designs cut out from the

  • GO! Round Flower,
  • GO! Funky Flower,
  • GO! Star-2”, 3”, 4”,
  • GO! Heart-2”, 3”, 4”,
  • GO! Feathers,
  • GO! Circle-2”, 3”, 5” and
  • GO! Diamonds dies,

which are all also compatible with the new GO! Baby™ Fabric Cutter, to make the beautiful quilt top. Sarah then embellished the motifs with her own artistry by adding computer-aided machine embroidery to complete her work of art.

After winning, Sarah commented “I’m on cloud nine; I can’t verbalize how exciting this experience has been!” Her quilt was one of 375 quilts juried into the “A World of Beauty” Judged Show, with almost $100,000 in prize money awarded to the winners.


Sarah Vedeler and AccuQuilt have partnered together on new designer GO! dies featuring Sarah’s Sparkle Tree collection and Stars collection. In addition, Sarah Vedeler Designs offers digitalized embroidery motifs to accompany the new dies.

A good bit of this story was furnished to me by Accuquilt; I am sure you will see similar posts on other blogs this week.  I have edited the content and I have linked up a few extra goodies from Sarah’s facebook page & IQA so you can connect with them too!

Sew & Tell for Friday

Our upcoming class, Terrific Turnover Table Runners utilizes the precut packs of half-square triangles from Moda called Turnovers.

I used one of the quilt patterns in this book by Fig Tree & Co. for the table runner.  Have you ever done this?  Just use one row of a quilt pattern to make a runner?

The first border could be narrowed a bit if needed to fit your table.  I like a big chunky runner on my table. 

I used The Caroler turnover, a nice golden marble for the center tiles and binding, moda red crackle for the first border & crossbars, nightscapes from Marcus for the second border, and Spring Hill Scrolls by Kaufman for the final border.  On the back is one of the Debbie Mumm prints from Santa’s Big Night.


Not sure how well this will show up, but I used my Christmas GO! die to make templates for the quilting done in the borders.  There are snowflakes & holly leaves down the long sides of the runner & on the ends are Christmas trees & holly leaves.


I took a scrap of freezer paper & cut out the shapes.  Then with a water soluble marker, I traced around each shape.  Once the runner was all marked, I free motion quilted.  I used a solid red Presencia to quilt the center and a variegated green King Tut to quilt the borders.


Since the triangles were already cut using the turnovers, I had to use the GO! cutter somehow in this new project!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Giving the GO! Rag die a second chance

I hate to be a downer or negative.  I want to see the rosey side of life.  So I have deliberated about writing this post for a month.  But, if you are reading along, I want to make sure I don’t ever lead you down a thorny path.

I made a couple rag quilts with the 8.5” GO! rag quilt die last year & really (really) didn’t like it.  Some of the die blades bent while cutting only one layer of fabric (yes I had the grain in the right direction). 
So, given the opportunity to get a new die & try again, I went into it with a positive attitude that it was going to work and save time.

Well, I have to say, I am still not a fan of the rag die for the GO! 

I was able to cut only 2 layers of cotton or flannel at a time.  I could only cut one layer of denim.  It took me 2 days to cut the quilt, which you will see is only a lap quilt.  At the end of each day, my wrists were sore from cutting.  Also, since there are so few ways to turn a mat with the large rag die, they wear out in a hurry (I went from new in the package to the garbage can with a mat for this quilt 168 blocks cut).

Since I can cut out a lap quilt with my rotary cutter in a couple hours, the time savings is supposed to be made up in the need not to snip the fraying edges.  Since, for me, I could snip this quilt in an evening, I was still not saving any time.

It looks great and I am happy with the end result.  I just don’t think the GO! rag die is something I can recommend unless you are unable to snip your rag quilts by hand.  If this is the case, then you will see a benefit to using the GO! rag dies.

So, I have a barely used rag die, if anyone is interested…

and a really cute cowboy lap quilt that is denim on the back, batted with tan flannel & alternates Moda’s Bunk House Ties with Santa Fe from Windham

I am not giving the GO! Cutter a bad review here, just my thoughts on this one die. Check out all my other GO! posts & you will see that I love it!

