Thursday, November 4, 2010

Giving the GO! Rag die a second chance

I hate to be a downer or negative.  I want to see the rosey side of life.  So I have deliberated about writing this post for a month.  But, if you are reading along, I want to make sure I don’t ever lead you down a thorny path.

I made a couple rag quilts with the 8.5” GO! rag quilt die last year & really (really) didn’t like it.  Some of the die blades bent while cutting only one layer of fabric (yes I had the grain in the right direction). 
So, given the opportunity to get a new die & try again, I went into it with a positive attitude that it was going to work and save time.

Well, I have to say, I am still not a fan of the rag die for the GO! 

I was able to cut only 2 layers of cotton or flannel at a time.  I could only cut one layer of denim.  It took me 2 days to cut the quilt, which you will see is only a lap quilt.  At the end of each day, my wrists were sore from cutting.  Also, since there are so few ways to turn a mat with the large rag die, they wear out in a hurry (I went from new in the package to the garbage can with a mat for this quilt 168 blocks cut).

Since I can cut out a lap quilt with my rotary cutter in a couple hours, the time savings is supposed to be made up in the need not to snip the fraying edges.  Since, for me, I could snip this quilt in an evening, I was still not saving any time.

It looks great and I am happy with the end result.  I just don’t think the GO! rag die is something I can recommend unless you are unable to snip your rag quilts by hand.  If this is the case, then you will see a benefit to using the GO! rag dies.

So, I have a barely used rag die, if anyone is interested…

and a really cute cowboy lap quilt that is denim on the back, batted with tan flannel & alternates Moda’s Bunk House Ties with Santa Fe from Windham

I am not giving the GO! Cutter a bad review here, just my thoughts on this one die. Check out all my other GO! posts & you will see that I love it!  


The Vegetarian Hunter said...

I do like the Bunkhouse Tie fabric. Its a great man print and there are not very many of those around.
Do the other dyes for your Go cutter work okay? I was thinking of maybe asking for one for Christmas, but its pretty expensive by the time I get all the dyes I want, I do not know if it is worth it.
Do you use yours often?

Barb said...

Sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with the rag die. I have only used it once and didn't have a problem....but I used regular fabrics. I am glad for your post and your view on the rag die. I hope that your experience with the other dies are more favorable.

Love the quilt.

Unknown said...

Bummer on the rag die. The way I rotary cut my fabrics for my rag quilts, I don't think it would be a time saver for me. I like to layer all 3 of my fabrics, then rotary cut to save the making sandwiches part. Thanks for the review! I do know you love your other dies! ♥

Katrina said...

I just read your rag die review and I have to say that I am much more favorable in mine LOL! I truly hate snipping the rag so the die has made the difference between actually making rag quilts and not making them. I love what it does. I love my Go period ;-) LOL!