Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pot Holders, Pinchers and more

When I saw this picture,

Pot Pinchers More 151044 pup

I knew I had to stock this book!

Pot Pinchers More 151044

20 awesome projects.  GREAT gifts!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

More great new batiks just arrived

We’ve just stocked some beautiful new batiks designed by Lunn Studios for Robert Kaufman!

Pop over & take a look at all the newly listed fabrics!  We’ve had a busy week adding new goodies!

New Batiks

See all of our batiks here:

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oh yeah, we have cotton-an update from the plant-ation

you could not have imagined my excitement when I saw it.  I dashed for the camera

its cotton

I did it!  Just wait for next year…I am stoked!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Mountain Laurel Quilters Quilt Show-London KY

You will not meet a nicer bunch of talented quilters than the Mountain Laurel Quilters.  I just can’t say enough about how much I love & admire these women!

I was able to enjoy 2 hours of beautiful fall color on my drive – added bonus!


I forgot my camera, so, (since show & tell is a must) cell phone pics will have to do.  (just don’t try to blow them up..fuzzy wuzzy!)

Again, the info on the makers were in a pamphlet…which I didn’t grab a copy of on my way out.  I only remember who belongs to 1 of these I am showing, so please, leave comments to give credit to the awesome quiltmakers if you know the details!

Lots of hand quilting to enjoy at this show:


And machine quilting wows too:

The above quilt is by Mary Lou Casada who blogs at Cheaper than Therapy Quilting


Even a cool hand embroidery quilt (Washington-Reagan)


Yo-yo’s, Twister Tree & a German Shepherd too

Check out this very intricate Crazy Quilt.  It appears to chronicle a young man’s life focused around his love of fishing.  Yes that’s a lure in the bottom corner.

Then there were the demo’s!

Hand quilting (yes, it still lives on!)

Bed Turning

Hope you enjoyed today’s virtual quilt show. 

Moda – 3Sisters - Double Chocolat’ now in stock

Elegance abounds in the newest collection from 3 Sisters.  Double Chocolat’ is a revamp of a very popular collection from about 5 years ago, Chocolat’.  The tones are a little deeper and new prints accent the classics.

The Cherry Red & Spa Blue tones really pop against the warm vanilla & chocolate brown



Check out all the fabrics today.  Precuts are in transit & should be here by the weekend!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekend Sale–Butterscotch & Roses–Fig Tree & Co

Capture all the colors of fall this weekend at a steal of a deal!

Save $4.00/yd on this beautiful collection of Moda fabric designed by Fig Tree & Co.

butterscotch roses.bmp

Friday, October 19, 2012

Chateau Rouge Precuts have arrived

The newest collection from French General is awash in red & cream.


Check out the Moda Candy (2.5” squares) as well as Charm Packs & Jelly Rolls.  All ready to ship today!


Friday, October 12, 2012

Folding Chair Slip Cover Tutorial

I was recently gifted the most sturdy folding chairs.  Samsonite.  Solid.  Not the prettiest.

Folding chair slip cover-002

I wanted a durable fabric & remembered I had this home dec weight fabric in my toile stash.  (Yay toile stash!)  I paired it with a solid for accent.

Folding chair slip cover-001

I searched high & low for a tute for slip covering a folding chair & had no luck, so Light bulb…there was a need!

I found 2 good tutes for regular dining chairs that gave me a jumping off point.  This one by Bari J and this one by home dec fabric manufacturer, F. Schumaker & Co.

The special challenge of a folding chair over a regular chair is, well, the folding.  I didn’t want the fabric being rubbed against the metal as the chair was folded.  The other challenge was the 3.5” curve in the chair back (this was a challenge for me, because I am not much on general sewing, so I have to figure things out that may be simple for those more experienced).

SO, let’s start with the templates:

I used freezer paper, but you can use any paper big enough.  Draw an outline of the seat. 

Folding chair slip cover

I used my ruler to straighten out those lines & a Christmas tin to help me with my curved corners.

