Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Finding charm-new displays!

A quick trip to the bank for change this morning became an outing of serendipity!  I have been anguishing over displaying our monthly Snap Sacks in the best way in the shop.  I needed a bookcase & I needed not to spend a king’s ransom.

Driving through town, I see Shanantha (love her name!) putting out the displays at the recently opened Red Barn Bargains on Main.  A big light went off!  On my way back to the shop, I snagged these awesome antique iron planters (and the cutie patootie lil dress form). 


Using these for my precut yards & remnants, I can use the bookcase I already have for the Snap Sacks!


the bookcase is to the left of the main counter, so I just pinned the displays across the front of the counter.  Kinda grabs you as you walk in, huh?


It’s funny how 2 little iron planters have created a whole day of {fun} rearranging!

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teachpany said...

Love the new stuff!! The display looks great!

Sarah Craig said...

Very cute - what a great idea!!! You done good,

Jennifer Gail said...

I love your new planters.

sewfunquilts said...

Counter looks great, and love your new little displays.