Thursday, December 20, 2012


A couple practice quilts under my belt & the long arm and I have become better friends.  I realized what HE didn’t like, and just like in marriage, avoided those things.

Yes, I decided the machine was a HE, not a SHE.  You love HIM even though HE drives you crazy.  I’ve not named HIM yet, but have this image of the bad boy biker dude in my head: leather jacket, mean tempered, with a sweet side HE only lets you & HIS momma see.  It will come to me, this name for my new boy-toy.

So, this quilt is for one of our local Eastern Star chapters.  Each year they make one for the year’s Worthy Matron.  In the past, I just added the names to the appliqued top.  This time I embroidered the names and quilted.  Tonight I will do the binding.  This quilt is for a special friend as well, so even though I am not a member of OES, I feel like I was able to add a little ‘me’ to her gift.  I know the quilting is just an all over free-handed meander, but it’s a big step for me.  I am excited to know what may lie ahead in this journey, now that I have a project complete.



Back to the lessons learned.  HE doesn’t like Aurifil 40 as his top thread.  To get the tension tight enough for no loops on the back, the thread breaks.  So I switched over to Mettler 40 and, wapow, piece of cake.  I am still able to use Aurifil 50 in the bobbin, so I am happy about that.  The practice quilt before this one, I used a Signature variegated in the top & it also worked very well, except those spools are rough around the top making the thread not feed smoothly (tips anyone?  I used a nail file to sand them down a bit). 

My new stitch regulator sensor & re-leveling (lessons from the dark side) seem to have solved my other issues, so I (in my best southern accent) do declare, we are full steam ahead! 

I believe that if I ever have to take the machine off the frame again,  I will raise it a notch or two.  Why didn’t I think of that last week?  All the stitch ripping on practice quilt #2 had my back telling the brain a thing or 3.

So, what top will I load next???  The saga continues…stay tuned!

I’m linking up with Sarah again…go check out all the great quilty projects:


love2ragquilt said...

It turned out beautiful. Looks like you are off to a good start with your new boy friend.

Unknown said...

HAHA! Boy TOY, not boyfriend...wouldn't want my hubs to get the wrong idea ;-)

Lynette said...

lol! :D You crack me up.

harleywife57/ Mickey White said...

you are so funny !!! how about Tank ; Diesel ; ( those are from Janet Evanovich's books :D ) Chrome ; Jax ( Sons of Anarchy HOTTIE ) ; and that's all I can think of ! Here's some :