Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall-Winter Quilt Sampler magazines just arrived!

Grab yours today!


11 new projects & 11 quilt shop stories!


It’s Quilt Show Season

We have a busy quilt show month here in our neck of the woods.


Join the Contented Heart Quilt Guild for their annual Quilt Show of the Little Mountains at the Aspire Center in Monticello, KY this Friday and Saturday from 9-5, EST.  They are raffling off this gorgeous Sunbonnet quilt.


The Contented Hearts guild is a wonderful teaching guild that does beautiful handwork and hand quilting.    You can tell just from the categories for their show, all the categories are for quilts made completely by an individual, except 1.  You won’t meet a nicer group of ladies!

My guild, the Sew Sweet Quilters, is having our show next weekend, September 9-10, at the First Baptist Church of Jamestown.  Show hours are 10am-4pm, CST.  They are raffling off this gorgeous quilt made from the challenge blocks at our 2009 Quilt Show.


You have seen our other posts on the blog as we made ribbons & embroidered guild shirts.  We are sure to have a great show & a great time.

Of course, I’ll be back with show & tell of all the beautiful quilts, so if you are too far away you can enjoy the show too!

Friday, August 26, 2011

How about a giveaway?

Karenkay said...
the tumbler pieces are wonderful and I'm thinking they would look great in a christmas quilt!

It’s been a crazy summer & I am ready for cooler weather.

Sometimes my WANT list overpowers my CAN list.  Does this happen to you?

I have this beautiful stack of pre-washed tumblers I cut with my GO! cutter back in June.  There are around 60.  I would like for them to go to a home where they can become something. 

I fear that if they stay here, all they will become is….dusty.

It’s a great win whether you have a GO! tumbler die or not.  You can use these to make a template.  I will include a copy of the GO! tumbler quilt pattern to further entice you!

Wanna help me out?

Leave a comment & I will randomly pick a winner on Monday, August 29th.

**Please note these are white stars, not dots...sorry if my pic is a little fuzzy wuzzy**
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hunter’s Star-The Smart way!

I love QuiltSmart preprinted fusible interfacing!image

Ok, that’s outta the way, now let me show you why.  Like many of you, there are some quilt patterns out there that I just say, no way,  too many little pieces, too many points, too much trouble.

As quilters, we tend to be ruler (& notion) junkies.  It’s true, you can admit it.  We are always looking for a new way to do cool things with fabric & thread. 

But, like Alton Brown, I don’t like unitaskers.  If I have an item in my toolbox, I want to use it for more than just one thing.  And really, how many Hunter’s Star quilts are you going to make in your lifetime?  Should you spend $20+ on a ruler to use on 1 quilt?  I say no.

Hunter’s & Lone Star quilts have always fallen in that category…until now!

QuiltSmart produces preprinted fusible interfacing that allows you to create difficult quilts not just easily, but quickly too.  For me, this is another big plus.  There are a couple dozen or more quilt designs, but today we’ll focus on the Hunter’s Star.

Here is my table runner, made and quilted in the span of an afternoon.

hunters star runner

I quilted this around the star (click to enlarge & see detail).  This has been washed.  The interfacing does not make the quilt stiff once laundered.

This is my lap quilt.  I did a little bit on this one each day as it fit into my schedule, so I am not sure how long it took, but I finished it in a week.  The great thing about this process is you can do step 1 (or 3 or 5) on all the blocks, sorta assembly line style, or you can finish each block and start the process over with the next block.

hunters star lap quilthunters star lap quilt1

I quilted the hourglass block on this quilt instead of the star.  Really gives it a different look.  Also, my fabric choices really make you pause to see the different designs in the pattern.

hunters star lap quilt2

An interfacing panel is just $4.  Each panel makes 3 blocks (table runner), and I used 4 panels for the lap quilt (48x60”)  The instructions are essential and I don’t recommend going the “I can figure it out from looking at the interfacing” route.

We will have more of the QuiltSmart products to show you as time goes on, but I assure you that using rectangles to make these star points beats out any ruler out there.  Check out the QuiltSmart youtube channel for some how to on some of the other patterns.  The Hunter’s Star is a new one and there isn’t a video for it posted…yet Smile

We have the table runner class on both the September AND October class calendar, so you are sure to make one before the holiday season.  Can’t you just see that table runner adorning your holiday table in Red & Green?  Icey Blue & White?

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Quilt Show Ribbons all finished

Aren’t they beautiful!?

Our fearless leader had this idea in her head & it was awesome to see it come to life!


You can take one home…just enter our quilt show!  Details on our website: http://www.sewsweetquilters.com

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Quilt Show is drawing near!