It’s time to wrap up in cozy warmth!

There is a special kind of warm that comes from flannel.  I am sure it is the soft feel of the fabric.

We have listed our flannels in the webstore this week so we can send the “warm fuzzy” feeling of flannel to your home too!

Check out our solids & marbles,GoldS09

as well as our prints!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sugar Pop precuts are on the way!

Last days to pre-order & save!



Yardage should be arriving in a month or so, so now is the time to POP over & save 10% (plus put your name on these yummies). 

Remember we ship preorders out the same day we receive it.  That’s like insider trading, right?

More great scrappy quilt free patterns

More inspiration for you at www.scrapquilts.com

Fullscreen capture 1132010 111026 AM.bmp

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

Scrap Quilt Challenge

Every year I challenge myself to make at least every other project between Halloween & New Year’s from my scrap bin.  If I don’t set this challenge for myself, the scraps begin to get out of hand (I really think there is hanky-panky afoot in the basket when no one is looking).

In the spirit of my personal challenge, 

I have a Quilt Contest for you!
scrap challenge.bmp
Fabrics N Quilts
Scrap Challenge Quilt Contest
A scrap bin buster
  • 54” x 54” minimum size
  • Entries must be completed quilts
  • Quilts can be entered in both challenges
Scrap, Strip or String quilts are historically a way to use up the smallest scraps & strips of fabrics from other projects. Quilters would put every string of fabric to use, in those times when there was no room for waste.
Even in our times, we all have a scrap bin that overflows or a collection of fat quarters stashed away longing for a project.
There are no design limitations on your challenge piece, other than overall size and that the quilt should utilize scraps of fabric in an obvious way/be the focus of your quilt, and the quilt must be finished (quilted).

So gather up your scraps & start designing your masterpiece!

You can even enter TWO ways!
Local Challenge
  • Voting open to all in-store customers from March 1-March 15. Any tie will be broken by store staff vote.
  • Quilts must be entered at Fabrics N Quilts by close of business February 28,2011.
  • All quilts must be labeled with quilter’s name and phone number (basted label on back is fine)
  • Quilts will be hung in the store during voting. Voting ends March 15th @ 5 P.M.
  • Quilts must be picked up from Fabrics N Quilts by March 31st
  • Grand Prize winner will receive $30.00 gift certificate to Fabrics N Quilts to use either in-store or online
  • All entrants will receive gift package
Online Challenge
Be sure to grab our button & place it on your blog, or add an html button to your sidebar using this code:

<a href=http://fabricsnquilts.blogspot.com/2010/11/scrap-quilt-challenge.html><img src="http://lh4.ggpht.com/_w7Cmc3rc-VY/TM3yZ-5P-4I/AAAAAAAAG4c/R0Zyl73zOb4/s144/scrap%20challenge.bmp.jpg" height="142" width="144" /></a>

Join our facebook group to share ideas & pictures along your scrappy journey!
Let’s get scrappy!

Sew &Tell Monday

I know I was MIA from the blog last week, but I was forcing myself to stay focused!

Sometimes the to-do list gets a little overwhelming & I have to write it down & prioritize.  So, my main focus last week was to get the November Class Samples all finished before the onset of November.  Good goal, right?

So, here is Crosswinds:


(The afternoon light was not a helper, but you get a little glimpse at the map floor.)  This is a king size 109” square quilt top (at this point).  The center hand applique block is really optional.  I could see this as just another solid square or another pieced block.  The pinks & greys are Northcott’s Sophisticate line designed by Ro Gregg & the black is Nightscape by Faye Burgos for Marcus


I hung it upside down to how I would place it on the bed, but pretty either way Smile.

I didn’t actually meet my goal.  I have 2 projects all basted for free motion quilting.  So they are ALMOST done.  I will hopefully finish up the quilting tomorrow & start the binding.  So expect more SEW & Tell this week!