Friday, April 20, 2012

Antique quilt blocks-just hanging around waiting their turn

Sarah over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict  {who is a most amazing woman} recently auctioned off 30 beautiful antique blocks to benefit her church’s quilt ministry.

I must admit, from the second I saw them, they were a must have.  Her pictures were wonderful, but it is hard to do these awesome blocks justice over the internet.  Seeing is swooning!

This block is one of the 2 with the stamp from the sugar sack still visible.  Note the size of these “blades” compared to the flat head pin(!!!).  The blocks are hand pieced and instead of appliqueing, the background is pieced in quarters (love this idea).  The center yellow is appliqued.

Since these blocks have never been used, the fabrics are in amazing condition.


I went through my new bundle of goodness with my friend, Patsy, who also loves old quilts as much (or more) as new ones.  She made a good point that these blocks deserve to be set by hand & hand quilted.  Yeah, good point, but I am still hand quilting a project I started 3 years ago {if you can call it that…I look at it more than work at it}. 

So these beautiful blocks have been fondled in the shop for the past week by everyone.  I needed to decide what to do with them.  So, for now, I put them on display.  Each is safety pinned to a wrapped clothesline.  Makes a cute curtain, right?



It wraps around the corner too.  (forgot to turn off the sconce light, so the pic is grainy-oops)

When I do get them down to play with them, my ceiling will look naked….so now there’s another thing on THE LIST!

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Missy Shay said...

What a creative way to display them!

Sarah Craig said...

They look so pretty up there!! I'm so glad you're pleased with them....

harleywife57/ Mickey White said...

wow !!! they look awesome !! where do you come up with your great ideas ??

Dora, the Quilter said...

What a beautiful display!
They may deserve to be handquilted--but that could be why they were never quilted.
A fine machine quilting job that's tasteful could do them justice.

Dora, the Quilter said...

Oooh! I think you should sell postcards of the second shop picture--or give them away as a way to publicize your shop. They look so lovely!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great way to display them

Maryjean said...

I love this, can't wait to see them!

HelenMarie said...

They look awesome! and what a great way to display them!

I have some oldies that I picked up too. The blades aren't near as small as yours and half are hand sewn and the other machine sewn. They are on my bucket list of UFOs! They sit on a shelf near my quilter and I pick them up and fondle them every now and again so they don't get lonely! LOL!