Our guild show is just 3 weeks away & we have been feverishly working on final details.

We decided to treat ourselves to new shirts this year & I am embroidering each.


Twice this week we got together & finished the ribbons.  I am so sad I didn’t take a pic then, but I hope to snap one on Monday at our meeting.

It’s been a busy week, this seems like so little to show you!

I am linking up with Sarah…check out what everyone else finished this week:

Friday, August 19, 2011

HUGE Giveaway! Over $1500 in prizes!

That headline is sure to get your attention…and it’s true!

This giveaway is too great not to share.

Camp Quiltalong Prize Giveaway


Join in some campfire fun for a chance to win great prizes totaling over $1500!  Fons & Porter, Fabric.com, and AccuQuilt have teamed up to provide us all with a huge giveaway on Facebook.  Simply “Like” these Facebook pages and gain access to all three sections of a secret code that unlock your chance to win!  Follow the camp trail on the bottom of each sponsor’s page and it will take you to the next campground to retrieve the next section of code.  Once you’ve captured all three pieces of the secret code, go to www.accuquilt.com/indianblocks and enter the full code to register to win! 

Your summer camping trip begins at AccuQuilt, so get GO!-ing at http://www.facebook.com/accuquilt?sk=wall#!/accuquilt?sk=app_10467688569

Remember, you can get a wealth of free patterns from accuquilt by signing up for their email newsletter; just click here:

22 Free Patterns - Download Now

Sunday, August 14, 2011

ok, let’s give this a test

I have had several private messages that it’s been hard to publish a comment to our blog.

Sharon at CraizeeCorner  tweeted this morning that it may be due to having the comments imbedded below the post.

blogger comments.bmp

So in my blogger settings, I changed from embedded to pop up window.

I would love to know if this works, so I am contacting a few of you to come try it out!

Of course all comments give us the warm fuzzy-love feeling that makes getting out of bed worth it every day {too much?}

Friday, August 12, 2011

a couple flimsey finishes

I am a new arrival to the term flimsey, but I like it.  It’s such a fun way to say UFO Smile

I finished these 2 this week. 

This first one is the Happy Daze pattern.  8 FQ’s & an easy to cut quilt!  I used the Buttercup Lane fabrics.  I have to get this pattern listed in the shop, but promise to do that before I come back with a finished quilt pic.  If you are interested in the pattern, just email me & I can get it right to you.  It’s just $5!

happy daze

This pattern is called Pops A Lot.  It’s a Jelly Roll pattern that is a very fast quilt to cut & complete.  I used the last fabrications roll from Contessa’s court.  I think I will put a border on this, but not sure (ditto for quilt above too).


I also made these pillow covers & cases to match the flying geese quilt seen here

flying geese pillows

So, those are my whoop whoop finishes this week.  I’m linking up with Sarah; be sure to pop over & see who else posted some Can I get a whoop whoop ?!

Fall 2011 Quilts and More just arrived!



The new fall issued of Quilts and More just arrived & is packed with 23 awesome projects, great tips and tricks & insight on today’s coolest new products! 

Pick up your copy today; supply is limited!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Aloha Quilter Fabric now on Sale! Save 20%

aloha fq bundle

Check out our remaining stock of this very popular collection designed by Jennifer Chiaverini to accompany her recent release from the Elm Creek Quilters series, The Aloha Quilter.

 These beautiful fabrics from Red Rooster are sure to go quickly at just $7.40 per yard!

See all of our sale fabrics here!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Round Quilt Tutorial

We had lots of wonderful comments on our round quilt made with the civil war reproduction fabrics. 

round quilt2

I thought maybe a tute was in order Smile



Here’s the ruler, 9 degree ruler designed by Marilyn Doheny.

Of course you can get this from us, just click here.

The ruler comes with 20 patterns to create fans, dresden plates, swirling patterns, chevrons & also ideas on how to use these wedges in rectangular quilt too.

So, on to the tutorial!

My first project was a tree skirt. 


I figured this took a little pressure off.  Here’s how:

1. The ruler yields the round quilt with no center.  The center circle, as seen in the civil war quilt, is appliqued in place once the circle is completed (similar to a dresden plate).  So with the need for an open center via the tree skirt=score.

2. A tree skirt is not going to be sewn into a complete circle.  Leaving that last seam unsewn guarantees the quilt will lay flat=score.

3. I decided on no matching points in my wedges.  Going a little willy-nilly freestyle to keep the pressure off.

4. I used Moda premade bias binding-nuff said

That was my plan & now it was time to choose fabric!

