Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Laminate ANY fabric Here’s our Owl Apron

Months ago I began to carry Joan Hawley’s Lazy Girl Iron On Glossy Vinyl, but had yet to use it.  We discussed ways to use it on our Facebook page & I was immediately struck with the best use for me, an apron.

I am a sloshy dish-washer.  I have an inexplicable talent to turn each spoon, plate & bowl so that water shoots over the basin & soaks me.  Yes, this apron is the perfect solution!

laminated apron

Using Vanilla House’s Great American Aprons pattern (which is actually 3 patterns in one) and laminated the 2 owl panels.  This gave me water proofing through & through.  Yes, I could have just done one or the other, but I did both anyway.

The vinyl is easy to use requiring only your iron to adhere it to the fabric.  I have a matte finish from the Heat N Bond folks on order, so look for that option soon! (UPDATE:  It’s here!)

The vinyl is great for lunch bags, placemats, diaper bags, bibs, and pet dish mats.  What other things can you see using this awesome product?  (be sure to check that facebook discussion linked above…we shared some great free patterns!)

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harleywife57/ Mickey White said...

Love the apron ! I slosh myself all the time also , so I am thinking I need to get some and make one also !