Saturday, July 30, 2011

Who can’t love a quilted purse?

I’ve heard folks say they just can’t carry a cloth bag.  I know, WHAT?!

All the versatility, fun & not to mention customizability (that’s a word, right?)

I decided that after a few weeks of working on big quilts, I needed a little instant gratification.  I had a new display rack for my purse patterns & accompanying demo pieces…so I needed demo pieces!

Each one is my favorite, but for a different use.

Travel favorite-The Weekender Tote

I could pack a few drawers from my dresser plus toiletries in this bag. There are pockets that line the inside.  I decided on full strips instead of a brick pattern for my outside and went with nice long straps.

weekender tote

These were the last strips left from a long-gone moda collection, London Lawns II.  I lined the purse with a nice blue print from the Shirt Tales line.

Everyday Favorite-Amanda’s Purse

I am not out & about much, so I need very little in an everyday bag.  This bag is right up my alley.  Big enough to toss in my wallet, sunglasses & keys plus a bottle of water.  I did my straps a little different (didn’t fold & stitch into a roll, but I still may.  I like that it has a zipper & that the zipper was UBER easy to put in.  This purse is also quilt as you go & uses charms.  I used fabrics from Pat Sloan’s Georgia line for a nice fall look.

amandas this & that

Styling Market Shopping Favorite-Jelly Bags

If I still carried a larger bag, this would be it.  It will make a great market bag too.  Lined & with pockets, it’s a great way to use up your leftover strips.   I used Martinique from 3 Sisters.

jelly bags

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Some Civil War finishes

We’ve been wrapping up projects this summer (busting WIP’s).  Sometimes that means sending the projects out to the pros!

Our Underground Railroad Block of the Month was just one of those quilts that deserved extra quilting love & attention.  If you love this quilt & still want to make it, be sure to pop over to our website for the book & fabrics.

Becky Stowers of Busy Beebs Quilting is our local long arm Goddess. (Be sure to look at the gallery page when you visit her website!)

So, here’s the quilt (had to drape it over a table due to length) with some closeups of a few of the blocks:

UR.BOM Quiltedcotton bollStar Blockwavy quilting

I am in love with my Wedge Ruler.  This thing is fun AND easy!  I used this free pattern from moda to make the quilt below using the same fabrics as in the quilt.  What a great compliment to a bedside table or even a floor quilt in a guest room.  I quilted this in a style that will remind you of the quilting in the block above (‘remind you’, in that my wavy is not as evenly wavy as Becky’s awesome wavy).

I used moda’s premade (awesome) bias binding.  What a time saver that is!

round quilt

round quilt2

I’ve also made a tree skirt with my new toy…stay tuned!

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Aurifil Thread Rocks!

Aurifil thread is having a giveaway on their facebook page

It’s been going on for at least a week, but as of this morning they still have 20 prizes left.  If 100 of your facebook friends also like the Aurifil page, you win 3 large spools!  You can see the details here, or watch a video from Pat Sloan here.

There have been many winners & lots of new quilting friends made on facebook during this giveaway event.  We are honored & humbled to have been selected as the grand prize winner & yesterday, my wonderful FedEx fella brought me this:

aurifil prize

This awesome carrying case is 2 sided, so yup, there is another 2 dozen on the other side!!!  All 40 weight, so I will be quilting in solids for a while.  And since there is every color of the rainbow (++), I’ll be at it for a while!

We are so thankful to Aurifil for this prize and will be using it in our classes and charity sewing projects.

So, don’t you want to come make pillowcases with me?  I *may* even let you pick your favorite color!

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

AQS Knoxville-a photo recap

What a great time I had on Thursday, playing hooky from the shop & heading to Knoxville with the gal-pals for the American Quilter’s Society show.  This is the last year the show will be in Knoxville, as it’s moving to Grand Rapids next year.

There were several exhibits that did not allow photography  BOO HISS, but I get it…AQS is a business & selling stuff is their job.  But I feel like I am depriving you of the best parts of the show to not show you those quilts.

If there was one word that resonated with me in this year's entries it’s SPARKLE!

There was glitz, glam, bling, whatever you want to call it in so many quilts.  It is so awesome to see folks really push the limit of the traditional. 

Enjoy the show & tell!:


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Friday, July 15, 2011

The UFO’s are flying away!

A productive week for me, quilting & binding 2 quilt tops which have been calling my name for a while now.

I find I learn something new with every quilt I make.  Are you like that?  It may be machine related, technique related or fabric/notion related, but I always seem to come away with an aha! moment.

My first finish of the week is this lap quilt from scraps.  I used non-scraps for the dark border, binding & backing only.  Even the out-most border is pieced rectangles.  {please forgive the lumpy, look of the quilt in the pic…it’s draped over a shelf of fabric bolts}

red white blue scrappy quilt

I like it, but when I stepped back & snapped the pic, my mind thought QR code…which of course made me think of a new project for the to do list!

My other finish for the week (still warm from the dryer, in fact) is my Cascading Charms quilt.  I designed this quilt to use just 1 charm pack (42 squares) and still come out with a beautiful bed quilt.

Cascading Charms

Do you love it?  Do you want to make it!??