I picked out 3 fabrics from our holiday fabrics that I liked together.  They are not a collection, but they could be Winking smile

We will need a total of 40 wedges to make our quilt (math warning). This is a 9 degree ruler, so it will require 10 wedges to get a 90 degree corner/quarter of our circle.  4 quarters, 10 each=40.  (If you are using a different ruler, be sure you know how many degrees the ruler is; they make 10 degree rulers too…thus complicating this a tad, but I know you can handle it.)

The directions will tell you that you need 5 selvage to selvage strip sets.  I got my 40 in 4 sets with plenty of leftovers.  (but I am getting ahead of myself…I’ll get back to that).

tree skirt strip set

Since I am not planning on any matching points where my wedges meet (versus the civil war round quilt that has matching points, free pattern from moda here), I needed to make my strip set equal 25 inches wide, in any combination of strips I desired.  All strip sets are sewn the same, so you’ll stick with one layout.

The pressing of the strip set seams is not important in this layout, so I just picked a direction and stuck with it.

Once all 4 strip sets are complete, off to the cutting board we go…

Alternating the direction of the ruler, pick a reference point to cut your “up” wedge.   I cut my “up” wedges with the 19“ line on the seam where the red & green meet.  (sorry for blurry pics…hope you don’t hold it against me)


Every up wedge is cut using this reference point.  Then, turning the ruler so that you use the cut edge of the last “up” wedge” find your reference point for the “down” wedge. 


Here’s where I saved 2/3 yard of fabric: I used the cut edge of the last wedge as the first cut edge of the next wedge.  In the printed directions, they do not do this.  You can try it either way you like, but saving fabric is fabulous, and making 1/3 the cuts rocks a bit too.

Again, you will cut all “down” wedges using this reference point.  

By keeping your up & down wedges lined up with the same reference point, the eye follows the curve around the tree skirt.  (remember, the reference points are just for consistency in your cutting).

If you didn’t follow the reference point, you would just have a scrappier looking quilt….and that’s cool too!

Once your 40 wedges are cut, it’s back to the machine for more straight line sewing to make your 10 wedge quarters.  Place right sides together & stitch away. 

tree skirt wedges

Once the quarters are stitched & pressed, attach the 4 quarters, leaving that last seam open for wrapping around the Christmas tree (or purse tree, as the case may be)

Use 1 long continuous bias cut binding to finish your edge.  I started my binding on the straight edge of the flap, ran the outside edge, then up the other flap & around the inner circle, back to the beginning point.

To make a long strip of continuous binding, here’s a great tutorial video from Erin Compton of Simply EC


So, think outside the square & get a’ROUND’!

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Web Sale! Save 15% through Sunday

August has arrived, and in our area, that means it's "World's Longest Yardsale Week"! 


Check out www.127sale.com to see what I mean and make plans to come next year.  To see our pics from year’s past, check this out.

Due to this annual phenomenon of fun we will not be able to bring you a new deal every day...so it's up to you to pick your own! (how awesome is that?)


The whole store is on sale to you all week!

Save 15% on your cart total using this code at checkout:


(Don't forget, our shipping rates are awesome; if you order over 11 yards, you also get 1 cent shipping!)

We do not forsee any delay in shipping times, so if you order today, your order will be out the door within 24 hours, just like always.

So, enjoy your virtual piece of the 127 Sale!

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Go Girly-wear an apron!

I love aprons.  Old, new, tattered, half, full, ruffles….you name it, I love aprons.  They are inherently feminine and these days for more than just the kitchen.

In my continuing quest for quick completions, I finished these 2 aprons this weekend.

First is from the Shop Girl (and boy) pattern by Fabritopia.

Love the pattern.  Very easy to follow & I love the way the pattern cut out worked.    I mixed a Michael Miller print with some coordinating polka dots

The pattern does give the option of lining the apron, but I didn’t.  I am sure if I had made this in cooler weather, I probably would have.

Shopgirl Apron

I had hoped to use this for the mommy & me apron class, but the bias ironing time for 2 aprons puts it out of reach for an afternoon class.  I think using the prepackaged would take so much away from this design.     Soooo…we are going to make this one!

Ruffle Apron by Sweetwater

Sweetwater Ruffle Apron

I love this pattern.  You can go real retro with calicos or fun & flirty with novelty prints like this Robert Kaufman fabric.  I think next time, I will opt for a wider band.  The pattern called for twill tape, but I liked having the band/straps match.

The full line of Sweetwater’s Little Sprout patterns are on the way.  I can’t wait to try them all!

We have listed several new apron patterns, so pop over to fabricsnquilts.com to check out our every growing selection.