Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day! Big Sale Today!

We only get to hop an extra day every once in a while, so what a better day to celebrate with a little sale!

We’ve marked down 25 items today 50% or more.  As items sell out, we will replace them with new items, keeping our 29 hopping along all day!


You will find patterns, notions, and lots of fabric!  (be sure to check the every day sale section too!)

So what are you waiting for?  Hop on over to!

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Artisans-protect your hard work on the net

I Love –really LOVE- Pinterest.

It’s one stop shopping for all the eye candy you could ever enjoy.

Yesterday, I came across this video by Mashable.  It got me thinking about Pinterest in a different, more analytical way.  How much of what I have pinned is someone’s hard work.  Were they artisans who’ve now been ripped off-their images out there with no credit given, no link to a source page.

As things are pinned, generation after generation, the original artist credit is inevitably lost.  UPDATE-READ THIS ARTICLE ABOUT PINTEREST’S RIGHTS TO PRINT & DISTRIBUTE ANY PHOTO UPLOADED.  EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER OF PINTEREST, YOU ARE AT RISK!

Now that every Etsy listing has a Pin It button on each listing, artisans putting their hard work out there with the risk of losing credit.  I contacted Etsy, who directed me to their Terms of Use.  Which basically says, you ought not to. (section 6, re-posting content)

This is a double edged sword for me.  I want to interest everyone in the arts, textile arts & quilting that I can.  Eye candy is the best way!  We do it through our store samples, blogs, classes, etc.

But, in the interest of your protection, think about adding a watermark to every image you post.  Not just on Etsy, but your blogs too. 

Here’s how to do it in Picasa

select the picture (edit)

click the Text button under the Basic Fixes tab


Your screen will look like this

click anywhere & start typing

you can adjust the colors, size, make it just an outline,

center/left/right even angle


after It’s saved:



Isn’t she cute?


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Monday, February 20, 2012

It’s time to make your nominations in the 2012 Golden Quilter Awards!

Today’s the day!  Nominations open for Sew Cal Gal’s annual Golden Quilter Awards and your voice counts!

There are 10 different categories need your nominations, then in mid-March, VOTE!

Your nominations are done right from the website, no pesky emails to type!

Go check it out!

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Friday, February 17, 2012

New Ironing Board cover

Just like dusting, I always try to get just a little more time in between visiting this task than I should.


I think my last ironing board cover lasted over a year.  That’s a major accomplishment.  The one before that was ~maybe~ 6 months.  But today, I get to start fresh with a new cover that makes me grin when I see it.

ironing board cover

I used the Domestic Diva panel to complete my new cover.  I did have to add a little extra to the width of the fabric (length of the board), but found the minty green marble in my scraps, left over from my recent pinwheel quilt backing (yay)

I think you may just like this enough to want to make this too, so the Domestic Diva panel is our Deal of the Day!  Regularly $6.25, TODAY ONLY, $2!!


This says it all, right?



I’m linking up with Sarah today; check out what others have cooked up this week!
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Serendipity when two interests collide

So, I guess a little explanation is necessary before I jump in & tell you what got me so quilty-excited. 

As a family, we believe in the Golden Rule.  We believe that hard work pays off.  We believe in sportsmanship.  We don’t believe that reality TV is in any way reality.  We believe in a lot of things, but that’ll cover it for now.

In line with the sportsmanship theme, we enjoy watching the History Channel show, Top Shot.  Last night was the season premiere.  One of the challenges last night showed this black target with lime green lines & I sparked up in my chair!

What a cool quilt that would make!  For one thing, it is on a grid background {awesome}

So, off to the net I went today.  Searching paper rifle targets.

Check these out (click to go to website):

Fullscreen capture 2152012 93724 AM.bmp

The page above is all *.pdf free printables!!  There are tons of those websites out there!

Fullscreen capture 2152012 93755 AM.bmp


My search was rifle paper target.  Try adding free or printable to your search for free to use designs

I never did find the exact design I saw on tv last night, but there are so many out there that my mind is already in overload.

So, look outside the box…never know what you will find!

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Sliced! an online sewing competition by Moda Bake Shop



See more on the moda bakeshop website!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Orca Bay Snow Weekend

We had an icy snow overnight Friday through Saturday, making opening the shop not practical on Saturday.  So I used my snow day as a sew day!

all pcs


Adding in some time on Sunday afternoon, I was able to get all the piecing for Orca Bay’s blocks completed.


