Monday, May 30, 2011

A Pretty Sunday, dyed a little brighter

2 pretty Sunday’s in a row.  It’s a record!

This Sunday I had a total ME day & dyed 10 yards of fabric.  The most common question is “what are you going to do with them?”  So, I will tell ya now, I have no idea!

Fabrics N Quilts Dyeing 052911

I dyed in yards this time and played with stamping

some hit & miss on this process, but learned the whole day on the good, bad & ugly of stamping.  These have not been rinsed yet, so the final look is much lighter.


Below was a dyed FQ from last dyeing day that I just stamped


Of course, every dyeing day needs a hand towel, er, shirt


It’s a work in progress, the shirt, but looks great so far!  I of course wore one of my prior “hand towels” so probably added some character to it today too, unknowingly!

When I removed this one from the dye, the deep orange reminded me of trees, so I painted some darker brown on top of it…I think this will be in a landscape quilt one day.


It may not look like much, but it was an all day affair after which, I was whooped. 

Oh, and when you see me & I have blue, orange & and purple fingers, now you know…my hands really are clean.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

adding another vintage touch to the quilt shop

A couple weeks ago I was talking to a friend about growing up in a family with all brothers, whereas she had sisters.  The conversation turned to play time and dolls, or in my case, lack of dolls.

The only doll I embraced as a kid was the Bionic Woman.  She had skills.

My mom had a sister & I am sure much of their time was spent with dolls.  I have come to possess these dolls and never really knew what to do with them, having no real experience in the area.

So, one early morning I was out running errands and saw a wooden crib at a yard sale.  I turned around and bought it.

Hubby gave the woodwork and hardware some love and I made a mattress cover & little quilt.

However, when I put the quilt in with the dolls, it just didn’t work.  They all have a nice patina and just require something vintage looking.  So I pulled a bed quilt out & folded it to fit.  You’ll see a little of my quilt, rolled up & under the heads of the Wee Dolls.


So, mom’s dolls.  Mom was born in the late 30’s, so these dolls would date early-mid 40’s.   The composite is cracked, part of one foot is gone.  They could use a good cleaning.  But they are as I have found them.

So, first, these are Nancy Ann Wee Dolls for Wee Collectors.  they are at most 6” tall.  they do not articulate, but the faces are very 40’s (think Betty Boop).

They came in a variety of outfits.  You’ll see the Queen, Carmen Miranda, a pirate, etc.  I have 2 pamphlets showing all the dolls available.






I should have brushed the hair out of her eyes.  Jaime Sommers wouldn’t have had this problem.








Yes, roller skates, they are leather uppers, but very stiff


The baby on the left is a Magic Skin baby, post-composite era doll.  They felt the new material would last longer.  It did; but it didn’t hold it’s original color exposed to light over time. 

The baby on the right is a sad case.  Part of his foot is gone & he is badly cracked.  It looks like a boy to me.  He was naked, so I dressed him from the clothes on hand.  One of his arms doesn’t fully articulate, so the velour sleeping gown and crocheted hat were what worked.  I had hoped for the flannel sleeping gown draped in his lap.


behind them is a satin, tacked baby wrap.  It’s in very bad shape, but this adventure is not about condition.

I put this (hopefully evolving) display in the store to showcase not just the dolls, but also the textiles.  These are about 60 years old, give or take.  There is an embroidered US map hanging in the corner of the crib.


I feel pretty certain that either my mom,aunt or grandmother made this.  They lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Not only are all state names embroidered with a french knot  over the capital, but the Great Lakes are also labeled and so is the UP.  Only a UP’er would do that, right?

Think about your quilting and other crafts and where they may be in 60 years.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Join in the twitter chat #talknt tonight!

It’s Tuesday & you know what that means?  Talking Tuesdays!

talkin tuesday2

Every Tuesday night Cara, from, hosts a twitter chat revolving around all things sewing, quilting & fabric!

We are happy to sponsor tonight’s chat and offer TWO $25 gift certificates to!

The easiest way to join in the chat fun is to use tweetchat.

Just click this link:

another option is follow hashtag #talknt from twitter, or your fave twitter app.

The chat starts

  • 9pm, Eastern
  • 8pm, Central
  • 6pm, Pacific

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Stabilizers and Interfacing added to

Favorites from Pellon & Sulky have made their way to!

Stock up on your favorites.  All are by the yard, so get as much or little as you need!


Also, we have added some more of our 1930-40’s reproductions

30s fabrics-Fabrics N Quilts

and that Majestic Purple marble promised yesterday

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Friday’s Feature from the Floor

Fabrics N Quilts Friday Feature from the Floor

I LOVE these hats!

I think I would wear a hat like the 2nd one.

The first one reminds me of a hat in a Two & a Half Men episode.  Knockers, Vod Knockers…

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A week of finishes!

A gloomy week outdoors gave me lots of creative time this week.

In addition to all our Newly Listed goodies in the webstore, I was able to quilt & bind this top.

Scrap Quilt-Bricks-FabricsNQuilts

All from the scrap bin.  Just 1 yard of the brown used to sash & bind plus the backing. 

I even used batting scraps & Heat Press Batting Together.  My scrap pile of batting is now gone except for bits & bobs for pillow stuffing (Woot!)

This is the 3rd quilt quilted on the Janome 1600.  We are getting along swimmingly!


