Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bargello in the round-Quilts without Corners

The second of my class show & tells! 

{But first a little shout out to you Tennessee Valley quilters.  If your guild is not a member of TVQA, join as an at large member like me.  Most events are in the middle TN area, but every event I’ve ever attended is well worth the drive. }  Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

When I say the picture for this quilt, it was love.  having done a bargello before with teeny tiny pieces, this looked very do-able.  And I love my big wedge ruler!

I took this class, like the class I blogged yesterday, with Peggy Barkle.  Visit her website & invite her to your guild.  She’s a hoot & a great teacher!  Above is Peggy’s quilt & now you know why I fell in love.

The book is full of very cool projects for the wedge ruler.  You can get it in the shop or online here

This was the first class of the weekend, and being a little naive, I decided to drive the 2 hours that morning instead of the day before.  SOooo, by the time I got to the wedge cutting part, my brain was not firing on all synapses.  I realized I brought a mat shorter than my wedge ruler.  Cutting was just going to be too challenging on all fronts, so I came home with a BIG UFO.

Thankful for the holiday, I had a little sew-a-thon & got my large circle together.

Bargello circle

I still have to applique the center and work out my plan for the “corners”.  I already know I am going to tweak that into something different.

This may stay a UFO for a while; the important part is now done…the rest can come later.


SiliOleGma said...

Made one of these into a Christmas tree skirt. Really came out pretty.

Anonymous said...

Wow...those are so beautiful...I am speechless!

KatieQ said...

That's amazing! I love your color choices.

Rosa said...

Absolutely beautiful!

FiberAntics said...

Love your fabric choices!