Well, today’s a big day for us both, then!

I have added this pattern (my first original design) to my free patterns page


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Friday, July 8, 2011

It’s been an awesome week!

First, the celebration of our nation’s independence in local Deer Lodge, TN was one of the best, most family friendly, wholesome events I have gone to in a very long time.

Kudos to all involved!  Here’s a pic from the parade:

Last Saturday, I got to visit with blogger-bud HarleyWife57.  We of course played with fabric.  This purse is for her:

bowtucks HW

I know, you are all thinking I am working for the Bow Tucks designer on commission or something, but I assure you I am not.  I just love this purse & apparently Winking smile I am not alone!  I have yet to list the red fabric (very new to the shop), but the black tonal is Marcus Nightscapes & you can find it here).

I also decided that this fall panel was just in need of some quilting to make it pop.  I tried my hand at some new designs & techniques and am happy with how it looks.  I used Aurifil variegated thread for most of the quilting (a new love)

fall back in time bowlfall back in time owl

Our other big Whoop Whoop was more store improvements, via new lights.  If you have ever tried to take a pic of a light bulb you know this is not a pic I can share, so you will just have to come in & SEE!

So, it’s time to give & share some Whoop Whoop! for a week well finished!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Have you seen me? Please return me if you do!

So, my hand crafted sign has been stolen from the front of the shop.

If you see this sign, please let me know.  It took me over a week to create. 

It’s a sandwich board (tee pee) style.  There is front & back.  The interior sides of the boards are not painted, but there are remnants of red paint.



Friday, July 1, 2011

Making the Twister a no waste project

I love the twister ruler.  It is the absolute fastest way to make a complicated quilt.
The biggest complaint I hear about the twister is the waste created.  Well, that was like a challenge to this scrappy quilter!
I used the Lil’ Twister for my project, and, like a bad blogger, didn’t get a usable picture of everything I wanted to show you, but here goes:
First, I used a dessert roll to make this quilt whip up even faster.  A dessert roll includes 10 strips of fabric, cut selvage to selvage, 5” wide.  These are awesome to supplement your jelly rolls or charms, but unfortunately, moda doesn’t issue these with many collections.  But, I have the rolls for Happy Campers, as well 5 other fabrics from the line.  I cut 5 additional strips.  I sewed 5 sets of 3 strips to a set.  Then cut those strip sets into 5” pieces.
strip sets.bmp
This was much faster than cutting individual squares & sewing them back together.  I made sure that I didn’t make 2 of the strip sets alike so that the quilt would still look scrappy.  From there, I sewed up a simple grid-style charm quilt top, 11 rows of 10 squares per row (this will be important later)
Once your top is finished, you place the intersecting lines of the ruler, on the seam lines of your quilt & just cut around the square
You are left with a frame like this:
and a 2-2.5” square in between where each new square was cut.  Since I used my rotary cutter & just cut around the shape, I was able to cut my squares down to 2” safely (sometimes I over shot the twister when cutting out the shape.  If I had traced & cut with scissors, I would have had a 2.5” square to work with).  I used my Go Cutter (sign up for their newsletter-click here) &; 2” square die plate to square up these scraps in about 5 minutes (probably less).

Then I was faced with how to use the “frame”.  You can see that the scrap was pretty large.  I cut them each like shown below, lining up the left side of the ruler with the cut edge & the width of cut at least 2.5”. 
I kept thinking of how to use these scraps & put my top together.  easy peasy.  Just remember you are dealing with bias edges…don’t tug!
I remembered that I had cut the ABC strips out of some of the yellow Happy Campers multi print during another project.  That would finish to 1”  and don’t you know that made the top the perfect dimension to use the 2” squares as a finishing border?!
happy campers lil twister-fabrics n quilts
Now, I still have the stack of odd shapes I cut from the “frame” to deal with.  If I had followed the package directions & put a border on my original charm grid top, all of these would be the same fabric.  I suppose if that was the case, you could cut the “frame” into 4 long strips - granted, a long strip with lots of seams- and used it for a border or in a pieced backing (the scrappy long strip would work in a pieced backing too).
As I looked at the shape, I saw equilateral triangles….the exact size as my bright neon Q tools ruler

I cut out my triangles, played with placement & came up with this:
I have a nice rectangle in the center (ruler below)
from a 1/2 yard of natural muslin, I added to the pieced trianglesDSCN4549
Then added a little top & bottom border to make that 18” square.  Then using an 18” square from the same 1/2 yard, I stitched top & bottom on 2 opposing sides.
I hemmed the raw edges on the 2 open sides, then stitched 3” up from the corner on all 4 corners, added ties & turned right side out.  {insert 16” pillow form} and wa-lah…or should I say, WHOOP WHOOP!
happy campers twister and pillow
I have absolutely no waste from the charms, used up some scraps in the border & binding which are offset by the 8” of muslin I added back to the scrap bin from the pillow.
So, yay for no waste!  The only other thing to consider is that with the number of seams in this project, your finished quilt size will feel small, based on how big it was before you cut the grid-style top.  My 110 charms yeilded a 16” pillow & 37” x 34” quilt.

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