Folding chair slip cover-004  Folding chair slip cover-005

My seat was padded about 1” and had 1” metal frame under that.  I added 2.5” to the top & bottom (chair front & back) of my outline so the fabric would cover the old seat padding and frame.  I didn’t want the fabric to rub the sides, so I added just 1/2” to each side of my outline.  The 1/2” is the seam allowance.  Cut the template.

For the back, I wrapped paper all the way around.  I figured this would account for the curve in the back


Folding chair slip cover-003

I ran out of freezer paper & had to wing it-thus the brown patch.  I taped it into a tube, positioned the bottom where I wanted the cover to fall & traced the outline of the top with the sharpie. Since it’s a metal frame, I just ran the marker along the edge & like before, used the ruler & tin to make it straight later.  I trimmed & squared off the top & then checked my pieces again.  Paper is cheap to recut…fabric-much more painful.

Folding chair slip cover-006

Satisfied I had my plan in place, I started cutting fabric. 

My plan to keep the bottom cover in place is to have 2 sets of strips that will velcro under the chair (like so)

Folding chair slip cover-008

To make the strips, I cut 3” wide x 22” long strips-4 for each chair.  I folded them in half on the short side (3”)& stitched up each long (now 11”) side.  I rounded the corners, since these are on the bottom & I didn’t feel like poking out sharp points.  Snip the corner fabric for easier turning.

Folding chair slip cover-009

Repeat for all 16 straps.  Turn right side out.  Press. 

On to the cushion!

I decided that every butt likes a little extra cushion, so I used fusible fleece on both sides (toile top & blue backing) of the bottom.  I cut rectangles big enough out of the 4 pieces & fused.  Then I transferred my template to the fusible side of the toile print.  Since my backing is solid, I didn’t have to worry about lining up patterns.

Folding chair slip cover-007


I put the straps in between the right sides, & lined them up just where the curve breaks.  This way, when I leave the opening to turn, it can be the space between the straps at the back of the chair (less noticeable topstitch after I turn).  I over lap the straps as I placed them to make sure they stayed straight.

Folding chair slip cover-011

Then I pinned it all together.  Pin on each strap & pinned the corners.  Stitch a 1/2” seam allowance from your line (since your template includes your seam allowances).

Folding chair slip cover-012

Trim your piece.  I used pinking around the corners for easier turning.

Folding chair slip cover-013

Turn, press & topstitch opening closed.

Stitch 1-2” long strip of velcro near stitched end of each strap.

Folding chair slip cover-010

note that you want them to meet  (hook up, loop down)

WOO, we have cushions!

Folding chair slip cover-014

Finally, the backs!

I decided to just make a sleeve for the backing.  Decided not to follow the curve contour of the back.  Since I was running LOW on the toile, I divided up the width of the back from the pattern (19”) into rough thirds.  I had enough toile to cut 4 strips (one for each chair) of 8” x 30” (the height of the back is 15”).  I cut 8” strips of the blue x 30” to put on each side of the toile (total of 8 strips for 4 chairs).  Using 1/2” seams, I stitched the 3 pieces down the long sides, making 1 long strip set.

I stitched a 1” double hem on one short side.  (press 1”, fold over & press raw edge to 1st crease.)

Folding chair slip cover-015

With right side out, I draped this over the chair &, like alterations on your wedding dress, I put a pin where I wanted the other hem to be.  This worked for me without all the ruler measuring.  Then hemmed the other side with the same folded hem.

Stitch up the outside edges with 1/2” seam allowance

Folding chair slip cover-018

turn, press & wah lah!

Folding chair slip cover-016

I can fold them without removing the covers.

Folding chair slip cover-017

Now, I know I could have made some flaps to cover the sides of the cushion a little better, but for my use, this is great.  If I was using these in a catered event for the governor, well then I’d probably put a little extra oomph in there. 

Enjoy!  Make the world a pretty place, one stitch at a time!