Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It’s time for our Annual On-Sale SALE Save up to 75%

Yup, that’s right, 75%!

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Quanities are limited to the on hand stock.  This sale is available in the shop or online, first come, first served!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


A couple practice quilts under my belt & the long arm and I have become better friends.  I realized what HE didn’t like, and just like in marriage, avoided those things.

Yes, I decided the machine was a HE, not a SHE.  You love HIM even though HE drives you crazy.  I’ve not named HIM yet, but have this image of the bad boy biker dude in my head: leather jacket, mean tempered, with a sweet side HE only lets you & HIS momma see.  It will come to me, this name for my new boy-toy.

So, this quilt is for one of our local Eastern Star chapters.  Each year they make one for the year’s Worthy Matron.  In the past, I just added the names to the appliqued top.  This time I embroidered the names and quilted.  Tonight I will do the binding.  This quilt is for a special friend as well, so even though I am not a member of OES, I feel like I was able to add a little ‘me’ to her gift.  I know the quilting is just an all over free-handed meander, but it’s a big step for me.  I am excited to know what may lie ahead in this journey, now that I have a project complete.



Back to the lessons learned.  HE doesn’t like Aurifil 40 as his top thread.  To get the tension tight enough for no loops on the back, the thread breaks.  So I switched over to Mettler 40 and, wapow, piece of cake.  I am still able to use Aurifil 50 in the bobbin, so I am happy about that.  The practice quilt before this one, I used a Signature variegated in the top & it also worked very well, except those spools are rough around the top making the thread not feed smoothly (tips anyone?  I used a nail file to sand them down a bit). 

My new stitch regulator sensor & re-leveling (lessons from the dark side) seem to have solved my other issues, so I (in my best southern accent) do declare, we are full steam ahead! 

I believe that if I ever have to take the machine off the frame again,  I will raise it a notch or two.  Why didn’t I think of that last week?  All the stitch ripping on practice quilt #2 had my back telling the brain a thing or 3.

So, what top will I load next???  The saga continues…stay tuned!

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Friday, December 14, 2012

My newest adventure in quilting

For years I have toyed with the idea of a long arm.  There are so many pro’s and con’s a girl can get lost in trying to weigh the options.

A Facebook acquaintance posted she was going to sell her Tin Lizzie 18.  We chatted back & forth and to keep it short & sweet, it didn’t work out.  I found, however, that I was already mentally invested in it.  So I went on the hunt of a good used machine with a frame that would fit my needs.

I don’t want to enter competitions. I don’t have time to quilt for other folks. 

I like the idea that quilts I make are made entirely by me.  Outsourcing my quilting had definite advantages, but I never felt like I could say, “I made that quilt,” without some kind of disclaimer. 

I did want a system I could upgrade if any of the above “don’t” ever changed.

Blogging bud, Bea of, turned me onto the Hinterberg frames & Voyager machines.  I looked around & investigated and decided this would fit my needs…and my budget.  Hinterberg sold out to Nolting & I loved the idea that my machine supported a USA made company & line of products.

I ordered the machine for me to assemble & set up on my own.  Before you gasp, know that when I called APQS, they suggested the same scenario for their machine if I wanted to be a dealer.  There were definite pains to that process, but I believe I know my set-up so much better by having gone through the frame construction & machine installation on my own.

So, I am 1 quilt in, or rather out.   Simple free-hand loopy quilting, a design I am already comfortable with from my free motion quilting.  I think the same challenge for me, as with free motion quilting will be choosing designs.

Jelly Roll Race

I have another loaded (disappearing 4 patch using Enchanted Garden Charms), and I am ready to blaze a new path to a world of no quilt tops.  Hope you are ready to join me on the ride!

OMG Its for REAL

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12 and 12 Special Deals from Fabrics N Quilts

So, it’s the last time we will see this phenomenon in our lifetime. 

Sounds like a good excuse to have a sale!

Check out the dozen great deals in our Deal of the Day today!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Open House this Saturday

We want to celebrate another wonderful year that our customers have blessed us with.  Join us this Saturday for some fun ornament making, good food & lots of fellowship.

Oh yeah - there will be sale prices store-wide!


2012 FNQ Open House.bmp

You can get directions right from our website!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Earthly Delights Batik Strips

Is there anything more tempting than a batik jelly roll.  I just don’t know…


This newest Fabrications strip roll is called Earthly Delights.  Tones of  green, sand, and blue just makes you want to untie that bow!

Friday, December 7, 2012

New life for an old loved quilt

Last year I was commissioned to breathe a little life into an antique quilt and today I finished her twin.

I designed this quilt in EQ7.  The inspiration & main fabric in the quilt was Le Petite Poule by American Jane.  I used 2 Layer Cakes and supplemented with other fabrics, like the Moda Bella Solid white, the Moda Old Fashioned Calico (Barbara Brackman).  We also made sure we sprinkled in some of the fabrics that were in the first (tumbler) quilt, like the bandana print, red marble, and roosters.


My client did final block placement once all the blocks were finished. 


It’s obvious when you work with artistic folks.  Every detail is debated, and pondered, first collectively, then individually.  It was so much fun.  I wish they quilted and lived closer; we’d have a lot of fun!

To say the binding was worn out would be the biggest understatement of the day:


At least it was easy take off!

The antique quilt was in relatively good shape, especially given how much hand quilting stitches were broken.  The quilt was a checker board, originally red & white, faded to a dark pink red over the years.

antique quilt

I lined the back of the antique quilt with Warm & white batting & then put the top on top (where else would a top go, right?)  The client wanted custom quilting with a different design in each block.  Mostly done free motion, though I did employ the embroidery machine to give me a hand on a few blocks.  I quilted the red & white calico border in the same straight line used on the original quilt, but reversed the angle so the new quilting would help lock in the old.

sampler finished quilting

It seems like a year since I had a finished quilt to show & tell.  I blame that on the scalloped border.  I believe that the person who invented scalloped border was a sadist.  It’s a gorgeous finish and this quilt would not be so beautiful with out it (the original quilt was scalloped, so I was just following the mold already poured), BUT WHEW, what a bunch of work that is!  It is not for the faint of heart or faint of binding.  but it is lovely….

Hope you enjoyed my little show & tell.  I still owe you all a quilt show post from (eek) a month ago.  Lots of pretties to share with you…next week…we’ll call it an early Christmas present instead of an overdue show & tell!

(Don’t forget about our batik sale this weekend!)

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Batiks on sale all weekend


All batik fabrics by the yard are on sale 30% off this weekend!  Hurry over to and check out all the deals!

Remember that there is no quantity limit on your order of our special deals.  If we have it in stock, you can get it at the sale price!