Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday’s News from the Floor


Ah, the A&P.  Who doesn’t miss the old A&P?  Maybe they still exist somewhere?

As you are thinking 4 cents!  OMG…, remember that this was the depression & folks were waiting in line for slices.

These 1932 papers are such a great humbler.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Just One Star Envelope is on it's Way

just one star blocksWhat a great turnout!

Our local guild added 15 to our in-store service workshop blocks & today I mailed off 32 Stars!


What an easy way to give back…just one star at a time!

Thank you Moda/United Notions for coordinating this project & more importantly, thank you for doing the hard part!

I hope you receive enough blocks to make 200 quilts!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A funny for you

You may have to be old as me to remember Jiffy Pop & the commercials from the 70’s.

jiffypopThis beauty was sent to me in an email years ago (loved it so much I saved it)

As Jeff Foxworthy says, you shouldn’t poke fun at a redneck unless you are one….and I are one.

So, the caption to this is:

Redneck Fire Alarm


If you don’t remember/haven’t heard of Jiffy Pop, here’s a retro fantastic commercial from the 70’s via youtube

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Feature from the Floor


It’s definitely been raincoat weather here this spring.  Imagine what kind of protection $2.29 would buy you these days.

PS…I love her shoes & hat!


1932 Duluth MN Herald

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fusible Raw Edge Applique Easter Quilt

This cute quilt is for a customer & based on the children’s book, Can I hide my egg here?

The little bunny goes around to all the farm animals asking his question.  The individual boxes of the quilt show the responses.  But the little bunny doesn’t realize he is dropping eggs as he travels, so in the end, he has no eggs left in his basket.

{there is a top, matching border that is folded at the top/not showing}


I really liked the way my tree top turned out


So, the quilt making skinny:

I used my Go! cutter Rose of Sharon & Circle dies to cut out most of the shapes.  The cow’s ears are leaves from the Rose of Sharon Die.

The purple flower is also Texture Magic-d.

I used Wonder Under to fuse the pieces down & invisible thread (monofilament) to sew them in place.

The ric-rack is doubled for my grass

The frames are 1/4” fusible bias tape

Faces are finished with hand embroidery (such as it is *wink).  The words are machine embroidered.  The applique pieces were quilted to insure stability through laundering; it’s a crib quilt-we expect it to see some action.

Quilt is backed with the same tossed Easter egg fabric

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A wonderful mailbox surprise

I am blessed to be part of an awesome network of quilters!

Each Monday we have been posting challenges to show quick & easy ways that folks can use their talents to help others.

Today, I was surprised by a big box in the mail & look at these 8 beautiful pillowcases sent to me by blogger, HarleyWife57!  With local donating challenges facing her, she decided to pack them up & send them to me to donate here.


I am very blessed indeed, and so are the youngsters of our county that will receive these pillowcases!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The next quilt

As one project nears completion, it’s always irresistible to ponder what to do next.

Like so many of you, my WANT to list is much longer than my EVER BE ABLE to list.

At this moment, I am debating between a chenille rug made from flannel

Starting my Be Dazzled, which means making sure I have everything on the supplies list

Paper Pieced “something” like this fun & bright lovely from Carol Doak’s free patterns

dive back into that wonderful scrap pile of mine


start playing with my cousin’s snowman blocks/quilt (Cute wallpaper, huh?)

or quilt 1 of the 3 lap quilt tops begging my attention


Oh, & don’t forget the batik quilt/UFO I started in 2009!



Now I am overwhelmed.  Think I will go flip pages of the latest AQS American Quilter magazine!

Monday’s Challenge & Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed.  Congrats to Tracy, winner of our patterns!

I’m sponsoring a giveaway over at the Unfinished Project Party blog!

Pop over, enter & check out her inspiring posts.  You’ll see the link to 365 days of sewing which offers free daily lessons and tutes!


If you share this giveaway (link to the UPParty blog post not this one) anywhere on the net (blog, twitter, facebook, stumbleupon, etc.) post a comment with a link ON THIS POST (not on the giveaway post on UPParty) and be entered for a second giveaway for a couple free patterns via email delivery).

For a second chance at the free patterns, subscribe to our newsletter.  Only NEW subscribers will get the 2nd chance on this one.  You don’t have to leave a comment for this entry.  I will capture those entries from your subscription.

fnq quilt patterns

So, your challenge is easy this week….go check out the Unfinished Project Party blog & enter for free stuff.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday’s Feature from the Floor


Oh yeah, that’s how I want to spend my weekend!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A fabric bowl for the powder room

Thanks to Michele over at Quilting Gallery and her fabric basket swap, I found this wonderful blog with lots of awesome freebies! 

