Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Quilts of Valor

The Rugby Quilters of Rugby, TN have completed the Friendship Star kit from Fabrics N Quilts!


The quilt, from a completely precut kit, will be quilted by me and then sent on to QOV. To learn more about Quilts of Valor, visit their website: http://www.qovf.org/

The Guild members (l-r) are Bethany Jackson, Jody Hester,
Dorcus McBrayer, Nora Meadows, Kathy Hicks, Delma Jones, and Debbie
Harris. (Absent were Carolyn Bankston and Betty Burton).

Thank you, Rugby Quilters, for your donation of time and talents!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

What’s in a boll

So, with the recent trampling of a few branches of the cotton plant, I decided to pull off a green boll & take a peek inside.

It is uncannily similar to a citrus fruit with its sections & wedges (cool).  Since the cotton was still growing, it was tacky/sticky but when pulled apart, you can see it’s fibrous.


As for the plant, I left the broken branches attached by the small amount of stem.  Good/Bad idea?  I don’t know, but that’s how it is right now.  It’s still flowering & creating new bolls.  I wonder if I should pinch those off, being so late in the season?  Doesn’t seem like they will have a chance to mature (like all the green tomatoes we currently have).

So, that’s this week’s update from the cotton plant-ation (ha!)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Scrap Quilt Challenge Winner

Congrats to Margie1914 for her entry, Theresa!

Congrats to you all for getting into your scraps & making heirlooms!

Take another look at all the pretties in the flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/fnqscrapqc2012/pool/with/7900432960/#photo_
(poll link is here: http://poll.pollcode.com/82zofc_result?v if you want to look.)

Thank you all for creating along with us! We are honored to have such great customers, friends & quilting buddies!

Be thinking of your scraps, patterns & creations for next year’s challenge!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Athens Alabama Piecemakers Quilt Show


What a grand array of quilting talent in the Athens (AL) Piecemakers Quilt Guild!  I find it uncommon in guilds that there is not a preference between patchwork and applique; it’s usually skewed in one direction or the other.  But in Athens, both sets of skills are phenomenal and plentiful.  Just look!

(apologies in advance…they did not label each quilt with maker info & I didn’t get a program before I left to do all the cross referencing.  All quilts are made by guild members.  Also, I got my pics before ribbons were awarded-you get to judge now too!)


These strips are cut 7/8” (OMG, right?)


Awesome quilting!



Yo-Yo’s (yippee!)



Embroidery too:



This was a workshop they did.  Big pic is fuzzy, but check out the 2nd one.  What a cool idea!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

A sad day in the cotton field

Yeah, ok, it’s not a field, it’s a plant.  Maybe that’s why this hurts so much…there is only 1!

I went to give the old girl some water this morning & found this.  the 3 most fruitful branches broken.



Most likely a result of a dog or deer (what else could it have been, a cotton vandal?).

Sew, my crop just got even smaller.  so bummed….

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


We all remember where we were when the news came in.  I was having one of those ‘heart to heart’ talks with my boss at the time.  Closed door.  Everyone was pacing outside (glass walls) & finally he just had to find out what was up.  The first message-“your brother is fine”  which drew more questions.  Then we got the rest of the news.  There was only 1 small tv in a closet to huddle around, so most of my news came later that evening.

So much time has passed that facts are getting distorted.  I actually heard a person on the radio yesterday say that after the attack, the President flew to Florida to read to school children.  I was in shock.  How could we forget so quickly?

So, take a minute today to remember.  Remember those who perished, those who still suffer, and those responsible.  Forgetting what happened is to tarnish the memory of those lost.

Be thankful.  Thankful for those in your life, thankful for your country, thankful for your faith, thankful for your talents, thankful for every day you’ve been given & will see on this planet.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Looking forward to winter & hand quilting time

This is the part of any project that I like best.  The planning!  It’s what I love about having the shop.  I get to help plan all kinds of quilts & not actually stitch them all up!  But today’s plan is actually a quilt I have been thinking about for months.

