Friday, November 4, 2011

Christmas Stockings-what a great gift wrap

I am in the midst of making Christmas stockings for a customer.  They will be her gift wrap!  What a great idea!  Her present, or presents all tucked inside.  As an extreme couponer, I bet they will be stuffed full of all kinds of goodies!
She’s coordinating by families; so smart!
Here’s what’s done so far
stockings brightstockings-JDstockings-juvenile
I used the Quiltsmart Christmas Stocking panels…quick & easy!
I am linking up with Sarah today, so Can I get a Whoop Whoop?!


Sarah Craig said...

What a great idea - and you're doing such a wonderful job! The wrapping may be as good as the gift! Whoop whoop!!

harleywife57/ Mickey White said...

Oh Shannon ! they are so nice !! I love how the names turned out -- embroidery machine I assume ???

Carol said...

Love the stockings. They are just so much fun and an ideal way to get creative.

KatieQ said...

That's a great idea! You really did a nice job on the stockings.

love2ragquilt said...

Very nice. I have bought stockings at the $1 store before and used as gift wray. That worked too.

Mattie Rhoades said...

These are great! I would love to use these photos in our upcoming Holiday Guide. Feel free to email me