A customer commissioned goodie bags and teacher totes for her oldest’s Pre-K class.

Dr Seuss Goodie Bags

I used Copy & Press to put each li’l ones name on their Dr. Seuss bag.

The bags are done in the Snap Happy fashion.  Hopefully Mom will appreciate that there is no drawstring to have to restring.



Teacher Totes-FabricsNQuiltsI think Ms. Stephanie & Ms. Mildred will be cheered into packing for school in their new totes.

Each is personalized, lined, and has one long pocket inside.

The fabrics are Letters In Bloom & Deep Purple Marble (coming soon).

Teacher Tote Closeup-FabricsNQuilts

Now maybe tomorrow I can get that zipper in the purse I made 2 years ago…talk about a UFO! 

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hannah Montana-Cheetah Girls-HSM fabric all 50% off

Start thinking about your holiday sewing list & then pop over & save a bundle!

Disney’s favorite ‘tweens’ just Just $2.00/yard!

Cheetah Girls Blue CP19525.bmpHannah Montana Charm Bracelet CP 24152.bmpHigh School Musical Jump CP24439.bmp

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Great collections from Blue Hill-Sara Morgan just added

Samantha is a beautiful turn of the century floral collection in creams and purples.

Gettysburg Remembrance
Let Gettysburg Remembrance add some deep rich tones to your Civil War Reproduction stash!

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Half Yard Liquidation-Get ‘em before they are gone!

We are moving out our remnant 1/2 yards today in our Deal of the Day!


Save 30% on great fabrics in 1/2 yard cuts!

Deal of the Day Fabrics N Quilts.bmp

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Lots of new fabric and notions to show

It’s been a busy couple weeks here at FNQ!  We have rearranged our fabric in the shop with the intent to give you an easier shopping experience. 

We have just added:

Some new Patriotic fabrics from David Textiles


Some bright prints for the girls

brights for girls

Some awesome prints for the guys

novelties for the fellas

and more yummy Kona solids

kona solids

And don’t miss the new Fiskars 5” scissors and Archival pen selections!


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Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday’s Feature from the Floor



I guess Extreme Couponing would be an unbelievable concept in 1932…since they are giving instructions on how to USE a coupon

It’s been a raggedy week-in a good creative way

Spring has definitely sprung on the Cumberland Plateau this week.

DSCN4403 I’ve spent some quality time with nature, but also with my sewing machine & snips.

It seems that the warmer weather has brought out the purse lovers too.





My best purse customer, BR, has another baby shower to go to.  I think Finley is a “cracker-jack” name for a boyDSCN4406DSCN4411




BR also had this bag made for her use.  I LOVE this combo.  I used corduroy for the lining Smile



Another customer is showing her love for the orange & white.  The orange is a micro polka dot, so it helps to girly-up the bag.

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Free Shipping for a Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Whether your kids are grown or fur-babies, we celebrate you this weekend!

We know that as children, we often make Mom feel like


So, to help calm that to


take us on on free Shipping to US, Canadian, APO/FPO customers
May 7th, 8th & 9th.  No code necessary!

Valid on purchases of $20.00 or more.  Can not be combined with other coupon codes, but totally good if you want to take us up on the SALE fabrics or Deal of the Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bama Bound Quilts~check them out

There aren’t many words to express the sorrow and pain I feel at the devastation from this spring’s natural disasters world wide.

Earlier this week, we featured Quilts for Japan.  My heart breaks as I look at the pictures of devastation.

Now, in my “own back yard” we have more folks in need after a night of tornados has left the southeast US in similar devastation.

Bama Bee has started a blog & would love any help you can provide in spreading the word, sending up prayers and of course, any quilts to comfort those children who have lost so much.

tuscaloosa tornado

My family in North Alabama was lucky.  They were without power for 5 days & suffered some property damage, but were blessed to have a neighbor’s storm shelter in which to ride out the storm.  There were so many repercussions from the storm that I never really thought of before

  • no power, no gas stations work
  • no gas in the car, no way to flee or get supplies
  • the importance of a non-electric telephone and propane for the grill
  • stockpile of candles and batteries for the radio
  • the isolation
  • the worry of your loved ones that can’t get in touch

Take 5, count your blessings.

Then, think about your emergency preparedness.

Then, pop over to Bama Bound Quilts and see what you can do to help out. Be a quilting angel.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday’s Challenge & Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed.  Thanks to all of you that shared a personal & inspiring story!

Congrats to our winner, Sarah Craig!

It’s our last “Monday’s Challenge!”

We have been so happy to bring you this series of challenges & are so honored that you have joined us in our month of giving!

This week, we present you  This program is brought to you by the editors of Quilter’s Newsletter.

Here is a link to the Call for Quilts for Japan

And here is a link for an awesome free label for your quilt from Lapel Stick.

With all the crazy weather & natural disaster that has plagued the world this spring, it is a blessing to be able to give back.

So, your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to read up on Call for Quilts for Japan, check out the Facebook group, look at some of the beautiful pictures of donations, and then tell us a little story about how a perfect stranger helped you at some point in your life, or the reverse, how you have helped someone else.  We all love a good story & sometimes we just need to hear one too!

Winner will be selected at random on Wednesday 3pm CST.  Winner will receive a  $10.00 gift certificate to!

Of course, if you can make a quilt for this charity, they are looking at a due date of May 24th.  See all the quilt spec’s here.