Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

A note of thanks to all of you who continue to read along here even though I don’t post often.  I’m thankful to have this medium to share my projects, business, charities, and inspiration with you, but most importantly, I am thankful FOR YOU!

You are our biggest inspiration.  I am inspired by your creativity, friendship, and motivated by what would appeal to you.  We attempt to show you every day that we are thankful for not only your business, but your online chats, comments and encouragement.  On this ceremonial day of Thanksgiving, we are overtly sending wishes of a Happy Thanksgiving.

If you would like me to revert back to my usual lighthearted side of the holiday, well then,

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Call out for help from all the crafters

I’m Christmas decorating at the shop this afternoon. Pulled out the ornaments my Grandmother made when I was a kid for the first time in at least 6 years. It's like a warm hug to see them.


My grandma's ornies are made from something like this:

I say "like", because hers were made 40 some odd years ago. (ooh telling my age a bit there, huh?)

Many are now dented (after decades of moves & storage). Any idea how to "pop" those dents out? (I have this wicked mental image of a toothpick-sized dent suction thing, akin to what a body shop uses on your fender)

Any and all ideas are welcome. Please share if you know anyone that could have a possible solution to make these beauties perfect again. My family appreciates your help! We have dozens that could use the TLC fix.

Friday, November 18, 2011

New Quilts and Stockings

This week saw some big finishes in my little quilting world. 

You may have seen periodic updates on this quilt on our Facebook Fan wall.  I was commissioned to create just the top from fabric from early 2000’s & a pattern from the 1980’s.  To say that it was a challenge to interpret into the rotary cutting world I live in is an understatement.  But I am so very pleased with the result.  Just for the record, that 2nd border has 832 pieces in it & it is a mitered corner…snoopy dance!

Seven Sisters Medallion:



As part of my Use It Up Fall – Scrappy Fall pledge, I created this rag quilt.  She’s a biggun (as we say ‘round here).  The quilt is draped over a 6 foot table & is hitting the floor on the back side as well.  The denim & fleece lining were in my sewing room taking up a ton of space.  The eggplant fleece was a perfect match to the Sugar Pop pinks, so a quilt was born & a shelf was cleared!

sugar pop rag quiltsugar pop rag quilt1

Last, I finished my stockings order for my customer who is using these as her gift wrap this holiday season.  Each family has a specific theme.

stockings 1stockings 2


I also finished my “winter warm & ugly” quilt.  Nah, I’m not showing it, but it is also part of my Use It Up Fall – Scrappy Fall pledge.  I had an old hand pieced quilt top that I got I don’t know where that’s made from strips of old clothing.  Wool, poly, corduroy, twill, you name it, it’s in there.  So, using up what I had, I crazy/crumb patched blue denim for a center 30” wide strip & then bordered that with some pretty blue & yellow home dec weight fabric that was also laying around.  It’s batted with high loft poly batting, tacked, washed & on my bed.  I slept under it last night for the first time & it is so heavy & warm; Heaven on Earth for sure.  And look at all the stuff out of my way in the process!

So, this week, I did the Snoopy Dance a few times.  If you remember, last week I told you I’d have lots to share this week!


I’m linking up with Sarah:


Saturday, November 12, 2011

A little organization goes a long way

In my continuing quest to use what I have stashed away, this morning I whipped up this message board for the projects on the list.  Maybe if I get them out of my head I can rest easier.  No I didn’t put them in an order on the board.  I have that in my head just to keep folks guessing.

the 3 projects that are close to completion didn’t make the board, since I hope to wrap them up in the next week.

message board

This is a simple no sew project. 

  1. Cover the front of a corkboard with poly batting (I like the loft) & staple gun (no power tool necessary) it in place. 
  2. Lay your fabric right side down on the table, center the board batting side down over your fabric. 
  3. Wrap fabric to wrong side of board & staple gun in place. 
  4. I had a nice length of ribbon remnant to use for the hanger…yeah, I staple gunned it too (too sections & tied a bow) . 

You can go all out & do the cross ribbons so you don’t have to use pins on your messages & to make it prettier.  I wanted quick & done.  I finished it in under 30 minutes, ironing time included.

That means that this piddly

should hopefully be followed with a big whoopin’ entry next week!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran’s Day thoughts

Today is a day to remind the US citizens of the sacrifice our friends, neighbors and family have made.


It’s not a day to commercialize; it’s a day to remember, fly your flag, hug a vet and say Thank You.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

My first scrappy quilt of the fall

Fall is scrappy time for me.  Every year I try to make all my projects from the bins & bins of scraps that have taken over my life during the year.

A couple weeks ago, my 2011 odyssey began…

For over a year I have been staring at a basket of pressed Half Square triangles.  All pressed, ready to square up and BECOME something.  They were left over from this quilt:




My scrappy quilts are rarely planned in advance.  I just start sewing & let it “become” something of some size.  It’s risky, but it always has a way of working out.

I squared up my pieces with the Go! cutter so that took like 5 minutes.  (Miss that tute?  Check it out here!)  Then cut some 2.5” squares of the creamy almost solid. and made 4 patches.  Ended up with right at 100.  Nice number, easily divisible Smile  WOO HOO.

Now the layout.  I knew I wanted to go with the solid brown, which is why I turned the brown side of the triangles to the center.  I didn’t want them to fight if they were next to each other.

Played around with it several times and settled on this one.  Aptly named by my friend, Rhonda, oreo (I am a recovering double stuff addict)


I have Oreo all basted, now to squirrel away some time to get her quilted!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Christmas Stockings-what a great gift wrap

I am in the midst of making Christmas stockings for a customer.  They will be her gift wrap!  What a great idea!  Her present, or presents all tucked inside.  As an extreme couponer, I bet they will be stuffed full of all kinds of goodies!
She’s coordinating by families; so smart!
Here’s what’s done so far
stockings brightstockings-JDstockings-juvenile
I used the Quiltsmart Christmas Stocking panels…quick & easy!
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