Now the bummer, I am not thrilled.  I am not sure if I will set the blocks together as Bonnie laid out the Part 7 & 8 finale or not.  So for now, it’s back in it’s basket while I percolate.  One day I will get them out & play on the design wall.  This is mostly due to my color & fabric choices and my change to the blue star blocks, not, by any means, Bonnie’s pattern.

See how my paper pieced quilt label matches.  So cute.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

It’s time to link up your scrap block for the challenge!

I know you worked on it; is it done?


Sarah has the linky party up on her blog for you to add your scrap block design to the challenge pool.


You could win this, compliments of the publisher,


(This is now available in our web store if you are not lucky enough to picked as the winner)


 or this compliments of me!

(see more Tend the Earth in our web store)

So get over to before midnight Saturday & link up your creation!  Details on the challenge are here (there is still plenty of time to make ONE block!)

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A little Orca Bay progress

So, it’s not a “mystery” anymore, but I am still working at it when I can steal a few minutes of “just for me” sewing.

Super Bowl Sunday was that day for me.  I decided that I would not work on anything but my hourglass units . Yeah, that’s step 1, but I skipped around.

So, I didn’t finish all 224, but I did get 150 done.

You have to know it gets a little boring sewing all these 1.5” triangles together.  So 150 was a good stopping point.  More than half way which means picking it back up won’t be a downer {oh, I still have how many left"?}

orca bay step 1

I decided at the beginning, even before I knew what the units would be used for, to make my hourglass’ all the same.  I am glad I did, now that I know how they will be used.


Did you miss the mystery?  Well Bonnie @ Quiltville will leave the clues up for a little while longer, so pop over there & check it out!


See all my Orca Bay posts here.


I am linking up with Marcia here.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

A couple new purses

I am a sucker for trying out every purse pattern I can find the time to make.


Well, you can usually make a purse in 1 day.  After long bouts with big quilts, sometimes it is nice to have a FINISH.

yeah, instant gratification…that’s sometimes all the mojo needs for a jump start.


I made the Jelly Bags tote last summer with Martinique fabrics…soft, sweet, beautiful.  This time, I opted for bright, in your face, color.  It’s winter, maybe the seasons really DO play a roll in the fabric I use in projects!

Featuring:  Spirit by Lila Tueller, Jelly Bags (pattern)


This purse is one I have wanted to try for a while.  I can’t remember the name of this line of fabric.  It was P&B textiles.  I had 2 fat quarters and some scraps squirreled away.  I paired them with moda brown crackle (I love that stuff).

Featuring: Bermuda Bag, Pink Sand Beach Patterns; 2-pull purse zipper by Coats & Clark, Moda Brown Crackle



These are also on the class calendars this spring.  If one of them sparks your interest, come in, see the bag & sign up for the class!

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

A quilt finish, new binding technique and notions review all wrapped up in 1 post

Is that a title or what?

One of our January classes was the 10 minute block.  My review…it’s not a 10 minute block, but could be with 1 minor change.

I would rather make this pattern using the folded flying geese technique (here) than the folded block technique in the book.  Only difference would be 1 seam across the center of the block, but construction would go so much faster.

So here’s the quilt I made:


and the back



I saw this tute last week for a faux piped binding that is machine sewn to the front & back of the quilt.  That is a skill I really want to master.

Having also seen the new Clover Wonder Clips, I thought that maybe “Man, Moment & Machine” could combine for me ( yeah, too much History Channel).

My main problem with stitching the binding by machine on both sides of the quilt is hitting the ditch on the back of the quilt when sewing from the top of the quilt.

The Wonder Clips have notches marking 1/4”, scant 1/4” & 1/2” is all the way to the joint.


but much to my disappointment, my binding was wider than 1/2” with the piping.


so my best option was to make the overage as equal as possible.  I will say that this did work well.  I found several spots that I had pinned too tight or too loose in advance of placing the clip on.  (No pinning pre-clip is not necessary, I was just waiting for delivery & did it anyway.)

So, you can see, I didn’t do a perfect job, but it is closer than it would have been without.  I need to work on my “in the ditch” quilting skills too, it appears Sad smile





I do love the way the quilt came out in the end, and that really is the important part, right?

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Smootches Table Topper Kit

It’s time for your Snap Sack project for February!


This month, our kit includes these beautiful moda prints designed by Lila Tueller for the Spirit line.  The red marble combines to give this a sweetheart Valentines feel.

Remember your Snap Sacks include EVERYTHING but needle, thread & YOU!  (yes, that means fabric for top, back & binding AND the batting).

The kit comes all wrapped in the little bag, perfect for gift giving too!  This topper finishes to 18” square. 


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