Today I marked all my lines for hand piecing on the awesome blocks I got from Sarah (more here) last April.  I was able to mark a 10” stitch line and will be able to use 30 blocks, so I will end up with a nice size quilt!  I have decided not to add anything to the blocks.  I don’t want to “ruin” the authenticity of the blocks by adding in reproduction fabric for a sashing or border.  I’m going “old school” 


(back of the block)

I also decided to take out the floor quilting frame I scored during the 127 Yard sale & see what parts would need to be replaced for it to be useable.  I really didn’t think it would be 100% when I bought it, but it looks more complete than I had hoped. 


I will need a couple extra bolts & wing nuts to put in the extenders when I want to quilt a larger quilt.  I also think I will replace the rods if I can engineer a fix.  I think the Flynn Frame ends may be my solution here.  I have an extra set … somewhere around here!

So, now I have a winter handwork project at the ready!

Friday, September 7, 2012

A little Friday humor

I saw a hand embroidery of this on Facebook last week and just knew I had to make my own.

I bought my Vader design (file to use on embroidery machine, not the block) on Etsy, here:


and I’m linking up with Sarah this week.  Go see what others are whooping about!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The first quilt-a-long that’s inspired me to join

WOW, right?  All this time all over the net & NEVER joined a quilt-long?  There have been temptations, but this one is too cool to let slip by.


Barbara Brackman has just started the Grandmother’s Choice blog & quilt-a-long; each week a peek into the women’s suffrage movement in a way, I think, only Ms. Brackman could tell it. 

Each Saturday (thus the Saturday Morning Post) we’ll get a new 8” block.  A new block, each week, from September 1st through April 3, 2013 (49 total).  The finished, sashed quilt will measure 84” x 84”  Be sure to read all the posts on the blog so far.  You will find fabric requirements, the flickr group for posting your finished pictures, and fabric inspiration ideas.

If you EQ and use the Block Base add-on (I don’t use the add-on) there is also a reference to the exact block used from the Block Base so you can print templates or change the block size.  {Handy!}


So, want to join me?  As we work through the blocks, it may give a whole new meaning to suffrage…

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Monticello KY Quilt Show of the Little Mountains

**Lots of pics…it’s worth the wait while they load**

How about a little quilting eye candy to start your (hopefully) holiday-shortened week?  Last weekend I had the privilege to hang out with the Contented Heart Quilters of Monticello, Kentucky at their annual quilt show.

There was no way I could take a picture of them all, so check out some of my favorites from the entries. (in no particular order)

Abraham Lincoln Log Cabin made by Norma Carrier, Danville, KY.  Designed by her son




Hexagon Bee made by Kathy Bell & Shannon Upchurch-Monticello, KY


Butterfly Hankerchief  made by Robbie Ferguson, Burkesville, KY


Vase of Pomegranates made by Della Dishman, Monticello, KY


Merry Christmas Banner made by Jennifer Harlan, Albany, KY


Double Wedding Ring Table Runner made by Sherri Godfrey, Frankfort, KY


Happy Stars on Parade made by Susan McCullogh, Crossville, TN


Mischievous Little Dog made by Alicia Stokes (the sweetest woman ever), Monticello, KY


Whole Cloth Quilt made by the members of the Contented Heart Quilt Guild


Sampler made by the Contented Heart Quilt Guild


Yo-Yo Pineapple made by Barbara Smith, Monticello, KY


Civil War Sampler made by Nancy Brown, Monticello, KY


My Whimsical Garden made by Cheryl Witt, Mt. Vernon, KY


Best Friends Forever made by The Country Quilters of Glens Fork, KY


Christmas Wishes made by Sharon Dobbins, Somerset, KY


Old Glory made by Patsy Littrell (another sweetest woman ever) of Allardt, TN


Flower Pot Applique made by Darlene Pennington of Somerset, KY


30’s Dresden Plate made by Polly Sartin (another sweetie), Monticello, KY


Rockcastle River Log Cabin made by Cheryl Witt, Mount Vernon, KY


Rag Quilt made by Sue Whitaker, Burnside, KY




Too much eye candy to keep to yourself, don’t you think?  Go ahead & share this…you know you want to!