Friday, June 15, 2012

Scrappy Quilt Inspiration

This week I have been organizing some scrap bins.  They had begun to look like Medusa’s hair, so they need some squaring up.  A day of Go! cutting later & I have a nice pretty stack of 2.5” squares.  I sorted the rest of that first basket into “will become a triangle” and “squared up strips.”

jacobs ladder squares

I knew that I wanted to make a scrappy quilt that used 2.5” squares in the blocks & then put a piano key-type border on it.  Strips won’t all be the same width, but that’s the general idea.

Today I was linking up with Sarah for the weekly Whoop Whoop and realized I missed last week’s whoopin’-hope that doesn’t mean I am in for one -

Well, last week, Sarah shared her completed scrappy Jacob’s Ladder quilt. {swoon}  Go see it here:

Off to EQ7 I went!

I found this Alabama Variation block in the library.  Love it, just not sure I want that much un-scrappy in the quilt this time.  Granted, the blocks are 16” so this quilt would whip up in a jiffy!

alabama variation.bmp


So I went back to the original (stolen) idea of a Jacob’s Ladder.  I noticed that Sarah’s used larger squares in the corners instead of 4 patches & I really liked the way that looked.  So here is my draft (without border).  I can totally get into that!

jacobs ladder variation.bmp

These blocks are 12”, but will use a lot of squares/scraps.

jacobs ladder variation.bmp-001    jacob req.bmp

If you like it, dig into your scraps & join me!

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Sarah Craig said...

Thanks for the {swoon}, Shannon!! How sweet of you! I'm pretty enamored with it myself. I'll try to get another scrappy quilt done by the end of August, although I'm not promising anything - that new grandbaby is so-o-o-o-o much fun to play with!! But then again, so is Jolene - so I try to do a little bit with each one every day!