Monday, September 30, 2013

5 years in the making–An epic finish

Where were you in 2008?  How many quilts have you finished since then?  How much have you learned about quilting & life since then?

I am blessed to have a very small group of online friends that have been in my life for about 8 years.  It’s hard to believe I’ve “known” them that long & only met 1 in person, but alas, it’s true.  We met when I was very new to quilting (been quilting only about a year), and they’ve watched me grow as a quilter, open my quilt shop, and live my dream.

In 2008 we swapped blocks.  These blocks, just like all these women, meant a lot to me.  As a result, I decided that the quilt from our swapped blocks deserved to be hand quilted.  5 years later, I am finally finished.



yes, oops, I hung it upside down (note the heart block)

I can’t tell you how much I learned about hand quilting, and quilting in general, since I started this quilt. This quilt was cast aside for other projects for months & years at a time. It’s been with me through many trials & triumphs in my life, just as the friends that contributed to it have been right there with & for me.


So, I dedicate this quilt to all my QCG peeps, whether you swapped a block or not.

Not many quilts I make are decidedly MINE, but there is no question about this one.  It will be on display in the shop, so come on by and take a looky-loo!

Some shots from the back:


I’ve been asked if I was un-motivated by the hand quilting-if that’s why it took so long & so many breaks.  No.  That’s not it at all.  I only dedicate evening TV time to hand work.  In that same 5 years, as the hand quilting was cast aside, I have worked on other hand work, including those yo-yo’s.  And I am so jazzed over this finish, I am chomping at the bit to get back to those yo-yo’s!  I have been marking the yo-yo strips for hand piecing & then the hand quilting will begin on that one.  More on that project as it progresses!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blended Nines-a quilting adventure

This past July I took a great class from a super teacher, Peggy Barkle.  I blogged it all here ( 

I found the time this week to get 2 things off my to-do list: finish a UFO & install the Micro Handles on my long arm.

Ok, the handle installation took 5 minutes, but they’ve been sitting around for 2 months.  My bottom-of-the-line set up is kinda herky jerky in the handles, so these handles give better control over micro designs. 


Curt & Leslie make these for various machines; check them out here.

So, of course, I needed to take the new toy for a cruise.

Blended9 finishblended9closeupblended9 back

I quilted wavy lines to mimic the curves of the blocks & did micro pebbles in waves in the purple/green wave. (click on that close-up picture to see it a little better.)

The curvy technique used on the nine patch blocks is usable with other patchwork blocks & looks awesome with a Jacob’s Ladder block (my fave). Check out the book at

We used these fabrics in our quilt:

Friday, September 20, 2013

Cowgirl Up Twin Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt

I learned the Disappearing Nine Patch pattern from Rachel over at p.s. I quilt.  She still has the tutorial available, so while you are there, check out all her free goodies & sew-a-longs.

There are so many design options with this pattern.  I set my nine patch up like this:

Fullscreen capture 9202013 85140 AM.bmp 

Teal: boot print

Black: stitching print

Gray:  Cowgirl Up

In planning, you know that the corner squares will remain whole, the center square will be cut into quarters (small squares), and the middle squares (those that make the tips of the +) will become rectangles).  It takes some pre planning to get just the effect you want, but totally worth the time.

Cowgirl Up

I used 6.5” squares in my nine patch, so this quilt is only 20 blocks.

I quilted in big loopy’s to mimic a lasso.

cowgirl up backing

This great Cowgirl Up fabric is designed by Simon & Kabuki for Quilting Treasures & is available at Fabrics N Quilts (right here).

The beautiful backing (great for an ocean quilt too) is from Blank Quilting and available here.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Scrappy Trip Around the World

The Sew Sweet Quilters had a very productive sewing day earlier this summer and made scrappy trip around the world blocks.

I had the honor of adding borders & finishing it off from there.


TAW label

I believe this quilt will be donated this fall to our local nursing home for use as a fundraiser for resident activities.

Since I was not able to make the block sew-in, I am not sure the pattern they used, BUT I can hook you up with a free pattern!  Go over to Bonnie Hunter’s site, & check out all her free patterns.  You’ll find a scrappy trip around the world there.

On a side note, our group’s Quilt Show is October 11-12.  Hop over to for all the details!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Moda Candy on Sale all week

Our whole stock of Moda Candy, those cute 2.5” precut square packs, are on sale in this week’s special.

Just $2.50 each!  (that’s over 37% off!)

Pop over quickly, we’ve already sold out of some collections!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Simply Sweet Pillow Cover

I am on a Vanilla House Designs kick this week!  The last project I showed you was an apron made using It’s A Hoot and the Great American Apron pattern.  Today, it’s Simply Sweet with It’s A Wrap

Simply Sweet Pillow Cover

This pattern makes sleeves that cover a pre-made 16” pillow form. Are you tired of some of your throw pillows? Tear the cover off & make a new cover for it!vh p140

I really like the style and the ease of the patterns.  Good diagrams and well written patterns make sewing so much more enjoyable!  Plus that Simply Sweet fabric is just so darn cute!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A visit to Fabrics N Quilts

Kendra & her parents visited the shop a couple weeks ago & it was the most enjoyable visit!  The next week I received a hand crafted thank you note.  How sweet is that?  I am so thankful for them!

Last night Kendra emailed me that she’d blogged her visit in a couple blog posts.

Check them out on Kendra’s blog and see some nice snapshots of our quilt shop!  As Kendra said, her dad even had an activity to entertain him while the ladies shopped.


and Here

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Laminate ANY fabric Here’s our Owl Apron

Months ago I began to carry Joan Hawley’s Lazy Girl Iron On Glossy Vinyl, but had yet to use it.  We discussed ways to use it on our Facebook page & I was immediately struck with the best use for me, an apron.

I am a sloshy dish-washer.  I have an inexplicable talent to turn each spoon, plate & bowl so that water shoots over the basin & soaks me.  Yes, this apron is the perfect solution!

laminated apron

Using Vanilla House’s Great American Aprons pattern (which is actually 3 patterns in one) and laminated the 2 owl panels.  This gave me water proofing through & through.  Yes, I could have just done one or the other, but I did both anyway.

The vinyl is easy to use requiring only your iron to adhere it to the fabric.  I have a matte finish from the Heat N Bond folks on order, so look for that option soon! (UPDATE:  It’s here!)

The vinyl is great for lunch bags, placemats, diaper bags, bibs, and pet dish mats.  What other things can you see using this awesome product?  (be sure to check that facebook discussion linked above…we shared some great free patterns!)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Free Shipping & Free Fabric-oh yeah, Happy Labor Day to YOU!

You work hard all year, you deserve some perks!

Don’t miss our Special this week!


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