I have wanted to make a fabric bowl for potpourri for-ev-er!

Even though I didn’t make my basket like the tutorial, it was easy-peasy to print out the templates & have something tangible to get in my way & get me motivated!

I think I fused & cut my shapes the same day I printed the template,  and then there they sat…for at least a month.

I didn’t want to finish the edges with satin stitch, because that always gets wavy like gravy on me.  So I finally sat down & got the pieces bound & attached this week.

What do I love most about my bowl?



AND it only took a 6” x WOF of each fabric + 8” of fabric for binding  Can you say, “get out your scrap bin”?

Monday’s Giveaway Winner

Our 3rd weekly winner is HarleyWife!

Fullscreen capture 4142011 125431 PM.bmp

We will be emailing you the Friendship Star pattern in a few minutes!


Thanks to all who popped over to the Quilts of Valor site & looked around.  If you make a quilt for them this year, be sure to pop in & let us see a pic!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday’s Blog Challenge & Giveaway

Welcome to week 3 of our Monday Challenge & Giveaway!


This week, we challenge you to check out the Quilts of Valor program.

Yup, this week there is no requirement to MAKE anything!

Take a look at their website, come back & tell me something you didn’t know about Quilts of Valor.

For a second entry, you can tell me how you will participate in 2011 in this awesome endeavor to donate quilts to our injured returning service men & women.  Check out the quilt requirements here.

For a third entry, post a link to a QOV quilt you have already made & donated.

Our winner this week will win a copy of my QOV Under Our Wings quilt pattern via email. If your profile uses no-reply, and you don’t put an email in your comment, I can’t email you your prize….so be sure to make sure you cover this base! 

(This quilt pattern is GO! cutter friendly!)


Deadline for posts for giveaway is Wednesday, April 13th, midnight Central Daylight Time.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Importing entire fabric collections into EQ7

IDreamWithEQ7Sometimes, I am a little behind the learning curve.

I have imported fabric images into EQ7 that I generated (scan/pic).

I knew there had to be an easier way to import entire collections than one pic at a time.  I had seen easy downloads on the Northcott lines & today (with the help of my awesome rep.) found the moda download site.

Thought I would share:!OpenPage

  • Click the darker brown radio button on the collection your heart desires to use in EQ7
  • Save it to your hard drive (where you can find it)
  • Find it Winking smile
  • Right Click on it & select Extract all
  • you can choose the location on your hard drive to save the individual images & click OK
  • IN EQ7, click Libraries, Fabric Libraries
  • select Import>> (it’s near the bottom, center)
  • select “from Image Files”
  • Locate the folder to which you saved your new unzipped pics
  • Select all or any of the fabric images to import (hold down the CTRL or Shift button to make multiple selections), click OPEN


If you have your project already open when you do your import, you can go ahead & add the images into your sketchbook before you close the library Smile

Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday’s Blog Challenge & Giveaway

Welcome to week 2 of our Monday Challenge & Giveaway!
American Patchwork & Quilting 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge - I Happily Donated. Click here to learn more.
This week, we challenge you to browse all the free pillowcase patterns over at the Million Pillowcase Challenge & be sure to also check out this video too.
Once you find your favorite, we challenge you to make it!
Here’s how you quality to win copies of 2 Fabrics N Quilts original quilt patterns (delivered by email):
fnq quilt patterns
  1. make a pillowcase.  If you have made them in the past, KUDOS!  This challenge is for new pillowcases, so break into your stash & try a new pattern!
  2. blog, facebook, twitter (with a pic like twitpic), or bring your pillowcase into the shop.  When you make your post you have to link back to the Million Pillowcase Challenge website & tell a little about the program.  You also have to say how you are going to donate the pillowcase.  If it is through your local quilt shop, give them a shout out too!
  3. Come back here & tell me where to find your post by Saturday.  Post a link to your post on this blog post.  If your profile uses no-reply, and you don’t put an email in your comment, I can’t email you your prize….so be sure to make sure you cover this base!  I will announce a winner on Sunday, 4/10.
As a reminder…
Last week we challenged you to make blocks for Just One Star.  That project (not our challenge, but the block drive) is still ongoing, so please take 10 minutes & send in a block to support those who give so selflessly for our freedom.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Late Friday Feature from the Floor

Duluth Herald, 1932
Gallon was 10 cents a gallon according to these folks
So, I guess it was in the 90’s we quit counting cylinders….about the time that you couldn’t wedge your hand into your motor’s compartment if you tried.
I’m nostalgic about the good old days of cars.  Back when fathers could point out parts to the engine & sons (& daughters) could actually see them & see them work and maybe even kinda understand how it all worked.